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FFXIII and RO Photoshoot!

I had the opportunity to have not one, but two photoshoots at the end of December. One on the day right after Comic Fiesta, and another one a day before New Year's Eve!

Final Fantasy XIII Photoshoot
19 December 2011
Lightning Farron by Celine
Serah Farron by Chia Mei
Snow Villiers by Alex
Oerba Yun Fang by Suzanne
Hope Estheim by Melissa
Photographers: Anthony Tan and Brian Lim

Ragnarok Online Photoshoot
30 December 2011
Soul Linker by Suzanne
High Priest by Anthea
Photography by A.R.C (Alex)

Celine was requested by a Singaporean photographer of hers to get our Final Fantasy XIII group for a photoshoot. Obviously, how can I resist the great opportunity! :D

Got up early in the morning to get my make up on. And most importantly, THAT CRAZY SARI. Since I was putting it on myself, I took a whole 1 hour to pin on the bottom part, and another hour to figure out the top. By that time, Celine and the two Singaporean photographers, Anthony and Brian had arrived at my house. We were supposed to meet at my house at 10-11am. Chia Mei and Melissa came soon after.

A lot of things happened that day that obstructed our photoshoot plans. I'll be listing the day's problems with numbers. |D We originally wanted to go to Putrajaya. But Alex was still getting his car fixed, and it was 2pm already (1). Celine left her costume at the hotel (2). So we had to wait! Felt kinda bad for the photographers because they took off from their jobs just to stay one more day for the photograph. (I took off from work too!)

At least they had fun with Kristy! :D

Webcamwhore before leaving :D

I love the brow make up. I don't have to furrow my brows or put too much effort to look intimidating |D

They went to Subway for lunch, and Alex hasn't arrived yet. It was around 4pm-ish only when we left my home for KL to collect Celine's Lightning costume. Traffic was slow-moving.

Can't act cute with em' eyebrows |D

Lightning driving Serah, Hope and Fang in a car. Imagine the people passing by us. :3

Finally arrived at the hotel. Decided to snap some photos as we wait for the staff to bring down the costume. We had to join in with the season greetings, of course!

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas~

They had fun blowing bubbles

Lightning: "Waterfaq are you doing? o_O"

Meanwhile, Hope still has issues with Snow and he's not afraid to use his fist!

Finally, the Christmas greeting with our group! Missing Vanille (who returned to paddyland) (3)! :C

Finally, we were ready to leave KL! But guess what we forgot to take into account? It was after work hours. KL JAM. Goodness, the sun was soon setting, and it seems that we have to now resort to a night photoshoot (4). Also, Melissa's mum called and was very unhappy why it was taking so much time. She has heading to Ipoh that night too, so she demanded that Melissa goes straight home, no photoshoot (5)! So we had to send Melissa home. By that time, it was 7-8pm already. We decided not to go Putrajaya, as it takes too long and was too far, so we settled for the nearest, easiest option: Taylor's Lakeside Campus (6).

Once we got there, we touch up our make up, walk like a boss in campus while people stared at us, we got off taking pictures really quickly. It was drizzling a bit though (7).

But we had owhsm photos! :D Thanks to Alex's equipments and Anthony and Brian's great skills. I was pretty impressed at the way they captured the photos. Brian even directed us through the shots, like how to pose, where to put our hands, to make the photo look better.

Here are some of the photos we took!

Beautiful backlights :3

Serah Farron

Farron Sisters

Snow Limit Break? :O

Oerba Yun Fang

My favourite, owhsmest shot

Group shot

Group shot with me at the front :D

Anthony's set: here
Brian's set: here

Camho at the end of the shoot (it was almost midnight!) Was sad Chatime was closed when we wanted to get some earlier :C Could've treated the Singaporeans!

Polaroid of me and Anthony! :D We look like siblings... the eyebrows I tell you. |D Anthony gave me a polaroid of me and Lightning too

It's a little unfortunate that I didn't have my Vanille there! Out of the four, Fang's the only one from Gran Pulse, and the Farrons and Snow are pretty much family, so I was quite out of the place... abit. |D I didn't get any pair shots either! Could've done something with Snow (Lake Bresha) and Lightning (just cuz).

I'm hoping for a photoshoot of this again with Vanille in the future! But chances are slim as I'm leaving next month, and the only week Anthea's available is this week. D: (and we didn't plan anything!)

Now, for some SuzAnt action with Ragnarok Online!

The photoshoot was set right after I came back from Youth Dhamma Camp. So I didn't have much prep time, and I was much tanner too. :P

I chose Soul Linker because I loved the costume design! And Soul Linkers are underrated and highly abused for their support skills only. And I thought Soul Linker cosplays would be rarer, but I was wrong! I saw 4 different Soul Linker cosplays in 2011 already! So I'm not special anymore. |D

I started work on my Twin Bunny headgears when I got back from camp.

Can't be Persephone without my Twin Bunny headgear!

Drew patterns on newspaper, then cut out fabric


Had to line the ears with wire

I finished the rabbits barely right before the photoshoot. Left for Anthea's house around 12pm. Got dressed, make up... Then Alex came to pick us up to Putrajaya! Anthea's sister, Adeline came along to help be our saikang. :3

We just pulled over to a random spot and started taking photos, hehe. I don't have much picture to show, as I have all the raws, but I haven't photoshopped most of them yet. Therefore, they cannot be posted yet! But here's what we have. :3 Anthea's pictars photoshopped by her, and mine photoshopped by me!

Red ribbons from Kang xD

High Priest

Camho shot!

Soul Link!

Break Fall (deviantART here)

Hipster frames. Spamming headgear because this is RO, so I can :D

Edited by A.R.C :3

Ouch! :C

Poring plushies from Danh!

Love how the wind catches her skirt :3

Another raw photo. Changed location when it was dark. Alex was having some problems with lighting, though we managed to capture some shots

Last shot

Anthea's (High Priest) set: here
My (Soul Linker) set: here (plus other cosplay pictures)

I had tons of fun shooting with Anthea. :D It was rather tiring and we were sweating under the heat. There was a group of tourist who approached us for photos too, hehe. And Xsaye, because she forgot to meet me earlier, drove all the way to Putrajaya and returned me my white boots. Haven't seen them in ages!

So glad I had the opportunity to have 2 photoshoots in a month. It has been a great 2011 for cosplay, as I had mentioned a few times. Now that I've gotten some experience, I look forward to more photoshoots! So many beloved series to capture, hehe...


Peace out!

Quote of the Day: "Lightning. It flashes bright, then fades away. It can't protect. It only destroys." - Lightning Farron, Final Fantasy XIII.

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