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SAM Corroboree 2011

I just got back from Singapore on the 14th and the next day was my Corroboree already! SAM Corroboree a.k.a Prom. It was the last event that the whole SAM Class of 2011 was invited to. As the Student Council President, how could I not be there? xD

Luckily, mum and I went dress shopping at Subang Parade before I went to Singapore!

That morning, I went back to college to get my speech done. I sat in the White Room forming my speech, while Jules and Sue were working on their Prom stuff (they were in the committee!). After I presented it to Mrs Quek, I went home. As the hour approached, I got dressed and Felicia helped me with my make up. Armed with my heels, I left for Grand Dorsett! While I was on the car, I even had the time to paint my nails, hehe.

It was kinda fun and flattering, because when I arrived at the doorsteps, I had two guys waiting to bring me in: My TAS boys, Isaac and Wee. xD Charming as usual! But extra suave that night.

My look for the night! :3

More photos here: Wee's (Part 1. Part 2.) Ben's (Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.) Official Photos here.

We wandered around the lobby area where there was a little reception/cocktail party, and it was filled with people camwhoring already! I thought I was late, but it seems that all the other SAMies were early, and the event itself was running a little bit late. But at least everyone was enjoying themselves! Later, the three of us was joined by Alex, who got his ticket off someone else last minute, and we found Jules too!

Jules and I!

TAS peeps camwhoring without me!

I managed to come across my classmates and say hi though! G9 ftw!

Later, I finally get a call from the teachers to get into the hall and get ready for my speech, as I was the first on the agenda. NERVOUS. Then I was informed that I was going to be sitting at the VIP table, where the principal and president will be sitting at! DOUBLE NERVOUS. So I couldn't sit with my G9, instead I had to sit between Mrs Hoe and Mr Thou at the VIP table. The only other student there with me was Ellysha, the Winanga-Li editor, Prom Queen nominee and my Mortal. :P

Right when the read event started, everything was smooth flowing! There was hardly any wasted time, as we would be eating and enjoying some form of entertainment or video. Talking, performances, photo-taking, dinner, so much was happening! So the MCs got up, and almost immediately from the start, I was invited up-stage to present my speech.

I wish I gave a more entertaining speech vs. cliche speech (but I meant everything I said!) |D

It was so bright up there I could hardly see my audience! There was no time for me to glance at my script either. I felt kinda ignored as I could hear chatting sounds from the audience, but I guess that couldn't be helped as the event was so huge. Although, I felt proud and thankful that when I walked up-stage, I could hear G9 and my friends cheering my name. :3 So, as I ended my speech and walked down the stage, I ended my time as the Student Council President!

After coming down from the stage and speaking with Mrs. Hoe and Mr. Lim (the President of Taylor's), apparently SAM 2011 was a very responsive and respecting crowd already! From their past experiences, the graduating class wouldn't be paying attention to the speeches or the MC at all, and the hall would be empty because everyone was outside taking pictures. I guess SAM 2011 is just unique and owhsm that way! :3

After my speech was Mrs. Hoe's speech. Her speech was so much funnier than mine! ;w; Plus, during her speech, she showed the video of all the teachers dancing to Party Rock Anthem (directed by Jules and edited by Sue!). The video cannot be shown because unauthorized distribution of it is not allowed. :P After that was the teacher's performance! Some of the teachers teamed up to do a little medley, singing, dancing, with Mr. Adrian on the guitar.

The teacher's performance!

And after that, there was a food presentation by the hotel, and dinner was served!

The first course! My food at the VIP table was served individually. :3 I had a three cups too: Orange juice, tea and water!

Ate and enjoyed some band performances. Nice jazz music by the other SAMies! Also, because G9 is just so owhsm, we were asked to prepare a series of videos just for Corroboree, and it was screened for everyone! Love my G9!

Although I was fine at the VIP table, I was itching to get away. But it was so paiseh to run off! In the end I sent texts to Isaac and Wee. And suddenly I got an S.O.S.

The three doods just ran over and casually chatted with Mrs. Hoe. Then Isaac asked "Can we borrow Suzanne?" I lawl. xD

So we ran out while the Best Dress nominations was running. We started snapping pictures and soon, more people were flooding out of the hall.

Jules and my heels. :D

TAS Family!

Posing with the Student Council banner! :D

Funny story. We were outside chatting when we saw Mr. Lim looking at the Graduation Wishes board. I'm sure how we got to it, but we dared Isaac to do a brofist with Mr. Lim. Isaac had a "Challenge Accepted" face, stood up and said "Where's Lim Tou Boon," loudly, with Mr. Lim just 10 feet away. Half of us had to hide ourselves, and the other half had to pull Isaac away. In the end, Isaac did walk over, talk to Mr. Lim for awhile, then the moment came... They did not just a brofist, but an EXPLODING BROFIST. Champion moment! We were laughing so hard in the background! So hardcoreeee. We have a video of it, but it's not with me... |D Since Isaac completed his dare, Wee had to do something in return. Which I won't be elaborating here. xD

Anyhow! Back to what happened in the hall.

Best Dress Nominees! Winners are Guy No.1 and Girl. No.4!

Class Reps for the Best Class Profile. M5, E2 and my owhsmtastic G9! (my class profile here, edited by me, for those who hasn't watched it!

The Taylor's Dance Club SAMies performing!

The Prom King and Queen nominees! They had to do some impromptu performance, then the public will vote. My money's on Sunny to win of course!

Here's our Prom King and Queen: Justin Tan and Ellysha Nur!

It was a shame though, I really thought Sunny would've won! Sunny's charisma is win plox. Plus he's a G9 so yeah. xD Later, there was another band performance, and then everyone was just running around the place, taking pictures, enjoying the dance floor.

Oh! And I should also add that Isaac, with his "like a boss" attitude, approached this bunch of guys who were sitting in the hall and started to smoke. And he told them off! I think Jules and I were abit surprised, and I won't be shocked to see fists flying and Isaac pwning them. |D

Wee gave me a hover hand! D: GUILTY.

The dance floor! It was like SAM Fiesta, part 2! With better song choices, and formal-dressed people.

Rocked the dance floor with my classmates! (and later TAS)

All in all, it was a rather fun day! It was great to see everyone again, to be hanging out with SAM. I wish I brought my brother's compact camera so that I could camwhore with more people! I missed my classmates, missed my student council too! The student council didn't get to take another group picture (and we were all present too)! ;w; You never noticed how many people you haven't met yet, from your own course! xD Anyways, it's my first prom too. So yippieee!

I quote the last lines of my speech, "You are the director of your own movie, and this is your story. So make sure that it is worth watching."

(yes, my speech was oh-so-cliche |D)

Quote of the Day: "I’ve… learned how to smile… Even when I’m feeling sad." - Yuna, Final Fantasy X.

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