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Comic Fiesta 2011!

I was procrastinating this post for awhile because when I think of Comic Fiesta, I feel so tired suddenly, because so much happened! |D

Anyway, let's start!

Comic Fiesta 2011 DAY 1

I only slept for 2 hours-ish, preparing my props and packing my luggage for the convention. I even had a backpack with my detached spear poking out! (it makes a really good chain jingling sound that gives an intimidating effect :3) Left home around 8am-ish to Anthea's, where I met up with Chia Mei and Chia Yuen there. I didn't have time to eat breakfast either! (dad bought home Wan Tan Mee, but no time to sit and eat |D) They were all prepping up, doing their make up and putting on their costumes. I couldn't do much as I didn't want to wear my sari so early, as it was going to take more time and effort figuring out. I made my fur pelts that morning itself with Anthea's leftover fur, haha. Around 9.30-ish, we got on the taxi and left for KLCC!

We got there around 10-ish, hopped off the taxi and headed off to the event! At first, it was pretty confusing. There were two halls - Hall 4, for ticketing (and later the "Cosplay photography" hall); and Hall 5, the event hall, stage, doujin booths, everything!

Champion Red welcomes you to Comic Fiesta 2011!

The lines were CRAAAAZY. Luckily I bought the mock tickets, so I get to save the hassle! I got my tickets and goodie bag, find a corner in Hall 4. First, I had to run off to the Cosplay Competition booth to register myself. Handed in the audio, got my group tags (B!), then ran back to Hall 4. At that time, they stopped people from entering the hall! Apparently overcrowded or something. Luckily, Wani came over and saved me, so back in I was to wear my Fang costume. Make up was okay, wearing on the wig was fine, but holy crap that sari! Thank goodness I had Chia Yuen with me, who helped me through the whole mess! Imagine me in my black bicycle shorts, and black tank top, staring at a handphone image while randomly folding a big blue cloth around my body, with hundreds of cosplayers and even more public eyes walking around me. Hazukashii! .w.

This sari. Takes an average of 1.5 hours to wear. orz

While we were fussing over the sari, and drawing on my tattoo, I couldn't help but get even more anxious by the fact that my group hasn't rehearse for our group competition skit yet! We could only recite the lines to ourselves, or in pairs, while doing our make up. Luckily, Snow and Lightning was ready, so they could rehearse their little dancing scenes. xD

We were running a little late, rushed right into Hall 5 through the secret back door. Hello Comic Fiesta! Finally, my whole Final Fantasy XIII group was there!
Me as Fang
Anthea as Vanille
Celine as Lightning
Chia Mei as Serah
Melissa as Hope and
Alex as Snow!
But first thing's first: The Group Cosplay Competition! The group was Fang, Lightning, Serah and Snow, and we were second to perform! Sadly, the CF stage was small, and packed with band equipments already! So we had to perform on the floor. It was really quick like CF'10, they just announced our group name and it's show time!

Lightning's BITCHSLAP moment

Clearly, the lack of practice (and safety pins on my sari) shows. |D I was really hard on myself with this performance (especially the timing!), feeling that it was not up to my usual standards. I personally felt I didn't give it my all, and that the story was -meh- and I could've done better - I was pretty hard on myself! But looking back at it now, I'm quite contented and proud with my work. The audio, the voice acting, my group mates... it could've been better, but it was great at this point! And definitely, credits to Anthea for sparking the "memory loss" idea. She mentioned "short term memory", and everything else from there was smooth flowing! I'm glad to have the enthusiasm and support from my group members. I was ready, and didn't mind to lose out of this year's Group Competition.

I only managed to listen in a bit on the Ranma 1/2 performance before our group. I know there was a Galaxy Angels group! But after my own performance, all I wanted to do was run back into Hall 4 to get my sari properly fixed.

I watched the UtaPri performance online and I think they did a pretty awesome job! Props for the effort!

Ran out of Hall 5, and it seems that they set up a one-way traffic. So I had to walk out of the building and get back in through the front entrance, and walk back up to the halls. The line was crazy! Outside the building! People who are still waiting to enter the building, to enter Hall 4, to enter Hall 5! I was stopped by two cosplayers for pictures. But while taking the picture, as usual, I get stopped by more new people for pictures! I was stuck there for awhile, then I realized Hope and Serah dumped me. ;w; At that time I didn't know where was the entrance, how to get back in... Wandered around for abit, then I found TAS! o_o Irfan, Suzie, Dennis, Jak, Enoch... It's sad that Dennis actually thought of leaving right there and then. We walked on and found the entrance, where TONS of people were crowding around, and it seems that the KLCC people had closed the doors to restrain people from going in. Seriously? o_o

By chance, I met Nurul in the crowd! :D She was cosplaying as America! It was nice being able to talk to her normally again (under very abnormal circumstances I must say).

So there we were, stuck in the crazy crowd, who started getting impatient, and started yelling and demanding that the doors are opened. The first guy yelled (can't remember what he said), then there was silence... then everyone started applauding the guy. |D And more followed after! Yelling "bakayaro!" and stuff... I honestly felt as if I was in the middle of a riot. When the doors opened, it was chaos! People started pushing and shoving and squeezing their way to the front to get in. As the doors shut again, the crowed booed. Then it started drizzling, and that really pushed the crowd to the edge. They got more impatient, more pushy... When the doors opened again, I was trying to keep my spear safe but detaching it. But it was hard as there was hardly any space. But anyhow, I got pushed into the building... |D

A video to give you an idea of the crowd. And that's just outside the building. (you can spot my red scythe at 0:14-0:15 |D)

After finding my way back to our "corner", I took off my sari and had Chia Yuen to help me put it on again. Luckily, Mi-yue was there to lend another helping hand! She was really good with the pinning and stuff, my sari looked much much better and it holds better too!

A bunch of us sat in the middle of the hall (we got shooed from where we were sitting to give way to the looong queue going into Hall 5) to eat lunch. Melissa ran into the mall with my Guest pass (which I got for my participation in the dance performance, which would allow me quick access around Comic Fiesta) to buy us McD lunch. I have to say the fries and drink tasted really bad... I just nommed my burger and ketchup to fill up my tummy.

The '93 gang. :3

After lunch, I finally decided to go into the Hall 5 to have a look! I joined the line, and it was moving reaaaaally slowly. It was 5pm, and one hour later before I was finally in the CF main hall. It wasn't very packed in the hall at that time, so I really didn't understand why the KLCC management were putting on the cap limit for people going into Hall 5... I wanted to see all the doujin booths and buy some merchandises! But I kept getting distracted - stopped for photos, talked to friends. Hung out around the middle of the hall to get pictures with my group taken too. In the end I only took a look at a quarter of the booths... ;w;

But of course, I must must must visit Zeiva as usual and get her game. I bought her Otome game, X-Note for RM30! :D *happy*

And as I was walking through the hall, I had someone stopping me to tell me "great costume" and another doujin owner telling me that my spear was awesome and detailed. So nice... and touched... ;w; *proud*

The only group picture we had with Hope+Vanille

Got tons of photos snapped with Lightning and Vanille

A bunch of girls approached us to ask us for help with their CF Side Quest. So we were brought to one of the info/merchandise counter. Wani, from behind the counter started giving out her coscard and spoke to us.

Wani: Sugar! I can't believe you made history again!
Me: What do you mean? o.o
Wani: Tomorrow, wear this costume at be at the stage area by 6.30pm

*@&#@(!$ OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS? I honestly just asked the same thing over and over again. Because what the conversation means is that I just won the Group Competition again. I told my group mates and all of us were like "Seriously? SERIOUSLY!". We couldn't believe that we could win with our somewhat half-assed skit! We must have something really special to be able to win despite the fails. Pretty chuffed about  our amazing skit idea - it's probably what helped us to stand out as everyone played the "let's look back at our sweet/fun memories" card. We were told it was a pretty close call, but we made it anyway!

I was only in the hall for an hour+, then I had to join my dance group to do some last practices before performing. There was were no more lines going into the hall, so it was easier to run around. While waiting down stage for the band performance to finish, I henshin-ed back into regular Suzanne, with a fang tattoo and bracelets.

I Go Crazy Because of You - T-ara

Six Sense - Brown Eyed Girls and I am the Best - 2NE1

We practiced a lot for this so I was pretty proud with our performance! Although after looking at it on the video, it's pretty obvious that every action needs to be exaggerated for it to be captured. But I definitely gave it my all on the dance floor, didn't come through as much... |D But it was sooo fun and rewarding! Not a fan of Kpop, but I'll never turn down an opportunity to dance.

Me, Michelle, Kori, Yuo, Jen, Valkyrie, Sam and Jatta!

After that, I headed home with Valkyrie on Jatta's car. On the way heading back to the car, I realized I left my camera in the hall! Turning around, I started dashing towards the hall. Just as I did, a man carrying a one of those metal barriers walked pass me. I tripped over it and fell on the ground. I fell from higher than waist height, but somehow I wasn't scarred! But worst, I somehow injured my right leg, and it still aches now when I bend my leg in certain ways. But I really have no idea where the injury is... ;___; And zamagawd parking in KL such a killer. =w=

After getting home, I had quite a lot of time before bed time, so I fixing some of my stuff.

I shortened my spear so that it was more proportional to my height

Sprayed hair colour on the wig abit for that Fang highlights

I had to chop my Sice scythe into half too, otherwise it wouldn't fit in the car. After repacking my bag, I went to sleep and had more rest compared to my the days that week.

Comic Fiesta 2011 DAY 2

Got up earlier and headed off to Anthea's house again. I realized I didn't bring my entrance ticket, so I had to abuse my Guest tag again! Funny thing is, for both days, I never wore my entrance tag at all, and they are still fresh and clean at home, haha. Meaning I could've gotten away without buying the tickets at all for RM25! But oh well, SUPPORT!

In the taxi!

This is the first time making such huge weapons, and the bringing BOTH of them to one day of the convention! Imagine me carrying my red bag with my spear sticking out, and dragging my roller luggage around, plus my split up spear in another hand. GANAS.

We got to the event much earlier than the day before. I found Irfan loitering inside the hall from within the barriers, with Wee waving from the outside entrance. Had to help Irfan pass Wee's tickets to him, haha. And thank goodness for the Guest pass! I bypass all lines and can walk through anywhere I wish, wahaha! The KLCC management weren't in control of the traffic flow today, so it made things easier too.

I walked pass the long line that was waiting for the main hall to open, me dragging my luggage and weapons, like a boss. Got into the toilet and took an hour plus to wear my costume and put on my make up, alone. After dumping my luggage in Hall 4, I went into Hall 5 to meet up with my Class Zero peeps! One of our larger appearances, complete with weapons for everyone (SO EPIC).
Final Fantasy Type-0 cosplay!
Enoch as Trey
Me as Sice
Isaac as Eight
Wee as Nine
Irfan as Jack and
Jak as King

For most of Day 2, I was hanging out with TAS. Suzie was cosplaying Louise again, and Crystal was Kagome. We were standing at the back to watch the Solo Cosplay competition. Meanwhile, a lot of people came up to us for pictures. And we kept getting interrupted by the CF committee to not clog up the traffic, and that cosplay photography in Hall 5 is not allowed. B-b-but poor people! How do we reject them? ;w; We got ourselves in trouble a couple of times. And once, people were taking solo shots of me while the hall was somewhat empty, the emcee came up to me and joked/told me off. Sorry. |D

One of our indoor group shots

And we made way too many "arrow to the knee" jokes...

Again, didn't have time to walk around the hall much. Just went through a few booths again. Oh, I managed to borrow black boots from Xsaye! So I look extra hax, hehe. Someone from one of the doujin booths yelled "SICEEEE" when I passed by too. I just smiled and laughed nervously. |D I met Rayhan, Desmond, Jun Yu and gang too! And while TAS was at the Canon booth getting our picture taken, I bumped into Shu-Yen, who was cosplaying Misaki from Maid-sama!

Around afternoon lunch-ish time, I went to Starbucks with Anthea and Rayhan. I had a Frap and that was the only thing I had all day! (other than some chocolate later that evening) We had some good quality chat time!

Expensive stuffz

While talking, Will snuck up on me and said "Found you!" and ran off. Later he came back and chat for a bit. xD Later, when we headed back into the hall, I stopped to say hi to Nicholas! We talked for a bit, then Irfan, Enoch and Jak came by. Poor boys, they were so worn out they just sat at the table and blurred out and napped. I was catching up on my other friends like Ken and the other cosplayers.

Managed to grab a picture of the Marvel group!

Eventually, I gathered Class Zero again. I insisted that we must take some group pictures together, otherwise they'll regret it! We finally took a step outside of the building, then I realized there were TONS of cosplayers hanging out outside! It seems that the standards of cosplaying had increased to the level where elaborate costumes were such a common sight that I don't snap my head off from turning heads. |D

SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS HAWT SHADOW CHASER. I chased him down to get a picture! There was a huge increase in RO cosplays!

Class Zero found a spot and we just stood around. We were waiting for Wee's friend to come help us snap pictures with Wee's camera.. Meanwhile, we have our pictures taken by random passerbys, which included a lot of foreigners, and I saw Daniel and Pei Hao from SJBA too! A videographer came by to snap a few seconds of our movements too.

A waaaay sexy photo of us :3

We appear at 0:48. OMG HE CAPTURED MY FAIL MOMENT. .__. The cons of chopping the spear into half.

Some shots from our "photoshoot"

Here, I unfortunately must note Irfan's failness of wearing black pants and sneakers for Class Zero...

My reverse harem! :B

Sice OOC |D

UGAAAA. Trey, just SHUT. UP. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Number 6: Sice
(should've gotten everyone's solo shot too!)

We came across another Eight! The same one from AFA! :D

And CF had this really awesome Seven... THAT WE SOMEHOW MISSED! ;___;

Close up of me. I wish I bought a longer white wig to tie and style into Sice's ponytail instead. Clip-ons doesn't work for her style (plus I don't wanna cut the clip-ons!)

We were approached by 3 young girls who asked us about our costumes too. Seems like they want to make a Class Zero team soon, too. After satisfied with the pictures we have taken, I dismissed everyone and we went back into the hall. Most of the others were taking off their costumes and leaving the event soon. I on the other hand was going to take out my costume and change back into Fang. |D And so, the pain of wearing on my sari begins again.

Back in my Fang costume, I lugged all my stuff into Hall 5 (Hall 4 was closing up) where the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament was running. I was sad no one chose Phoenix Wright! :C I finally had some time to walk around the doujin alley, but everyone was already packing up or out of stock! I regret not being able to buy more merchandises! ;__; My Final Fantasy XIII team stood around together as we waited for the closing ceremony.

Bottom left corner, currently the only picture evidence of my win (Gempak)

We really look like winners here! :D (Game Axis - I wish I bought an issue!)

And so, this makes it my 4th year winning the Group Competition! We were all given a heavy glass-ish medal, and an even heavier glass-ish trophy! Which the team unanimously decided to let me keep it. =) We were all given a Kid-chan designed recycle bag, with all of the CF pinbadges (love love the designs! almost bought 'em on Day 1) and the CHAM artbook.

Comic Fiesta 2011 ended with a dance party, which I joined in too! And later, I headed home with Alex and Chia Mei. Met Alex's hyper sister too!

I couldn't believe another CF had drawn to an end! Every time it happens, I always start looking forward to the next one. There's always a "I wish I hung out with more people!" and "I wish I did more!" feeling every time. And every CF is a different experience. This year, it was very much on the development of my cosplay, with the weapons and all! Spent half of Day 1 getting into my costume though... *sad* My biggest regret is not having enough time (because of wearing the sari and just sitting around) and not being able to buy more merchandises.

My only loot for Comic Fiesta. Not forgetting the picture taken at the Canon booth.

Going off to India soon, I'm not sure if I can make it to Comic Fiesta 2012, not sure if I can make my 5th Group Competition win... I really hope I can make it! Either way, I'm going to miss Comic Fiesta so so much.

Quote of the Day: "When prayers turn to promises, not even fate can stand in their way." - Fang & Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

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