Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Gifts

Clearly, I have been on a blogger's block for a long while now. Was stuck at blogging about Youth Dhamma Camp... which was in December... |D I still have so much backlogs! And I forgot to mention I'll be leaving to India next week, ehehe... oh well, I'll update later.

Meanwhile, I'm going to take the opportunity while the experience is fresh, to blog about the awesome day I had yesterday! A lot of money in general was spent yesterday. Good money, good stuff. :D

In the morning, mum brought me to Sunshine Optical in USJ9 to get a pair of new glasses. We've been to England Optics in Summit too, but no designs I liked. I haven't had a new one since... I'm not sure when. But I only had two glasses since I first wore them in 2004, and they were both brown, ewww.

Was looking at plastic frames. So hard to choose! We were looking at the promo ones that were RM150, most of them were black, or dark shades of colour. Then the optician picked out a nice colourless Ray Ban one for me. Supposed to brighten up my face.

Ray Ban!

Not too flashy, but unique enough! :D

It was RM250, frames and lens. I was quite hesitant to get it, because I'm a cheapo and don't like to spend too much money. In the end... I decided, might as well pamper myself abit! (mum's paying for it anyway, ahaha, THANK YOU MUMMY)

Got my eye power tested. L/R: -1.00/-0.50, power maintained since 2004, but astigmatism increased by 0.25 since my last glasses, L/R: 0.75/0.25. I keep forgetting my eye power, overestimated them when I was getting my lenses for the past 2 years. orz Now must remembeeeeer.

Gonna pick up my glasses in Tuesday, whee!

After that, headed home and dad fetched me and Irfan to Kelana Jaya LRT. TAS going to KL again! Was supposed to visit Kinokuniya to spend Wee, Isaac and Crystal's book vouchers.

Irfan and I got to KLCC, and before we headed up I HAD to stop for Auntie Anne's. They had that Turkey Cheese limited edition flavour thing since Christmas (I guess it's not too limited anymore), I must try it! Tempted Irfan into getting a set too, harhar. It tasted good with the turkey bits! But I'm still a bigger fan of Parmesan Cheese. I just checked the Auntie Anne's website and found out they have a "Pretzel of the Month" promotion. This month is Java Coffee! Maybe I should try it out... Next time... next time...

Headed up to Kinokuniya and met up with Wee and BK there. Nick came in a little while later. I've never been there, so we took a pretty long while browsing at the books! We were mostly at the Manga, Comics and Game sections of course. I saw a "Cityville for Dummies" book though. LIKE SERIOUSLY? o_o Spotted Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney mangas, squeeeeee! Wee offered one of his RM50 voucher to me, I couldn't resist getting a manga or artbook of some sort. Ended up snagging not one, but both the Phoenix Wright Casebooks.

Wouldn't the government like to know what we're spending those book vouchers on... Oooh look Edgeworth!

Wee bought a Skyrim game guide, and sold the last RM50 voucher to BK. Wee and I attempted to change the voucher to cash with the people who were already in-line. Unfortunately everyone didn't want to listen to two young uni students, because according to Irfan, they wouldn't want to give money to uni students who would highly possibly spend them on DRUGS. Ahhh, it worked better with my mum. :C

Left Kinokuniya around 4pm, then they guys grabbed lunch, sort of. In the end, Crystal couldn't join us, and Isaac was going to be late. We were at the lunch table and suddenly came a discussion about gifts (I was saying how I had to buy Anthea a present before leaving KL). And so Irfan pulled out something from his bag, for me.

Menma from Ano Hana! :D

Omg. So cute. My first Anime plushie! ;w; From Irfan and Wee kyaaaa! This was in the parcel that came for Irfan last Friday, which we tried using the item code to find out what it was. No wonder Irfan carrying a bag looked so suspicious! He hardly carries backpacks unless it's his laptop! (even then it's a slingbag) Anyway THANK YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH (hugging her right now)!

After lunch, we headed to Lowyat to buy me a new mouse, because my current one has failed. Not before getting Roti Boy on the way to the station! |D After browsing and stuff, finally decided to buy myself a Logitech Wireless Mouse! Using it right now. Feels odd not having a wire. |D But I'm loving it now! Wanted to grab new earphones too... but couldn't decide or take out the cash to buy the expensive ones I found.

We met up with Isaac, then went to Times Square to find a gift for Anthea. Being indecisive me, I couldn't decide how much to spend and what to buy. Must be quite a challenge to shop with me. |D Ended up grabbing dinner first at Rasa Utara. Halfway through I ran back up with Nick to one of the shops we passed by to buy Anthea a Rilakkuma bag, teehee!

Suddenly it's like Shopping for Suzanne day. |D

After that, we headed back to Sri Petaling. Wanted to get Chatime, but the line was crazy! Was rushing to Anthea's birthday dinner thing, so decided to skip Chatime. Isaac had to fetch us all home. Ended up being an hour late to Anthea's, around 10.30pm, ehehe. Had beehun, chicken pie and durian cheesecake!

It was an awesome day with TAS, it's amazing how we can just walk around KL, not do much, window shop, but still have lots of fun together. And I'm so fortunate getting so many stuff, and me willing to spend abit on myself and others.

The visible loot today!

Going to try my best to enjoy my last 7 days of unemployment.

Quote of the Day: "Concentration is important, but never lose sight of what's around you." - Lightning Farron, Final Fantasy XIII

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