Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spazzms of a Slacker

Sitting at home gave me time to properly sink into my hobby of video games and anime again. I also found time to join the new WorldCosplay website and update my cosplay pictures.

Anyway! I'm going to be spazzing about some of the games and shows I've been enjoying the pass month. Good stuff should be shared with the world. C:


Time to plug one of my favourite deviantARTist that I've been following since I joined the website in 2006. ZEIVA! Zeiva is a two person group, comprising of Mirage Maiden and Nitarou. They have been making lots of visual novels, dating sim and other otome games. For the pass few Comic Fiestas, Zeiva has been attending! And I'm always excited to see her! I bought Other Age 2 in 2010, and I immediately purchased X-Note when I saw it at CF2011.

One of the three "date-able" guys - Oure!

It's mostly just a storyline and plot driven game, with questions and choices to make. The story has a supernatural theme, and it's a mystery game! :3 It runs over a span of 30 days, where the main character, Essi is asked to uncover the mysteries of Xen Institute and X-Note, a USB drive that was left behind by her mother, who is believed to be murdered by supernatural forces. So everyday, Essi would have her daily psychic training. The skills you train and the choices will determine which of the three paths (of the three guys: Yuon, Oure and Anon) you will follow, and which ending you get. I love love love the art and LOVE LOVE LOVE the characters! The music is not bad, considering everything was made by indie developers. The storyline, uuuu, so nice and sad at the same time! ;___;

ANON! My favourite guy. :3 MY POOR POOR BOY. ;___;

If you haven't noticed, there's a colour theme going on with all the characters. :P It gets more apparent when you play the game, hehe! I played the game for a few days, and I'm so glad I bought it! Although it's just a few hours of game time, it was worth all the art and storyline and to support zeiva! Kept dying a few times though, ughhh. BUT SO REWARDING. Cried multiple times. ;___; That's how attached to the story I am, hehe.

Yuon and Essi!

If you want to play the game, I can borrow you the CD. lD It's a nice otome game. :3 Can't wait to get more of Zeiva's stuff!

Switched at Birth

This was totally unexpected. Since I'm mostly in the living hall with my laptop, slacking, the tv is on and I'd just surf through the channels and leave it on. Then I just so happen to catch the first episode of this show. Then I got hooked! It's about two families, with two girls, Bay and Daphne, who finds out one day that they were, as the title says, switched at birth. It's really interesting as it shows how to two families try to find harmony with each other, and the girls find out how life might've been different, and they start entering each other's life. What is even more interesting, is that the show focuses a lot of hearing disabilities, because Daphne is a deaf character (played by a real hard-of-hearing actress)! There's a lot of sign language throughout the show, and it's funny how they joke and make faces while signing. There's another deaf boy who's really sweet and quite a looker too. The real actor is deaf as well. owo

So everyday I would catch this show because I'm home all day anyway. At one point I got really busy that I missed the whole week of episodes, I just had to watch it online! Then I realized that there was only 14 episodes out at the moment, because the show is still screening.

I think this is the first time I'm actually following an American series so closely. Not even Glee! Usually I'd just watch whatever that screens on the TV, and if I miss it, I don't bother. xD But Switched at Birth really has an interesting plot with nice character backgrounds and developments.

Ace Attorney. and convincing others to play the games I play!

THE FLAME IS BACK. It's funny how I was the hugest fan of Ace Attorney in the Anime Society, and I had to spazz alone about it, but actually Dhurga was quite a fan of Ace Attorney too! And by my amazing convincing powers, I got Dhurga to play Apollo Justice and start replaying the game. I got Wee to jump on the Ace Attorney bandwagon too! Just like me, he started with Trials and Tribulations, somehow. :P And somehow, Irfan went to wiki and read the whole Phoenix Wright story. He later started playing the game, and is now at Justice for All! So happy people are joining my fandom... *w* I could finally spazz about the storyline, about Godot and what not to them, and they would get it! BUT WHY SO LATE! Y U NO PLAY ACE ATTORNEY EARLIER! ;w;

Additionally, I made Irfan finish Ghost Trick too, and Isaac started playing Golden Sun! :3 Happy happy happy. Otherwise I'd always be the only one who knows all these unknown games!

Back to Ace Attorney spazzing.

The Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney Live Action Movie out in February! OMG THE EPICNESS OF IT. The way they brought the characters to live, so owhsm! It still has the over-the-topness of Ace Attorney, yet it doesn't come off too cheesy. Only Japan can pull this off... lD CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS. SO PROMISING.

Golden Sun

This must be one of the best RPG for the Gameboy Advance. Great plot, nice battle system with a great dose of adventure and puzzle! I played the first Golden Sun long ago in primary school. I started the second game, Golden Sun: The Lost Age a few years back, but I never finished it, due to my habit of getting overwhelmed once arriving at a point in the game where I get a ship to travel the whole map and have too many side quests and stuff to do! I was actually really close to the end of the game already! But I just didn't finish it... I decided to replay the game so that I would know the whole plot again before I went on and play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (the third game). I played this game on mute while watching my anime on the same screen, hehe. :P Sadly, I can't start playing Dark Dawn yet as I still have to figure out a way to work the ROM on my NDS emulator, as the game runs waaay too slow.

I love this game tons! I just love the game concept a lot. But as usual... it's pretty unknown, especially here in Malaysia. ;w; It seems that handheld games just aren't as popular here!


Last year, while transferring some files from Wee's hard disk, I took some Anime from him. Clannad was one of them. It was based on a visual novel, and it's a harem! The characters are quite interesting and funny. I sort of expected more from it since my friends were saying good things about it. I expected to cry too, but amazingly I didn't much!

Finally, I understood Irfan's obsession over dangos though! And it was lucky that I watched this before his birthday, which helped me in preparing his dango gifts. :P But seriously, how do people even create such a random character out of a random food item! The Japanese, tsktsk. But gosh, Dango Daikazoku keeps getting stuck in my head. xD I finished this series before Chinese New Year. I really need to watch After Story though!


Another one of the animes I took from Wee. After finishing Clannad, I watched this (during CNY)! It's quite a cheerful anime, seeing how the characters interact with each other! But it's still pretty deep and serious, in terms of the character's back story and their development. I love all five of the main characters! *w* They are really relatable! (to me, at least) I wish there was more to it though! (or maybe it's because I was watching it too quickly...) I have to admit that Ryuuji's eyes did freak me out a bit at the start (which was the show's "intention"), and what's with Inko-chan, such an unattractive parrot... =w= I wonder if Ryuuji qualifies as having a harem, hmmm... I wish there was more on Ami and Minori's struggles! The ending kinda caught me off guard, about the whole run away from home and -that- thing. But still it's a nice series! ^^

Howl's Moving Castle

Jules left me some of her books as she was leaving for US. I started reading this (exact same book cover as the above!) because I needed something to keep me entertained while I was out of the house, especially during CNY. Yes, Howl's Moving Castle was an English written book before it became the Japanese hit movie! I haven't watched the movie yet, but I've seen some images of the movie, which restricted some of my visualization while reading the book because the image of Howl and his pink/blue cloak kept floating into my mind. But still, it was a nice fantasy book with lots of humour and bits of romance! It was confusing a bit at parts, but eventually I manage to follow. The characters are pretty real in the magical world, in the sense that they do act and think realistically. Even though Howl appears to be quite a jerk some times, he does know what he is facing and takes smart actions - his fame as a remarkable wizard is not without reason! The characters are pretty lovable! Sophie and her sisters, Howl, Calcifer, Michael... It was a fun ride. ^^ I can't wait to watch the movie and see the differences! I hope the Howl in the movie doesn't disappoint, because I'm quite attached to the book one now. :P (but the movie Howl wins in physical appearance, naturally!)

And now that I don't have any more anime series in my hard disk, I might just continue watching Avatar: The Last Airbender online until I can get more anime from my friends. Also, I'm going to be finishing Pokemon FireRed, then move on to HeartGold/SoulSilver! I should really get back to reading my Pokemon Adventures and Detective Conan manga too. Nyaaah I'm just looking for new things and hobbies to do...

Here's some other random spazzms!

KINGDOM HEARTSSSS. I was such a huge fan of this series! Then they made more games and I couldn't keep up with the storyline, from the games released after Kingdom Hearts II onwards! GOSH, Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) looks promising! WATCH THE TRAILER ABOVE. It's like an immediate memory activator! So many scenes from the old game that holds so much meaning in the series... makes me feel like jumping back into the series and finish playing Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep. lD Probably not going to happen so soon. *sigh* But it still doesn't stop me from loving the characters and loving this awesome trailer!

I suddenly started listening to game OSTs, the I went to Kyle Landry's piano covers (he plays wonderful improv pieces!) then I found THIS. Josh! How I wish I knew how to play stings or woodwind! Or just being more epic on my piano. ;w; I can never be this awesome... How do these YouTube people manage to find people with similar talents to make these sort of awesome stuff? ;w; SO JELLY. Now I feel like playing and acing my piano... but I won't be able to do much like record more covers since my piano is so out of tune and there's no point tuning it as I'm leaving overseas soon... ;w;

Yesh, that's all for my spazzms, WHEE!

Quote of the Day: "Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It’s our…perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There’s no good or bad side. Just two holding different views." - Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII

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