Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Internals!

Wooooh! Lookie new blogpost from me! Just wanted to keep this place alive a bit, so you get a mini update from me!

Not going to hear much from me for the next two weeks though (not that I'm on the net much to start with, durhur). Going to sit for my first internal exams in BDS! It's starting next Monday, but I haven't found the time to start doing my revision until this Thursday, due to the buzyness of uni! We have Anatomy class tests every week, tons of Biochemistry tutorials to complete (including daily assessments to study for), oral biology assignments, dental materials & operative dentistry & prosthodontics practicals... you get the idea.

Either way, I'm still really amazed by my diligence here. I've never been so concerned with my studies, ever. I'm constantly writing notes, paying attention in class (working hard to stay awake), reading for class tests, completing my assignments ahead of time... I'm taken aback by me!

And I spend more time doing other things too, since I don't have my own internet, and relying on the public hostel internet is horrible because it's often down (hence why you don't always see me on). I have time to do my work, exercise, tidy my room... things that would make my mum so proud of me! (she's probably celebrating the decision of sending me to India)

Anyhow, not only is the public hostel internet down, along with my first internals that's coming up, I won't be doing much with my computer until it's over (other than listening to music and the occasional anime).

When my exams are over, I shall:

  1. Blog more!
    I've prepared a series of contents regarding India, PIDC and BDS, to help future students and to give you guys an idea of what I'm coping with |D
  2. Exercise more!
    I lost quite some weight from my first month of exercise. But now my very loose pants has became just loose. Sad. =(
  3. Study more!
    FOR SECOND INTERNALS. *kiasuness!* But seriously, I should be even more consistent with my studies so that I won't have to suffer when the time comes! :D The contents of our subjects here are super super heavy... orz Woe is a medical student!

So much I want to do, but I can't go back to my old habits of being on the net 24-7 and blogging constantly and updating things often, playing video games and cosplaying. There's not enough time here for me. =(

Anyways, till then!


Quote of the Day: "But at the end of the day, the lie isn’t what matters, it’s what you do after you tell it. If you work hard enough, you can make it true." - Hope Estheim, Final Fantasy XIII

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