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Anime Festival Asia 2011! Day 3 and 4!

Anime Festival Asia 2011 Reports:
AFA Day 1 [11.11.11]
AFA Day 2 [12.11.11]
AFA Day 3 and Home [13.11.11]

And now we enter to the last day of my eventful Singapore trip to AFA!

For Day 3, I was cosplaying Hannah again. I actually brought my Mia Fey costume, but with the crowd in AFA, Mia would be drowned in it and become unknown. Besides, I haven't seen any other Phoenix Wright characters... ;w;

Melissa and her mum sneaked some breakfast for me again. I dapao-ed some of the complementary fruits too, and had some hiong peng left from Day 1 from home.

Me as Hannah Anafeloz from Kuroshitsuji II again, and Melissa as Shion from No.6!

Just like Day 2, I tried to run over to Suntec as early as I could to meet up with the boys. They were busy doing their own thing, so we decided to meet up around noon at the maid cafe. Melissa and I on the other hand were snapping photos of other cosplayers again, and then we settled down at the small Canon stage to wait for Kaname's appearance. He was scheduled to have a fan photo-taking session around 12.15pm! Wee tagged along with us and became my "butler" because he needed someone to stop him from buying more merchandises and overspending, hehe. Seriously, you should ask him how much he spent on Day 2. @_@

I don't have a picture of the crowd, but it was crazy! People started sitting down and crowding around the stage. Some forced their way to the front and made space for 5 people to sit, somehow. And it was only 11.30-ish.

Usagi as Nami and Kaname as Sanji kyaaa!

The host then came on stage and told us that Kaname would be late as he was exhausted, and that the photo session would have to be shortened. There were lots of boos from the crowd and stuff. The manager then came up with the strangest solution: to do a crowd janken (scissors, paper, stone), and they would eliminate people until there is a small crowd of winners to come on stage for the photo taking session. Everyone was squeezing and pushing, girls were screaming hysterically, and it was virtually impossible to keep track of the winners and losers, so it was really by trust and virtue. I didn't exactly win any of the rounds of janken, but I didn't lose either... |D I was kinda just pushed along with the crowd to the right side of the stage, which thankfully, Melissa and I were close to that corner to start with. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one! :X But there were those who moved away when they lost. Heroes. ;__;

After two rounds of janken, and lots of compromise from the host and the crowd (some which were getting frustrated that there was no actual line), Kaname finally appeared! The line started moving, and many people were still forcing themselves into the line. My hoop skirt kept obstructing my path, and my wig was getting messy, it was madness! But in the end, I got on stage and spoke to Kaname for the second time! BLISSSS.

MY HAND IN KANAME'S HAND OHOHOHO. Thanks to Wee for spamming his camera for the good shot! :D

And the Kaname got on one knee, ZAMAGAWD.

The girls were crying and screaming! (in my mind I was like "YOU JELLY?" :3) Unfortunately, this shot will forever have my blur/shocked face. I was stunned because I didn't expect him to do that! (from the edge of my eye, I saw Kaname got shorter... imagine how I felt. |D) Wee couldn't get another shot because I was shooed off-stage immediately. The host must've been jelly too, hehe...

Melissa stayed back longer because she was going to meet Kaname again to get a second signature. Her and her owhsm Media Pass... *w* It gets her everywhere around the event! So, Wee and I joined the boys in the line to get into the Maid Cafe. While waiting, I went triggerhappy as usual!

A rather good shot of my Hannah! Just need to erase those legs... |D

We met Ami again! As See-U! :3

A very owhsmtastic Krad!

Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica from PotC 4! That Jack looks a lot like Miguel!

High School of the Dead!

Random cosphail shiz. Nice costume, but uh... Cloud became an exorcist? .___.

Eventually, me and the boys got into the Maid Cafe! The girls were really cute, greeting us as we entered. We saw Mizuki Ichirou (a.k.a Aniki) there too! Later, angela came in as well. ^^ Our maids were Yuna and Tora (who was Nick's friend). The maids gave us the same treatment as the butlers - adding sugar, milk and stirring our tea and coffee! BK tried to flirt with the maid by rejecting the sugar and milk, saying that them serving the tea was "sweet" enough. Nice try. |D When our food came, they helped us draw on it with ketchup and chocolate syrup!

Camwhoring in the Maid Cafe. SEE TEH MAID IN TEH BACKGROUND.

My half eaten panda... |D

BK's bear thingy!

Nick's Omurice! And he asked Yuna to draw a sandwich, haha...

Irfan's pastaaaa

The most epic: Wee's NYAN CAT! :D

We had two power-ups because our food came in two waves. I guess we could agree that it was enjoyable, especially since the boys were enjoying themselves this time. ^^ Later we had a huge group picture with our maids!

Rabu Rabu Moe Pawa!

We split up again. Nick, Irfan and BK headed off to watch the Sora no Otoshimono movie screening. I dragged Wee along with me to the Regionals Cosplay Competition at the Stage Hall! We were lucky because by the time we got there, the competition just started! There were 5 competing countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. All the costumes and skits were awesome! I really admire every team's effort they put into their cosplay! *w* I ended up staying for the whole competition! It helps that Danny Choo as the host was really entertaining too, hehe. And Kaname and Usagi were the judges! Kyaaa!

Team Indonesia with a Kamen Rider cosplay! They switched forms/costumes half way through the performance. Nice use of the projector, backgrounds and effects, but sometimes it wasn't synchro.

Team Malaysia cosplaying Crest of the Royal Family (Oke no Monshou)!

The whole skit plus judging and laffs from Danny Choo xD

I thought Team Malaysia did a really owhsm job! The props were spot on, the acting was believable, fighting was on time, and that blood and scream... gave me chills! And yes, half of Team Malaysia is a guy... in a dress. |D I really thought they should've won at least 3rd or something! Maybe they lost out because there was no shiny armour. Or because the series is unknown. Either way I really commend them for their owhsm job and I'm proud of Team Malaysia. :3

Team Singapore cosplaying Star Driver! Nice shiny effects, beautiful capes and costumes, and swords! The mecha thingy at the corner didn't get much spotlight though. And their sword skills could've been better. Then again, to carry and swing two swords... not easy. @_@

Team Thailand cosplaying Final Fantasy XIII-2! SHINEY ARMOUR! Nice costumes! Most of the clips and voices were taken from the trailer though... A lot of time wasted with just Lightning miming to the trailer. The battle wasn't too shabby, but Lightning seems to be having a problem swinging that sword, looks heavy!

Team Philippines cosplaying Final Fantasy Dissidia! Epic costumes and weapons! I love the skit, the fighting scenes! Really owhsm acting, talking... and the last line, ngahaha!

I think everyone could tell that Philippines were going to win! Wee and I were standing right behind the Philippines supporters, who were waving their flag and cheering on their mates. In my mind, I was scanning the crowd to see if Jin was there. Wee and I moved to the seats more up front and I tried to get a better view. I saw Kat and Erving! So Jin must be close by! Excited, I sat in place and waited till the whole affair was over. Midway through the Singles Cosplay Competition though, I ran out to say hi to one of my Singaporean friends, Claude! :D He cosplayed Chrono Cross with me in 2010, as Guile! He was busy looking for other people too, so we said we'd meet again later, and I headed back into the hall.

The Singles cosplay!

Kaname! He could talk even with that cigarette in his mouth, haha. Later he threw the same cigarette to the crowd. Lucky people who picked it up! o_o Quote Danny Choo, "Cigarette with Kaname's DNA on it. You can make lots of Kaname clones from it!"

Awards Ceremony! Philippines were the Champion, Thailand were the 1st Runner Up and Indonesia were the 2nd Runner Up.

As everyone started flooding out of the hall, I mustered up my guts to approach the Julia Chang and Lei Wulong (same dood from Day 2!) cosplayer and asked for a picture.

Lei move so fast that he's a blur! (he's in his default costume too today!)

Then, I mustered up even more guts to ask.

Me: Ummm, hi! Are you Kat from Tuxedo Team?
Kat: Yeah.
Me: *stun* Oh gosh, I'm such a fan of you guys! I really admire all of you!
Kat: Thanks so much!
Me: I've been looking all over AFA since yesterday to find you guys when I heard you were coming! Umm, could I have a picture with the whole Tuxedo Team? Is Jin here?
Kat: Sure, no problem. *turns to her right* Jin!

Remember the PotC cosplayers?

It was Jin and Miguel all along! o_o AND I NEVER KNEW. And there I was, in front of the Maid Cafe, confidently thinking that I'll be able to recognize Jin no matter what cosplay she'll be doing. And looking at the PotC cosplayers thinking, "Oooh Captain Jack, Miguel looks better as him!" And I was chanting "Jin. Jin. Jinnnnn. JIIIINNNNN," in front of Nick and Irfan that they probably got annoyed with me too (I'm so sorry guys ;__;).

Anyhow, I finally met Tuxedo Team! I honestly started tearing up when I met them! Had to dab off the tears and try to get a hold of myself. And I got pictures of them!

The only picture where I have Miguel in it. I wish I could've talked to him and heard his voice! .w.

Tuxedo Team and me!

Funny face with Kat and Dom 8D (they so friendly!)

They were kinda busy celebrating Team Philippines' win though! I was quite scared of disturbing them... .w. But they really were one big happy family that it was somewhat heartwarming and jelly and the same time. ^^ The cameraman was carrying a huge flash around for them too, haha. I guess that's why their pictures look good. |D I managed to talk to Jin! And tell her how much I loved the Tuxedo Team, and that I support them, and that their stories are just so inspiring. Since I've had the impression for years that Jin was a guy, to see her cosplaying as a girl character, being somewhat short, speaking with a lovely girly voice... I can't help but to be mindblown. |D I thought I got over the fact that she's a girl! But it's still a rather shocking fact to face, facing her, hehe. I managed to ask for her autograph, squeee! I originally wanted everyone's autograph, but I didn't want to bother them, so Jin's would suffice! I kinda wish I gotten extras for some of my friends though.

Me: Could I have your autograph? I'm sorry I didn't prepare anything for you to sign on, I only have this AFA brochure.
Jin: It's okay! Umm, can I sign on the crotch? *points at the AFA mascot*

Me: Uh... sure! o_o (do what you must!)

She so funny. xD Maybe I'll post up a picture of the signed brochure... if I'm free and feel like it. :P

It doesn't end there! I met Kaika again! She seems to be friends with the Filipinos. Right before we were exiting the hall, I greeted Kaika again, and asked her for a picture.


After saying thanks and they left, I previewed the photo, and I got a pleasant shock. I WAS PHOTOBOMBED BY THE TUXEDO TEAM! It was a huge deal for me because Tuxedo Team photobombs people (anyone! like me!) all the time! And it was because of them that I picked up the art of photobombing, and that making funny faces for the camera is ok, and that I shouldn't be shy about it! It was pretty surreal for me. I teared again. |D MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.

...Okaylah, not really my life, otherwise I must be quite a sad stalker. MY AFA EXPERIENCE IS COMPLETE.

I exited the hall, and suddenly I didn't know what else to do, since I've already completed the main things I wanted to accomplish! xD In the end, Wee and I walked around summore in hopes of meeting Danny Choo again, and I was looking to buy some cheaper merchandise like a gashapon as a souvenir for myself from AFA. In the end, I didn't... .w. The Bleach gashapon didn't have the design I wanted! And the Anohana gashapon was sold out! Sad... There were lots of other interesting merchandises for One Piece, Kuroshitsuji and some other series as well. Unfortunately I'm not such a big fan of those stuff they had, so I didn't buy anything.

So, more pictures of cosplayers and other stuff!

Lightning with Odin's blades! There was an Odin and Brynhildr Eidolon cosplay too. o_o

Madoka group! (there were many Madoka cosplays actually)

Nine cosplayer! No more other Type-0 people sadly.

I yelled to them "Y U NO Y U NO". Everyone turned to look at me. I flee. |D

Final Fantasy XIII! Snow offered me a coscard too. :3

Crazy queue for I Love Anisong concert again!

I kinda like this shot of me :3

Ragnarok Online! Valkyrie waaah! And Soul Linker! The second I saw that day. And I originally planned to have my Soul Linker costume done for AFA. Luckily I didn't wear it this time then? ;w;

The new Ichigo and a very convincing Isshin!

Tales of Graces cosplay! And my friend Claude in the middle. :3

Wee, Irfan and I met up later. Melissa left earlier with her mum to go out with her uncle. Nick and BK were going to watch the Anisong concert. So the rest of us sat down to do a vlog while wondering what to do next. Sadly for the two guys, I was going to dump them to have dinner with the Singaporeans. |D

Wee, Irfan and I vlog about Day 3!

So around 6.30pm, I ran off to join Claude and his friends. The mall was packed with people, and cosplayers walking around too! We ended up at some Japanese/Korean restaurant place. And I was still in my cosplay too, haha. My stuff started smelling like that place for a week or so. :X That's the first proper meal I had in Singapore though!

The friendly crowd! (unfortunately I forgot most of their names... ;__;)

Bad camwhore face from me. .__. But it was the only pic I had of me and Claude!

After that I went back to the hotel alone. Camwhore for abit. Had a nice long bath. Then went to sleep.

Pictar here

Yesh, these were all camwhore pictars. *proud* |D

Day 4! It was pack up and go home day. I left the hotel earlier than Melissa and her mum did. I'm so thankful that they gave me a place to stay at for the weekend. A good place indeed. xD I decided to walk to the Plaza where my bus was, this time with a map! And so I was walking alone, around Suntec, over bridge, across the road, with my luggage bag. It was tiring walking alone. But it's nothing I can't do! I met Edwin from Lakeside on the way too. Kinda funny because as I crossed the street, I was thinking "this guy looks so familiar...". We crossed paths and went like "oooh!" and greeted each other. xD After 30 minutes, I made it to The Plaza in one piece! Wee and I bought some pastry from the bakery nearby before boarding the bus.

This time, the bus cut off the power of the plug points, so we couldn't abuse the 3G. Pfft. D: So Wee and I just vlogged and slept most of the way home.

Watch only if you have 20 minutes to spare. Lots of crapping and talk about the Regionals Cosplay Competition! Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3. Memory ran out halfway after I talked about Jin, wahahaha.

And so we got home at about 3-4pm. I dropped by Classroom Cafe, where everyone was there! :D Even BK and Irfan who got back from the airport. Started chatting really quickly with everyone, passed out souvenirs to everyone. Isaac and I ran back to campus to say hi to Jules and Sue, and passed out the souvenirs to them! They were so happy with their Danny Choo signed goodies!

Happy Jules!

It was a great trip! Lots of firsts again. First time overseas without my family. First trip with my friends, and TAS! First time navigating myself around the city, with and without a map. First overseas convention. First time wearing bottom lashes! (make me so chio xD) First time being a patron in a Butler and Maid Cafe. First time talking to overseas cosplayers. KANAME JIN ZAMAGAWD.

It was owhsmtastic. :3

Highlights once again:
Walking around Singapore (horrifying experience though)
Being with Melissa and TAS!
Butler and Maid Cafe!
Kaname and Usagi!
The cosplayers!
Regionals Cosplay Competition!

Kyaaah~ Yay finally done with AFA blogpost! Banzai! :D I wish I could make it again this year!

Quote of the Day: "He had noticed that events were cowards: they didn't occur singly, but instead they would run in packs and leap out at him all at once." - Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere.

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