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Anime Festival Asia 2011! Day 2!

Anime Festival Asia 2011 Reports:
AFA Day 1 [11.11.11]
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AFA Day 3 and Home [13.11.11]

I'm back to updating about what happened in November (omg it was almost 2 months ago already)! So the continuation of the Anime Festival Asia post! Day 2, here we go! :D

As I mentioned earlier, I was staying with Melissa in Conrad, just a stone's throw away from Suntec Convention Centre. Woke up late-ish. Melissa and her mum had breakfast while I prep for my cosplay. They sneaked yoghurt and char siew pao for me!

Me as Hannah from Kuroshitsuji II and Melissa as Nai from Karneval!

On the other hand, this was what the guys experienced :P

Headed off to the event around 10-ish. The place was PACKED with people! Wee, Irfan and BK had already left from their hotel, and they were with Nick in the Stage Hall watching Danny Choo's Culture Japan preview! As Melissa had her Media Pass, and was able to get into Atelier Royal, the Butler Cafe, and get photos with all the butlers (I JELLY), I ran off to look for the guys first.

Met the doods in the event hall. I sneaked beside them for a moment and they were talking about me and didn't noticed I was there. xD

Later I stole Wee's camera for most of the event, ngahahaha. Me and Melissa went wandering around the festival hall, which was also packed with people! The lines for the merchandises were craaaazy. There was quite a lot of cosplayers, but waaay more normal eventgoers. Still, that didn't stop me from going triggerhappy. :3

Tons of photos ahead! :D

Pokemon cosplayers :3 Misty and Ash!

More Pokemon goodness! Pokemon Black and White! Touko, Bianca and N! And I have to shamelessly admit that I don't remember the name or origins of the trainer with the blue hair... I'M SO SORRY POKEMON I FAILED YOU. ;___;

Wee and Nick took lots of pictures of the LOTS of figurines around. I have to admit the Vocaloid designs are pretty... .w.

Don Kanonji! BOHAHAHA!

Harvest Moon cosplayers so kawaii. :3 My future project nyeknyeknyek.

Rem and Machina from FF Type-0! Impressive weapons. :3

Me and my Danna-sama. Unfortunately Hannah was alone all event and I couldn't get pictures with other Kuroshitsuji II cosplayers! (I didn't see any until the event was over on Day 3! .w.)

Not the best Shiva Sisters cosplay, but still, impressive effort!

Dom from Tuxedo Team cosplaying as Lei Wulong! Love his dynamics. *w*

Erving (also friend of Tuxedo Team) as Hagrid! :D (long story-ish ahead)

So, after past noon-ish, we decided to line up for the Butler Cafe. The guys and I decided to visit both the Butler and Maid Cafe already. We sorta dumped Nick there and wandered the hall. :P My objective was to find Jin! Jin, also known as behindinfinity, a really inspirational cosplayer/blogger from Philippines, whose experiences with her friends, known as the Tuxedo Team, is so heartwarming. ;w; So Melissa and I just wandered the hall, taking pictures of cosplayers, and hoping to find Jin on the way.

So I found this Hagrid! He had the pink umbrella and all and he was really owhsm! Took a picture of him and from the way he spoke, I could tell he was from Philippines. Trying my luck, I asked him.

Me: Are you local?
Hagrid: Oh, no. I'm from Manila, Phillipines.
Me: *hopeful* Oh! Do you happen to know Jin?
Hagrid: Jin? Oh yes, I came here with her.

MY HEART LEAPT. I then found out that Jin was probably cosplaying as Panty and Stocking that day, and Erving suggested that I just try to look out for her. Jin was in AFA! I have hope!

Anyhow, later, we went back to the Butler Cafe line...

Look at the daring TAS boys among the stretch of girls getting into the Butler Cafe

The boys planned to just order kohi in the Cafe. But you have to order at least one food set to be seated in the cafe. Dahlah the food was pricey because it was a Butler/Maid thing, the prices was in Singapore dollars. For me and Melissa, we enjoyed ourselves in the Butler Cafe! But it was pretty awkward since the guys were trying their best not too look at the butlers, haha. Our butlers were Hiroshi and Yuuta! They looked better in person than in pictures, I must say... We had our drinks sugared and milked and stirred by the butlers. And when we dropped our stuff on the ground, the butler ran over, picked it up and returned it to us, ON ONE KNEE. So charming! xD They even talked to Melissa and me! Hehe. We don't get power-ups or drawings on our food though, since it's a -Butler- Cafe, and not a Maid Cafe. Melissa and I took photos with two of the butlers too! And the photo is sitting on my mirror right now, hehe.

Yuuta, me, Melissa and Hiroshi!

The guys left us then. Melissa and I continued our search for Jin. Guess who we bumped into instead? KANAME AND USAGI. Melissa stopped them to say hi, as she has met them yesterday already. They couldn't recognize her in her cosplay though, until we mentioned that Melissa was the short reporter from yesterday. At that moment, I was still very calm and composed as the reality still hasn't sunk in yet. The manager approached us, saying that we were considered for the Singles Cosplay Competition the next day! Then the four of us, Kaname, Usagi, Melissa and I took pictures together! Unfortunately, I couldn't get my camera out and there wasn't anyone there to help me take the picture. So in the end, I gave up, and we took pictures together, but unfortunately I never saw those pictures... :C Kaname and Usagiiii! Uuuuu... ;w; Melissa got Kaname to sign on the coscard Kaname gave earlier though! Lucky girl! *w* I on the other hand, had a handshake from both Kaname and Usagi! KYAAAH! So happy! ;w;

Melissa and I walked through the Artist Alley. It was quite a small corner, to my disappointment. There were some pretty art, and Pandabaka was there too! But when I look at the price, and I think about the doujin stuff I could pick up in Comic Fiesta at Ringgit Malaysia instead, so I didn't buy anything. ^^"

Panty and Stocking casino version! New Filipino friends we made - Ami and Miki! :3

Ami and Miki were really friendly! We wanted to take pictures of them, but we ended up chatting. They asked for our coscards but we didn't have any, and they gave us a coscard each anyway! Since they were Filipino, I was musing about Jin again, haha. And now we are still keeping in contact! :3 Sometime after that, I saw Kaika a.k.a Elpheal, cosplayer and blogger of The Cosplay Chronicles! I wanted to take a picture with her, but she seemed like she just arrived and was rushing to change. I ended up chatting with her and musing about how the place was super packed, and that the toilets had crazy lines, and that she wanted to boycott AFA, haha. Respecting her as a cosplayer, I didn't take her picture, and I let her run off to do her stuff. I hope I bump into her again!

Anyhow, back to photos of other cosplayers and stuff... xD

The doods' glorifying moment when they found Danny Choo, got him to sign TONS of goodies and posters, and had the back of their heads featured on Culture Japan. xD

Venus as Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII! So pwetty. *w*

A really good-looking Rogue!

Mel and I running away from the crowd to take some nice pictures with Chia Yi. LOOK AT THE CROWD AND THIS IS ONLY A SMALL PART OUTSIDE OF THE HALL.

Took pictures like this! :3 Later, we were shoo-ed back downstairs. Boohoo.

Full group picture of the Type-0 group there. They are Malaysians too! :D

The crowd lining up for the I Love Anisong concert! And it was only 5pm at that time! D:

Met the Taylor's Lakeside people on the way home!

And so, we left the event area back to the hotel. Melissa and her mum were going to the I Love Anisong concert while I was going to join Wee for the Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison screening! The other guys were gonna play at the arcade. The movie was pretty good! In the end, Naruto gets the girl, as usual. :P Wee and I got a poster to boot!

I LOOK HORRIBLE HERE. Anyway, me musing about Day 2. Too long; don't listen. lD (lots of repeats from the next two vlogs too)

Wee and I crapping. Part 1.

Wee and I crapping. Part 2.

Wee and I crapping. Part 3.

And so, that was AFA Day 2! Highlights of the day were the owhsm cosplayers, Butler Cafe, meeting Kaname and Usagi, meeting other cosplayers (Malaysian and overseas), the movie, and for the guys it's probably Danny Choo! It was a bit sad that I didn't spend more time in the stage hall, especially since I paid extra for excess there! I missed seeing quite a lot of the Japanese stars. Anyhow, I had a blast!

Photo albums here: Wee's. Nick's Part 1. Nick's Part 2. Melissa's.

See you on Day 3!

Quote of the Day: "Well if you don’t understand it, try just accepting it. Accept nothing makes sense in this whole damn world!" - Jecht, Final Fantasy X

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