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January Update/Report! (plus announcement)

So, I fell back into procrastination again. I started typing my Comic Fiesta post but the epicness of it was intimidating me so I stopped finishing it... for now. lD After a good 3 weeks of slacking, I should be going back into my blog updates!

Wow... February is around the corner already! Honestly, I've been rotting at home for the first half of January - wake up, facebook, teevee, sleep, rinse and repeat! I hardly walked out of the home that I was almost becoming a vampire! (albeit a tan one, I'll be a new race of vampires wahahaha)


After months of waiting, weeks of chasing and complications, I finally received my offer letter from Penang International Dental College. Yes, I'll be pursuing Dentistry! I'm entering the April 2012 batch, meaning I will be leaving end of March for my first two years in Salem, India, before returning to Butterworth, Penang, for my next three years. It will be five years away from home. I am nervous, scared, yet excited for what the future holds!

I am somewhat sad too, as I have to let go many things that I enjoy to run off to university life. I won't be able to attend my temple activities anymore. After 5 consecutive years of organizing Teen Dhamma Camp, I won't be able to return for my 6th, and I'll never be able to fulfill my wish of finally chairing a Dhamma Camp. It'll be my first year missing TDC. I will miss cosplay, as India (especially the southern parts where I am going) does not have notable cosplay community. I don't know if I'll be able to make it for Comic Fiesta 2012! If I don't, I won't be able to make my 5th consecutive win at the Group Cosplay Competition. I can't enjoy the physical company of my friends, family, the taste of Malaysia...

Separation happens to most of us eventually, I guess... it's just hard to face it, and counting down my days makes me hyperventilate. ;__; What can I do to make my two months before uni life worthwhile? I really don't want to waste it on a job I don't enjoy, I don't want to just rot at home either. Anyone can suggest something crazy and out of the blue for me to do? Maybe picking up a new skill or hobby? I'll need new interests to carry over to India too, since internet will be slow and access to my current hobbies will be scarce, haha...

scared.scared.scared. I hope I'll survive!

The rest of this blogpost will be the whole condensation of my January. Like the epic year in a nutshell post! Except that this is just a month in a nutshell.

Rayhan's New Year party [31 Dec/1 Jan]
I was there again with Debbie, Madelyn, Jen Sion and Pei Kai. Just like the previous year, Rayhan and Debbie were reading my yearly epic post. :P After dinner, we spent all of our time karaoke-ing and kpoping! Inevitable since all four of them are kpoppers. ^^" Got attacked by party sprays from Rayhan's relatives again!

Went Anthea's House [1 Jan]
Just the usual SuzAnt sampat session. Camhoo and chit-chat! :3 Was supposed to just collect our RO photoshoot pictures from her. Learnt some valuable Photoshop lessons from Anthea too! Now I can prettify my camhoo pictures with ease and owhsmness! 8D

Snowflakes with Dhamma Innitiative! [4 Jan]
Just a small, spontaneous night time hang out with the YDC people. Haven't been to SS15 in awhile! Hanging out with my kalyana mitras never fails to make me smile. :3

SAM 2011 Awards Ceremony [6 Jan]
It was an awards ceremony for those who achieved ATAR 90 and above. And for  those with ATAR 95 above, their parents were invited! But I only have ATAR 91.35, so I'm just there for my little trophy. It was kinda pressuring, because they arranged the recipients seats by their ATARs! I was sitting at the 3rd last row. Even with me "good" achievement, I feel kinda fail among the rest. ;__; That morning, my parents were all dressed as well and when I asked, they said they were going shopping to replace their wedding anniversary plans. It was funny, because after dropping me off in college at 9am, they drove off, but later, I spotted my father's very bald head in the hall! Saspisiusss...

From the get-go, Ms Choo kept reminding me to meet her at the front rows after collecting my award (Mr Yap and some other teachers too). Immediately, I knew something was fishy! I had already expected what was coming up next, as I was exposed to the SAM admins and marketing department a lot, I knew what happened in the past years. But I just acted dumb because it'd be awkward to talk about it. lD

So I sat near the front, and later Nick joined me too! I knew he must be in the same boat as I am. :P He kept bugging me about what this was about! And he was insisting that it was probably an award because he owed the library money, or he was going to get the "Most Handsome Guy" award. Tsktsk...

Later, Mrs Hoe went on stage to talk about an extra award. After watching some videos from pass recipients, she started describing one of her students. As she went, it became clearer that the person was me. What sealed the deal, was when she described the student as "the Student Council president", and "creative director of the Anime Society". Half the crowd after hearing the last statement are probably like "oh... her". lD

Although I half-expected it, I was still pleasantly surprised to receive the President's Award! It's a annual award for three outstanding students in that batch. Kinda like my Tokoh Murid award. I was glad that my contributions and presence was acknowledged again... ;w;

Turns out, my parents were invited a day before, and were told to keep it secret from me. Plus, they didn't even know what they were coming for! Mrs Hoe even prepared a parking spot for them in campus, hehe.

Michelle the Valedictorian! Both Michelle and Jordy were top scorers. (ATAR 99) ^^ G9 rocks!

It was an awesome day meeting my old SAMies. It's always nice to be awarded for your achievements... ^^ What a nice way to end my SAM journey with another big award!

(from 13 January onwards, I was much less of a bum, going out and having lots to do, hehe :3)

YDC 20 Dhamma Initiative Reunion! [14 Jan]
By camp tradition, we had our YDC 20 reunion two/three weeks after we last saw each other! I had lots of new "firsts" again! It was the first time I made apple crumble and served it to my kalyana mitras! First time having lok lok too! I'll post more about this later (which is funny because I haven't even finished blogging about the camp itself!), along with my new baking experience, yay! :3

Started driving lessons
I was lazy to get my driving license because 1, I wasn't very enthusiastic about it; 2, there was no need for it when people can drive me around! lD But eventually, I had to get it anyway, so let it be now! I had to finish up my course before I leave for India in March. Started my first course on 15 Jan. The talks are so so sooo pointless and exhausting and boring... .__. At the second talk, I managed to meet two new friends though, haha. So it was a bit more bearable. Still haven't started the real practical driving yet!

Irfan's Birthday [17 Jan]
A few of us TASians did a surprise at midnight for Irfan (exactly 2 months after Jules' birthday surprise too!), and we hung out more on the day itself! This deserves a post of its own to chronicle my owhsmness and also failness and planning the surprise. lD It was a rather funny tale too!

ECA Recruitment Drive [19 Jan]
Where I joined TAS in getting new members into our club! We made lots of preparations, especially for our dance performance (practices for 3 days!). I got to cosplay and perform on stage! That morning, I had my undang test too (which I passed), haha. Later that evening, we hung out with the TAS Lakeside people during dinner, talking crap and throwing lame jokes and brain teasers around. This deserves its own post too.

New Job [20 Jan]
Ai Vee recommended me a new job in USJ 1, at Two Points Call Centre. It's a telemarketing/survey thing. It pays pretty well, at about RM70 a day for normal hours. But it gets boring pretty quickly, as I had to keep making calls and talking into the phone, asking the same questions all over. Surprisingly, I don't get a lot of people cutting my line when I told then I wanted to do a "soal selidik". I spoke mostly to people in Sabah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan... and I had to speak mostly in Malay, as it was generally the most understandable/acceptable language. The people I know are quitting the job already, so I'm quite lonely there now. ^^" I just needed something temporary to keep me from rotting, and to make full use of my free time. It's good money too! But the job is pretty stagnant, unlike the variety of work I did in Taylor's, so I'll probably only stay for a week or two...

The rapid multiplication of the Tan family (this is less than a third of all our members!)

Chinese New Year! [23 Jan]
Every year, CNY is pretty much the same. As the years pass, it kinda gets old. :P On the eve, my family (sans Dennis) went shopping in Sunway Pyramid. We had our "reunion lunch" at Ole Ole Bali (because Wong Kok and another restaurant of mum's choice was closed). Bought new flats and a dress! Which I wore for the first day of CNY. I also bought new hipster frames from Daiso! They are owhsmmm (picture later!). We drove back to Melaka at midnight after Dennis got home from NZ.

Family Portrait!

Throughout our whole time in Melaka, I was reading Howl's Moving Castle while out of home, and while I had my laptop, I would be watching Clannad and playing Golden Sun, both at the same time. :P Super multitasking skill, efficiency over 9000!

Played mahjong with my cousins again, but only for a few hours compared to the long nights previously. Lost a few bucks this time around... ;___;

And very unfortunately, on Day Two, I got burnt in the face by joss sticks! My cousin sister was lighting the joss sticks, and without looking, she passed the joss sticks backwards, and it hit my face. It was so close to hitting my eye! I got quite nervous because I was afraid it's going to leave scars! It's quite obvious right now... I hope it goes away. ;___;

Looks as if the marks were deliberately put onto my face D:

On the third day, we somehow planned to go to the cinemas with a number of our relatives to watch Ah Beng. It was spontaneous, and rather nice, since the last family movie I had was Finding Nemo. We sat in a row (my brothers and I were at another row due to availability of seats), sneaked in coke from home and Chatime! It was nice watching a local movie! Pretty nice and of course, Chinese New Year-ish, haha. I wore my hipster frames around the mall. There were a couple of people who looked at me and were making comments. And I just walk on... LIKE A BAWS. Take my hipsterness, Melaka! :3

Anthea's House BAI NIAN [26 Jan]
Visited Anthea's house with some of the high school girls - Ant, me, Debbie, Anjie, Zoe, Sarah and Jasmine - for CNY! As usual, me + Anthea = CAMHOO.

Epic Daiso hipster frames! :3


Game of Life!

We played two rounds of the Game of Life. Lots of random jokes and kiasuness ensued! I won the first round! Second round was a big game of 7 people, which in the end, the only person who didn't enter college, Anjie, won. Conclusion: DON'T GO TO COLLEGE and you'll earn big bucks! (I kid lD)

MORE CAMHOO ENSUED. With the camera perched on the shelf on timer and continuous shots. lD We got up to 1000+ pictures, lawl. At one point, right as the camera started taking pictures... I sneezed. lD Everyone cried and laughed like crazy. It was totally intended. I have good timing. lD

The regular picture

SOH POH picture!

SuzAnt trolls Deb! :3

A montage of the kisiao-ness

Teehee! :3

Watched more shows and played more games! [All January!]
Since I had so much time on my hands, I started picking up some new series and played some video games too. Clannad, Golden Sun, Toradora, Howl's Moving Castle... But I have a lot of stuff to spazz about, so I'll cover everything into another blogpost. lD

And that is pretty much what happened in January! I'll need to blog quickly to cover the stuff I missed in December, along with the new content in January. (I said it as if I have an editor chasing me for updates and that my readers were counting on my articles, ahaha... lD *perasan*)
The usual backlogged list!:

  1. Comic Fiesta 2011 (Day 1, Day 2, Final Fantasy Photoshoot)
  2. Ragnarok Online Photoshoot
  3. 2012 Cosplay Plans
  4. Youth Dhamma Camp 20
  5. YDC 20 Reunion
  6. Irfan's Birthday
  7. ECA Recruitment Drive
  8. Various random SPAZZMS

See you soooon.

Quote of the Day: "I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality." - Frida Kahlo

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