Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Announcement: Layout Change + Blogging Resume

Smiles for All is undergoing a minor layout change. If you see things shifting around, do not be alarm! If some stuff doesn't fit (the background, text etc.), please let me know!

Meanwhile, I should really start blogging more often... again. It's so much more fun to blog/spazz about something once it happens! (like the recent release of The Legend of Korra! But I'll have to spazz about that later...) But with Facebook around, plus me joining Twitter (@suzanneyin)... doesn't help with the blogging much... |D

Since this is an Announcement post, I shall announce here that I'll be flying off to India to start my uni life on April 1 (Sunday)! Countdown: 5 days.

Anyhow, as usual, the epic backlogged list:

  1. Youth Dhamma Camp 20 (still. not. done. =w=)
  2. Irfan's Birthday
  3. ECA Recruitment Drive
  4. TAS in general (meetings, hang-outs, karaoke, laser tag, skating, the new peeps...)
  5. Games and Anime SPAZZM (Harvest Moon, Madoka, shimeji...)
  6. Preparation to India - my new stuff :D (hard disk, stationery, jabs etc.)
  7. Pianooo
  8. Stupid driving test
  9. Animax Carnival 2011 - cosplaycosplaycosplay

I'm pretty much screwed, ehehe... It's mostly spazzm stuff, I'll try my best to chronicle them all here!

Quote of the Day: "It is by attempting to reach the top in a single leap that so much misery is caused in the world" - William Cobbett

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