Monday, August 27, 2012

The India Experience

Third blogpost from India, this is taking me way too long eh? Finally found the push to start blogging about India, the environment, how I'm doing here, PIDC, Salem, and hopefully, more! Hopefully these "India" and "PIDC" related posts will not only tell you about my new life, but more importantly, help prospective student know what kind of land they are entering - because I never had that fortune, there was hardly any info about PIDC online. =(

Anyhow! This particular blogpost, as the title says, will discuss about Life in India, from the people to the environment to the food and a whole lot more.

Please note that most of my comments are based on my impression of India from Salem, which is the tiny town (I'm not even in the town area...) that I'm stucked in in the southern state of Tamilnadu.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, trying to discourage people from coming to PIDC. No matter how shitty this place is, if you want your BDS degree, you can survive Salem. 10 batches of Malaysian students had already come and go, and they had worst facilities than we did.

The Friday Market near my hostel

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