Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cosplay Plans 2012 and beyond

It's been half a year since I updated my Cosplay Plans section on my blog. Unfortunately, as I'll be starting uni soon, and spending 2 years in India, 3 years in Penang, my cosplay will have to enter low gear, especially for the next two years, as I can only come back to Malaysia probably twice a year.

Still, one is still allowed to dream and hope right? xD

My cosplay meme with a list of past cosplays! February update.

Everything listed here are subject to change, as usual. |D

Cosplay Highly-Possibly's!

1. Korra [Avatar: Legend of Korra]

SHE IS SO EPIC. Korra's the new Avatar (not those blue stuff) after Aang! And she's the new title character for the next Avatar installment. Whose release date is not announced yet. But Korra just looks so badass for me to pass. She can waterbend, firebend and earthbend! If I do Korra, it'll be my first title character cosplay. :3 (still rather low profile though, ehehe...) Love love Avatar!

2. Claire [Harvest Moon]

Harvest Moon looove! Someone suggested me to do Claire for a group, so HELL YEAH. And I just started playing More Friends of Mineral Town and it's really fun and nostalgic! Hopefully can do this with the group!

3. Kay Faraday [Ace Attorney: Investigations]

I'll forever be an Ace Attorney fan, so I'm still kinda hoping to do Kay Faraday. Especially since I managed to gather an Ace Attorney group after converting some of the TAS people into playing Ace Attorney, ngahahaha! I have a Phoenix and Miles! So Kay would go absolutely well with Edgeworth. :P I'll sneeze in his cravat, wahahaha.

The Maybe's

4. Essi [X-Note]

I don't know. I just feel like it. I feel so tempted! |D This would be the most unknown cosplay though (and she looks rather normal too!). Essi is from Zeiva's Otome game, X-Note! Which I spazzed about here. Even if I did this, it'll probably be just a personal project, with a personal photoshoot, haha. MUST SHOW ZEIVA TOO teehee. We'll see... It'll be awesome if I had an Anon, Yuon or Oure. :3

5. Dawn/Hikari [Pokemon]

Celestia suggested me to do Dawn because I told her this year might not be a good time to start crossplaying (therefore cosplaying N). So I'm considering... |D

Old plans/Crossplay

I didn't want to start crossplaying yet, as it takes a bit effort to research on the make up and chest binders. I'll get to it soon... I guess... Here are the stuff I wanna crossplay though.

6. Kururugi Suzaku (Knight of Seven) [Code Geass]

Because Anthea still has her Anya costume. And Jules passed down her Knight of Seven costume to me! So it's a bigger motivation to do this. I just need time. .w. Must hide my womanly boobs, ass and hips!

7. N (Natural Harmonia Gropius) [Pokemon]

First of all, yes that's N's real name. And I think it's pretty weird. DD: Anyway I still wanna do N! He's sorta the enemy+rival in Pokemon Black/White, but at the same time he's not. CAP. And hawtness. :3

8. Hibiki Tokai [Vandread]

Hibiki's the one on the right, people. |D Melissa and I had a discussion during one of our swimming sessions, and was talking about how we hardly cosplay together, and was trying to decide which series to do together. We decided on this! Melissa will be doing Dita, and I'll be Hibiki! The only thing that's off with us is the height, haha. But platforms will fix it abit I guess. And camera angle. :P Vandread is such a classic... :3

9. Jack/Hero [Harvest Moon]

My love for Harvest Moon is pretty strong, so this is still rather possible. xD We'll see, we'll see...

10. Jack Russell [Radiata Stories]

I love Radiata Stories tons, but it's a really obscure game for the PS2. Would love to do this so much, but the costume is not that simple, and might not be recognizable. I'll have to put this on low priority, with the hopes that I can bring it to life.

11. Golden Sun

The problem with Golden Sun is the same as Radiata Stories. Lots of effort, and might not be recognizable! It's definitely still on my wishlist, and it'll be awesome having a group. I am thinking of either Isaac, Felix or Jenna. Mia's possible, just that the blue wig... wah!

Can't think of anything else at the moment... I need some group cosplay to sweep me into joining them. And for the series I love, I usually need someone to accompany me before I decide to do it. xD I'm pretty sure there are more cosplays I would love to do! Must. Think. Hard.

Anyway, this is all for now. Hehe. :P Will add more here when I think of them! Please do suggest stuff for me to cosplay if you'd like, heehee.

Quote of the Day: "Wishes can come true. But not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here and now." - Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

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