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YDC - Dhamma Initiative (Day 1 & 2)

It was a camp with tons of firsts for me and everyone.
It was a camp that brought tons of changes and friends!

20th YDC - Dhamma Initiative
24 - 28 December 2011
Subang Jaya Buddhist Association
& Outbac Broga

I was still recovering from post-Comic Fiesta jives and I just ended my job too. Either way, I wouldn't miss YDC for a thing! (except Comic Fiesta :P) I'll try to do a quick run through of the camp. If I get through this, this would be the first time I'm actually blogging about the complete camp experience! |D
(I'll be splitting the post to Day 1-2 (SJBA) and Day 3-5 (Broga) )

Day 1

We had to be at the temple around noon-ish for the start of camp. During arrival, we were all marked with a henna tattoo.

Prisoners of DI :O

The first 6 digits was obviously our birthdays. There's an alphabet and another 4 random digits as well. I can't remember what's my numbers, but I was marked with "L". After Puja, we watched a video that gave us briefing on our first activity - to group up with those who had the same alphabets as us. Surprisingly, I ended up with Guan Ren, Pei Kai, Ai Vee, Zen Wei... which was pretty impossible as our group was rather imba! Knowing YS, this must be some sort of test to put all the leaders together, and it's pretty impossible that this was our permanent groups for the camp. (some other groups had way too many people and one group, just had two people!)

We had to collect papers, read instructions and relay information to the group to make Santa origamis

Of course, with such a pwnage team, my group made the most Santa origamis. :D And of course, this wasn't our permanent group. The alphabet represents the type of person we saw ourselves as when we filled up the registration forms. L = Leader of course. There was J = Joker, S = Strength, and M for everyone else. :P

Everyone was given an envelope for The Initiation Program with different instructions and a pencil (which we referred to as the "letter from Hogwarts" and "wands"). We had to figure out the directions written on the paper which leads everyone to different places. I was sent to the top floor corridor along with a few others to play a game of protecting the fire. I was quite shocked as Ger Ean and Kai Tze was there, as I was in the same team as Ger Ean last YDC, and I was Kai Tze's facilitator in TDC13, it'd be not as fun having repeated teammates. After rearranging some words, we collected a cloth and stick and sent off different ways again (thankfully!). The key was in the four digits on our arms. When added together and reduced to a single digit, we had to find that particular room in the temple. I was first in room number 2, where I found an envelope with the name of my group, and my groupmates. I saw the names and I was shocked for the third time. It was an imba group.

1. Chuan Ai Vee
2. Jaykerr Cheong
3. Lai Hoe Nam
4. Tan Pei Kai
5. Tan Wan Yen
6. Tan Vei Lynn
7. Ooi Shih Jin
8. Yin Shu Hui

Out of the other 7, I'm already acquainted with 4. And I know 1 of them because Irfan told me about her the day before, and look what group she ended up in! |D

My pwnage group, with 2 absentees

Because we are so imba, we were always nerfed by nature, and we never had a full group throughout. When we met each other, we were already 2 men down, as they haven't arrived. Everyone brought different items with them, which was for the next activity.

We had a big file about everything in the camp. As the main theme was Initiative, the programmes given was not arranged properly, nor labelled clearly in time slots. We had to piece together all the programmes and figure out what's going to happen ourselves. Also in the file was every one's profile. LIKE EVERYONE IN CAMP. It's like a stalker's handbook!

We gathered at the Shrine Hall and had five things to do in our groups:
1. Create a group theme song
2. Decorate the group flag
3. Construct a bird cage
4. Create a group pledge
5. Elect group leader

Of course, choosing a group leader comes first. Unanimously, everyone picked me. |D Pei Kai didn't want to take up the job because he was sick. But I work really well with Pei Kai! Once instructions were given, first we brainstormed on what symbols we want on the group flag, what shape the bird cage should be, and what song to use. We very quickly delegated two people each to one job. I had to come up with the theme song and group pledge. We did a damn good job.

Beta's flag in the making (Beta, geddit? :3)

After lunch, we had the only talk in the whole camp, by Doctor Chan Kah Yein. It wasn't even a Dhamma Talk! She just shared her experience in creating her NGO - Animal Care. Very inspirational stuff. YDC20 was really breaking all the rules by only having one talk, and also not having a proper schedule.

And of course, we can't have a camp without playing Guardian Angel, one of my favourite parts in camp! Something I always look forward to and put lots of effort into. To make things quick, they had already shuffled our Mortal's name and placed them into the files (mailboxes) that we had to collect from the committees.

Guardian Angel mailboxes

My mortal was *drumrolls* Lim Kai Tze! Remember I met him in the morning? And I was sort of acquainted to him already, wahaha. Started spamming mails to him. It's my goal to make sure my Mortal goes home with fond memories. .w. Although I kinda recycled my techniques - I was feeding him Vitamin C at every meal. :P

Since it was Christmas Eve, many were dressed for the occasion, with cute little hairpins and santa hats and stuff, just like the previous camp!

YDC19-ers unite!

We had one of the owhsmest programmes after evening Puja - a talkshow! And due to Reuben's influential strings, he invited many notable people in the scene to share their experience with us.

Jin from, Megan Tan from Quickie, Prakash Daniel and our own YS peeps!

There were lots of impressive tales, hilarious conversations, so much fun! And I was sitting right at the front too! So many funny moments as well!

From Jin's iPhone - I'm right there at the front! :D

Guan was dared to confess his love to Megan, singing "Girl on TV" and giving her a rose. So smooth. xD

The YDC committee hyped up the camp with the Facebook group, which was where all the "if this get 30 likes, I will do this" status dares appeared. Guan did fantastic. xD Also, funny moment when Jin asks who is Lih Wern as she just followed and tweeted about him. Horrrr, you're not supposed to use phones during activities! Everyone started teasing her about Jin after that! Apparently my brother was invited, but he couldn't make it as he was having fun in Australia. After the session, the boys started rushing for pictures with Megan. The girls, of course, were hogging Jin. :P

JIIIIN. Hand. Over. Shoulder. *faints*

Group picture

In my dorm! Writing messages at night.

My prisoner number! :O

Pretty laid-back camp huh? It starts getting even more challenging...

Day 2

We had a KL Race on Christmas Sunday. Vei Lynn had joined us the previous night. And our last mystery group member was Jaykerr! Who was studying VCE in Australia! owo He has like Aussie accent that sometimes you can't help mimicking. Y u no appear when I cosplay Fang. :C Unfortunately, our casualty was Pei Kai, who developed a throat infection and went to the hospital and couldn't join us on Day 2. Damn. :C (didn't I mention nerf earlier?) We had morning exercise, where Swea Ching taught us a simple dance to Friday. I love dancing so no complaints. :D I sent some biscuits to my Mortal for the KL Race, teehee.

Beta! :D (I'm holding file upside down orz)

We got on the bus and headed to a mystery location in KL while carrying our bird cages (with birds in it!) and group flag.


We started at the Tugu Negara (my first time there!), where we were flagged off. Then we had to release the birds in our cages before reading our clues, which also had a map of KL, and some money. We were also assigned facilitators to tag along with us. My team had Yan Ming and Yee Leong. I delegated the job and we got our Tugu Negara task finished quickly.

Starting point

Committees being cute xD

We had to walk to Dataran Merdeka (first time again!). We asked for directions from one of the van drivers outside. Walk... walk... We were supposed to find Mr TAR. At first, I thought "the Amazing Race". Then I realized it was "Tunku Abdul Rahman". DUH!


We had to run round Dataran Merdeka. Then sing Negaraku. Our next task was visiting 4 different places of worship while heading to our next destination. First we went to the church nearby.

This became a running gag for the rest of the camp

We had to sing "12 Days of Christmas" in front of the church, on Christmas day, where there were tons of people. My first time actually memorizing the whole song! After singing, we were the first group to leave for Masjid Jamek. I had some troubles interpreting the map, so Jaykerr became our map guy instead.

MASJID JAMEK FOR THE FIRST TIME AGAIN. We just had to walk around the area. We had to be robed and tudung-ed though! Me and Jeffrey walked around the area while humming the Harry Potter tune. xD

Looking fabulous!

We bought some water from 7-Eleven before heading to the area where the two rivers meet (can't remember name). Many groups were there already. We had to find another Mr. TAR.

Mr. TAR No.2. Luckily Aida pointed it out to me when I got there.

We had to play the game where you had to move a bunch of people from left to the right, and the right to the left, chinese checkers style. I played this 3 times in past camps, but I always can't seem to remember the answer. But I just sat down awhile and played with our bottles and tags and got the solution really fast. We gained the lead again! (some teams were there for a looong time apparently)

Next: Chinese Temple to burn joss sticks

Finally: Offering milk at Indian temple

Next Task: Petaling Street!

We had to do three things:
1. Haggle for a Harimau Malaysia jersey
2. Eat two duck feet
3. Count amount of lanterns above

I went counting the lanterns, which was pretty easy, for me. xD I just counted them by rows and wrote down the number, then added them up later. Some other groups kept losing count... poor people. After the Petaling Street task, we were seriously low on cash, as we had to save up for later. We found an economy rice place nearby and really saved up for lunch. xD

This. Was lunch for 8.

Nevertheless, we were happy people!

After that, the clues start becoming more and more riddle/teaser-like. Try figuring this out, people!

Clue to our next destination

Since we're in KL, the Success baby should've been enough of a clue. The logic, you see, is Success (Berjaya), the multiply sign (Times), and Square! I didn't even know the cross and square was part of the clue! .__. Lame ttm. A group really couldn't get it, and ended up asking the police on details about the train station, which was provided in the clue as well, lol.

At Times Square, we had to do multiple tasks:

Task One: You are missing something here, go to the shop that has what you are looking for.

Task Two: What is this equation? Locate this shop.

Task Three: Group picture with Santa Claus

Task Four: Locate this mascot and shout "Eureka"

Task One: We tried the Sony shop, but actually, in the picture, the O and X buttons are missing on both controllers. Hence the shop we're looking for is XOXO. .w.
Task Two: Equation = Weight divided by Height squared = BMI!
Task Three: We took pictures with a mannequin since it was on our way. |D
Task Four: Found it at the amusement park. Yelling "Eureka" made me feel so Edgeworth. :P

We were exhausted and dehydrated, spent quite a lot of time in BTS, running up and down. So tired that we would actually sit when going up and down escalators. There were quite some errors in the clues too, so alot of corrections had to be relayed around. We got another puzzle to solve after finishing the four tasks, which led us to a shop where we had to buy Christmas decorations.

Don't remember what Wan Yen found, but she seems excaited

At this point, we were really taking our time and walking slowly. |D We had to go to Lot 10 (our clue was a Lot 100 candy) and take picture with some YES cubes. I was sooo confused at this point.

I didn't know they referred to these...

We took our time and captured some pictars :3


We got outside of Lot 10 to our real task - a money converting game. It was then only did I realize that my group was falling behind the pack. There were many groups there already, some had left earlier too. When we got there, the Money Exchanger dood was being evil and he kept turning off the display because we were disrupting him. So in the end, not only we had a super hard calculation to do, getting the exchange rates was a challenge too. Finally, we took too long there and we had the word from committee to move on without finishing this task. Sad. =(

We had to move on to Pavillion, where we had to find 3 specific World Bear thingy and take pictures with them.

You could see all our tired faces |D

At this point, we were lagging behind with two other teams. So we just walked slowly and tiredly on with some of the committees to the Twin Towers (which was still quite a distance away!), where the finishing line was. Later then Pei Hao and Daniel reminded me that this was why they were at KLCC during Comic Fiesta, lol.

Reuben seems to have a thing for planking

Finally done! 7 hours around KL! Comparable to walking around Melbourne C.B.D!

The KL Race in MOTION

Bus back to SJBA yey. Had dinner, then puja. Oh, have I mentioned that for dinner, clean ups and contemplations were decided and executed by the participants? Initiative!

Intro session for everyone

And right on the spot, we had to present our group theme song. Immediately everyone went into a frenzy, especially Alpha, who were up first and weren't prepared.

The funny thing is, everyone seemed to have used some form of cartoon/kiddy song for their theme songs. |D
(I'm not too sure if the list is correct)
Alpha = Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)
Beta = Pokemon
Delta = Spongebob Squarepants
Gamma = Happy Birthday
Kappa = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kappa (KAPPA POWER!)
Omega = OMG (Usher) and Little Indians Omegas
Sigma = (don't remember orz)
Zeta = (don't remember orz)

My owhsm group song:

I wanna be the very best that no one ever was
To survive is my real test To strive on is my cause
I will travel across the land searching far and wide
Each Noble Truth to understand The Buddha that's inside
YDC! Initiative! I know it's my destiny
I came I saw and I conquered
Gotta Beta on, Gotta Beta on!


We shocked Reuben, because he was calling for Beta, and I got my team to do a group cheer right behind him. He leaped. xD I always win in gung-ho-ness, ngahahaha.

Afterwards, we had to present our bird cage, group pledge and group flag. I made a super short group pledge, unlike what most groups did (because I know no one would follow or listen to the pledges). Quite happy my team were all pretty outspoken people. Our presentation was pretty good, safe for Shih Jin's inappropriate interpretation of our bird cage. HMMMM...

Someone was horny that night...

After that it was sleep time. We had to pack up because we were moving to Outbac Broga, which was on the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. We're going to stay there for 2 nights as well, something that I didn't expect. All I did was pay for the camp, I didn't even know we were going to stay in Broga. |D

In the end, Pei Kai couldn't return back to the group, as his condition was pretty bad. So Beta was down by one member for the rest of the camp. =(

Next post: Day 3, 4 and 5 at Outbac Broga!

Quote of the Day: "Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking." - Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII

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