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Greetings from India! - rant

Hi hi people! I'm so sorry you haven't heard from me in 2 months. As you (might) know, I'm now in India at the Penang International Dental College doing my Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Originally, I wanted to blog about India 2 weeks after I got here. 2 weeks became 2 months. And yeah... ^^" Mostly why I didn't blog was because I couldn't hotlink Facebook pictures onto my blogger, probably because the public hostel internet is blocking Facebook. D: I found it quite hard to blog without pictures, hence I procrastinated my blogpost, and yeah.

Anyway, I finally had the urge to completely complete my first blogpost in India! And what was it about? The failness of India. I'm sorry but I just had to rant this out, ahaha... .w. (I'll make a proper post about Life in India next time!)

So, I'm in this God-forbidden place called Salem in the district of Tamil Nadu. It's quite a kampung place, nothing happens here, the town is small and boring, and my university is 20 minutes away from said town, so you can only imagine how much more boring is the area I'm living in. The only reason why I'm surviving is because of the tons of anime I brought here, the internet (which is unstable anyway) and the 200-ish Malaysian students who are here going through the same crap as I am.

The worst thing about Salem - I'm not sure if this is a problem shared by the whole of India - is the fail current. The electricity would suddenly cut off and on, multiple times in a day. Imagine being in class, and the lights would frequently turn off, then on again seconds later. This happens even in town, when you're shopping in a store. These electricity cuts would sometimes last a few seconds, could be minutes, and worst, 40minutes to an hour and more. And the hospital where we study at (the top few floors are occupied by PIDC, the bottom is a hospital), has horrible ventilation in the classrooms and laboratories. It's bad enough they know Salem has fail electricity, and they are too cheapskate to keep the airconds on or maintain them properly, but they don't even install proper windows that can be opened to let some fresh air in, instead it's just some plastic/glass looking barrier/window just to let some sunlight in. Seriously! If you can't maintain the fans or airconds, you should at least make proper windows! I don't get how people can survive here, and study for a science degree like mine.

This week is the best example of how Salem's electricity problems cause so much discomfort to our studies. The current was off during our classes for a long period, three times! Our Anatomy teachers couldn't continue with their Powerpoint slides (thank goodness they are awesome at drawing diagrams). But imagine us in a stuffy room with no ventilation (except the opened door), having to pay attention in class this way for close to an hour.
Tuesday, our Biochem teacher moved us to the Physiology lab for classes because current was still on there (that's how India works - electricity on one floor, no electricity on another D:). We moved there, and within 5 minutes of settling down, the current offs. We ended up getting dismissed early that day.
Friday afternoon, we were moved to the hall on the ground floor for classes, but had to move back to our original classroom after lunch. Current failed us again, and I was melting and exhausted and generally annoyed by the week's event to pay full attention in class. This went on for about an hour, when they were about to dismiss us from our last Physics class. Everyone walked out and guess what? The lights came back on. WATERFAQ. So back in we went. I don't mind having classes, just stop messing with our minds like this!
Yesterday, around midnight, while I'm preparing to sleep because I wasn't feeling too well, an odd, light-bulb-burnt smell started spreading through my room. We went outside to check, it seems that everyone's room was like that too. The current kept flickering on and off, some light bulbs blew in some of the girls' room, and the horrible stench was keeping everyone out and about. So so annoying... .___.

The current problem is not the only thing, it's also how the Indians run things here. I don't know why, but their attitudes here are horrible. Yes, we Malaysians might not live up to their society norms and in turn, disrespect their culture sometimes, but we can't be blamed, because no one told us how things work here. We try our best to do what the lecturers expect from us, but we can't meet their expectations if they don't tell us in the first place! When the situation comes, the lecturers would tell us off before explaining (in an unfriendly manner) what we were expected to do. You have to draw margins in your books, on your A4 sheets for the test, your roll numbers must be outside the margin, in this little box otherwise we won't mark your papers. So much stupid little pointless procedures - like having to wrap our record books that have a nice cover printed on the front already with orange paper, and writing things into our observation books before filling up our record books with the exact same thing. And when they announce things, they speak so softly, but expect everyone to get their message! Sometimes they would be lazy and just relay the message to one of the students. Then for some stuff, the lecturers would be at odds, and give different instructions for the same thing, then if you follow one lecturer, the other one gets pissy and starts telling off the class. waterfaq. So much PMS. They would change things without early notice too. And we have so many tests every week, yet we hardly ever get our marked papers back.

I am welcomed by this view every day when I walk to class

Welcome to India. .___.

Yeah, these are just the main problems I can think about for now, about my life in India. (other smaller annoying stuff are how the Indians love cutting lines and shoving into you all the time) It's bad enough we have a bit of a language barrier, and have to survive all this crap, but we have to survive Dental school too. It's seriously a huge challenge being here. Makes you miss home and appreciate Malaysia so so much more. It's so bad here that my friend actually started feeling that Malaysia government is not bad after all, haha! The situation in India here really makes Malaysia seem so wonderful.

Sigh. No choice but to suck it in and survive all this crap. It's only been 2 months, and I have 3 months+ more till my holidays to get back to Malaysia, and about 20+ months more of India to see. Meh. =(

Thanks for reading all that rant aksdfbkiurahwe I promise to write more interesting stuff here (although, as stated, there's nothing fun that happens around here). .w.

(and as I prepare to post this online, the darn internet is not working ahahahaha! Darn you India. .__.)

Quote of the Day: "Teamwork means staying out of my way!" - Seifer Almasy, Final Fantasy VIII


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