Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is Ace Attorney Year!

2012 is like an Ace Attorney year! Rise of the Phoenix! (punny haha)

Full of Gyakuten Saiban ahead: The movie, Gyakuten Saiban 5 and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney!

So! I was at Wee's house with TAS on Sunday and he finally found the Gyakuten Saiban movie with English Subs and I demanded that we watched it together. And so we did! And gosh was the fangirl in me pleased. :DDD

(this is just a fan spazzm. I can't do a serious, properly sectioned movie review for shiz :P AND THIS IS TEXT AND IMAGE HEAVY)

Watch the trailer first PLZ. (not sure if I actually posted this before or not)

This is said to be the -best- video game movie ever!

Why was it awesome?:

Costumes and (FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC) hair are all spot on! (and they don't look out of place!)
The visualization of how an Ace Attorney courtroom would look like. All that evidences flying across the room! And I find it smart that the director, Takashi Miike made these court cases an "entertainment" where the people needed tickets to watch the show. IT WORKS.
It's Japanese. They can go so over-the-top and it works. :D They just get away with the crazy hair, absurd reactions (SAHWIT'S HAIR) and Phoenix's over-the-top facial expressions haha.


I've always been a bigger Phoenix fan as compared to Edgeworth. :P

First, about the story.

The movie tells about the whole of Gyakuten Saiban 1, the first game. Except that the first case finished rather quickly, and Steel Samurai case only had a short moment, with Edgeworth being the only person involved in the case (Feenie wasn't the defense!).

Most of the plot revolved around DL-6, of course. About the Fey, how Misty helped in channeling Gregory, but was called a fraud later, about Mia's death and Maya's appearance, and later, about Phoenix defending Edgeworth.

Being such a huge fan of the series, and watching it with Irfan and Wee, it was just so fun! Seeing all the little in-jokes, and how the 2D game that was first made for the GBA was brought to life, was just mind-blowing. We were reminded of all the important evidences and testimonies from the game, and it was awesome that we could share this awesome series with Nick, Isaac and Crystal, who seemed equally interested too! :D (yay!)

There are quite a lot of notable differences in the movie of course. The mood of the movie was mostly dark and serious. But so many random moments of LOL!

* Redd White is not some super manipulative guy behind the scenes, but just some hobo-looking guy who has ties with DL-6.
* When Maya channels Mia, only Phoenix can see her. And Mia only gives 1-2 sentences of wisdom before returning to the land of the dead! =( When Misty channeled Gregory, on the other hand, you see him speaking from "hell" itself.
* DL-6 happened in the evidence room, not the elevator. The details were almost the same, but Yanni Yogi was there to stop Gregory, and von Karma's motive for murder is different too. WHICH ALSO MEANS that movie!Miles did not develop a fear of earthquakes! D: (hear my accuracy fangirl roar)
* The movie won by playing abit more on the emotional side of Yanni Yogi's story. We could really sympathize and see how DL-6 changed his life. The insanity plea, his fiancee suiciding, him talking to Polly, using hydrochloric acid to burn off his fingerprints. So. Horrible! ;___; (but they forgot to include some other psychological stuff like how Edgeworth believed that it was he who killed his dad)

Cross-examining the parrot! :D
(it was funny, but the whole scene was 2 minutes too long)

Oh, and Polly was supposed to be red!
* von Karma was shot in the right shoulder, instead of the left.
It wasn't Edgeworth's lunch money that was stolen... ^^"
Edgeworth wasn't some Demon Prosecutor who apparently uses any means to win! He's just some genius, famous prosecutor.
All those possibly PhoenixXMiles moments to feed the fangirls, haha... ("Even if you don't believe in yourself, I will defend you till the end.")

I can hear them yaoi fangirls already

The Thinker and the evidence Mia kept in it is the key to the final case, instead of it being used against Redd White. (they had to tie the 3 cases together after all!)
 Phoenix and Maya got silently stunned-gunned at Gourd Lake, not for discovering the DL-6 gun. And we didn't see von Karma's face doing it!

Now, about the cast and characters:

oh. my. god. THE PERFECT PHOENIX WRIGHT IN THE FORM OF NARIMIYA HIROKI. That spiky hairdo, that hairline, his facial expressions, body language, everything... it was perfect! And Hiroki just made Phoenix 10 times hawter (not that Phoenix wasn't hawt to start with). And his voice! Ahhh everything was just spot on! But sometimes I felt they put in too much of his clumsy antics that they took time out from all the other character's traits...

Hiroki's hair kinda reminds me of the silhouette of the Yatagarasu o_o

Hiroki's epic face! :3 (more in the movie!)

Thanks to the movie, I'm so obsessed over Hiroki! He's so smexy good-looking! And he's a model! And he acted as Morita from the Honey and Clover J-Drama! And so much more omg.

So full of hawt bad-assery

And cuteness! (*¬*)

Then I found out he shares my mum's birthday, and he's 30 this year. There seems to be a pattern in my taste of guys! o_o

Japanese. Check.
In their 30s. Check.
Scarf. Check.
Hawt+Cuteness. OVERLOAD.
Face... omg so alike!

I didn't even notice I picked a photo with both Hiroki and Kaname wearing scarves, haha.
Okay. I think I've spammed way too many Hiroki pictures. |D

Maya was played by Kiritani Mirei, and she's pretty! But sadly, the movie didn't have enough time to show the cutesy bubbly side of Maya.

Luckily there were moments like this. And the part where she got teased by Lotta!

EDGEWORTH. Saito Takumi! Only complaint is that he seems kinda lean, maybe because his neck's kinda long, so the whole Edgeworth look was not that spot on, for me. And he's probably too tan for Edgeworth's hair too... Other than that! He does bring out Edgeworth's elegant, posh demeanor. xD

LARRY BUTZ. omgosh he's hilarious without being as annoying as his game counterpart! (we didn't have to cross-examine him after all) THE HAIR. EPIC.

Then you must see how the trio looked like when they were young in the classroom trial. WONDERFUL.

Then you wonder if kids of the future would all have these funky hairstyles to elementary school

DETECTIVE GUMSHOE. He looks waaaaaay bishie in the film. Little less hobo and way cooler than in the game. So unshabby, so not used to it... |D There's a reason behind the bishieness though. The actor, Daito Shunsuke acted as GUESSSSS WHO Kyouya from the Ouran J-Drama! omg cannot brain.

Where are you keeping my abused, underpaid detective, pal? o__o

We still get moments like this though :3

Gumshoe = Kyoya
No wonder he's not living on instant noodles anymore!

Manfred von Karma. I feel that he wan't cut-throat enough in the film. Not as ebil as in the game. I wasn't as terrified of the movie von Karma. |D But good job nevertheless!

I just had to

Yanni Yogi. As mentioned earlier. We were able to sympathize with the character, it was more real. Such a sad story. On the same level as Acro (AA2) probably!

On the note of my inner fangirl spotting minor plot-unrelated inaccuracies in the movie, here's the list:

* Mia's bangs are on the wrong side! They're supposed to be on the left. (Mia cosplayer speaking |D)
Phoenix's tie is supposed to be pure red/pink without stripes. Stripes make them look like a Gryffindor tie! lol
 At the boat scene on Christmas eve... the murderer was supposed to hold the gun on the left (noticed this from the trailer haha)
 Judge isn't bald enough! WHERE'S HIS SHINEY SCALP. And he wasn't humorous as in the game.

That beard was awesome though

 Mia didn't die in her lean-against-the-wall-with-mai-smexy-legs-in-all-its-glory pose.

I thought that the movie could've saved their film on some scenes that were extended far too long.
Manfred's "breakdown" was lengthy and undramatic compared to the game counterpart (WHO DOESN'T WANT TO SEE VON KARMA CRACK HIS HEAD ON THE WALL).
And as I mentioned, the part where Phoenix speaks to Polly. Sure, it was awesome how Hiroki handled Polly, he even had Polly walk up his arm to his shoulder! But, too long...
Maybe the Lotta Hart part too...? Oh, Phoenix's breakdown moments took too long too, and he looked all constipated and stuff, haha. If it was 5 seconds, that's alright, but it went too long... Then Mia appears and says some short dramatic stuff and disappears. "You've already won." THAT TOTALLY HELPS.

On a side note: is it a law that you must touch the murder weapon? D:
"ooh item covered in blood and potentially used to murder someone" *grabs*

Phoenix and Edgeworth - GUILTY

My favourite moments from the movie!:

* the courtroom falling off their seats when Phoenix (and even Edgeworth!) says something lame |D
* the classroom trial! :D and the cute young ones!
* Mia Fey mispronouncing Larry's name. Yappari! 8D
* THE BLUE BADGER. So adorable!

Taiho-kun is my hero 8D

* Phoenix randomly examining stuff, like in the game :P (BUT WHERE'S THE STEPLADDERS. That would make my day)

Phoenix: *looks intently* This. Is a Gourd.
Maya: This is Gourd Lake, you know.
*bystanders withdraw their cameras and walk away*


Ahhh. I love how the movie is so faithful to the game

* The crazy fashion of even the spectators who were in the courtroom. Makes the characters' wackiness feel at home. :3
The crazy contraptions in the court with all the holograms and throwing evidences around and OMG the moment when Phoenix flicks the bullet into the air and catches it after the lasers do a ballistic check on it.
 Omg Edgeworth and his finger snaps

I thought I was watching Lucius Malfoy in A Very Potter (Musical) Sequel |D


I can't help but join in the applause as well! :D
(second thought: CAN I HUG HIM PLZ)

* Shuu Takumi's cameo! So sweet seeing the creator of Ace Attorney celebrating Edgeworth's Not Guilty verdict with Larry! :DD
*  The very few times you hear the Ace Attorney music orchestrated in the movie, and your blood gets rushing and you just wanna yell "TAKE THAT!"
*  Phoenix. Phoenix. And more Phoenix. omg.
*  Jammin' Ninja at the end as well!
*  And not forgetting the final moments of every Ace Attorney game.
Everyone else: You have something to say about it, Phoenix?
Phoenix: (I can't get rid of this urge to say...)

Ahhh... I just remembered. What moments would make the movie awesomer. If Phoenix tapped his papers with the back of his hands, if Miles shrugged his shoulders and shake his head with his arms opened, if Maya nodded her head with her palms joined together... teehee!
I wonder how they would model Franziska and her whip. HEHEHE.

Waaaaah too much to say about the Ace Attorney movie that I don't know what else to say! And yes I definitely posted too many images, and I took them all off Google and Tumblr lol. Thank goodness I'm not following Tumblr, I'd get lost in there! It's bad enough with Google leading you everywhere in cyberspace. ENDLESS SOURCE OF JOY.

So, conclusion? If you're an Ace Attorney fan, you MUST watch this! It really is seeing your favourite characters come to life, and all the little game moments that the movie takes into account. Bring along your non-Ace Attorney friends, so you can help them out a little with all the in-jokes. Japanese Anime and Game fans would find this refreshing too! Since you can sort of understand the awesomeness of how Miike-san made Japanese Anime logic into life. (which clearly, the Americans would fail at. Just look at Dragon Ball Evolution!)

Conclusion of the conclusion: JUST WATCH IT.

I look forward to a second movie! Hoping to see the whole Fey family arc thing with the Hawthornes and omg Godot (I TOTALLY wanna see that laser face! but I'm kinda afraid to see who they'd cast for that lol). I wouldn't mind an Apollo Justice adaptation either. Herr Forehead! Klavier's air guitar! Hobophoenix! Lamiroir! Floating lobsters!
But Miike-san mentioned that he'd like to tell the story of what happened between GS3 and GS4 during Phoenix's dark times.
Whatever it is, I'm sure Miike-san will deliver! :D Let's keep our hopes up!

Finally, I move on from the movie to Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

One of the reasons why we all need to get a 3DS now. (the second reason is coming up soon)

I've been following Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney updates for awhile now. Now we get to see a little more of the gameplay! Puzzle-solving + courtroom battles? I WANT.

The chibi characters in the trailer are so adorable! Haha! And medieval Judge LOL. And voice acting yay! IT HAS HIROKI VOICE ACTING PHOENIX HURRRRR. And Layton saying "Mistah Naruhodo"! And I can't believe how they manage to join both Layton and Ace Attorney worlds together. Look at their eyes and you'll understand what I'm saying. xD

It's going to be an awesome game since most NDS and puzzle-game lovers are fans of both Layton and Phoenix.

And then another news that Ace Attorney fans have been waiting YEARS for. Finally, a legit, not Kenji, GYAKUTEN SAIBAN 5.

The 3D-ness! The fluidity! BEAUTIFUL EVOLUTION OF GYAKUTEN SAIBAN. And it's coming with fully orchestrated soundtrack too. ABOUT TIME. It will include animated cutscenes too, whee! Shuu Takumi is not heading the team though! But GS5 will be getting a localization, WOOHOO. Reason 2 to get a 3DS. 8D
And Phoenix Wright is back in court.

Same blue suit. But a grown man. 8D

owhmaigawd look at my Feenie! All grown up! Someone's been taking fashion pointers from Edgeworth! The little fringe poking on his forehead. He still has all his clumsy facial expressions in court, haha!

And a new assistant! She looks kinda cool. :D

Kizuki Kokone!

Apparently she's an 18 year old rookie lawyer. And like all assistants, they have superpowers to help the defense with! Kokone has this Heart Scope thingy that observes people's shifting emotions and use that as evidence! Sorta kinda.

Heart Scope in action!

A lot of people can't take the change and are asking "WHERE'S MAYA I WANT HER BACK". But I'm up for the change! :D Honestly, with Maya being the master of the Fey Channeling Technique now, she doesn't have the time to tag along with Phoenix. And we can't have another arc about channeling spirits again, that'd be like Bleach putting us through that Fullbringer arc which I thought was okay but didn't escalate and it felt like I was watching that pointless Bount arc again omg (they should've just ended everything at Hueco Mundo! ;w;). I hope they don't make Kokone too similar to the past assistants like Maya, Trucy and Kay with the bubbly, innocentness. Kokone's 18 and full of a fighting spirit, so go prove everyone wrong!

So let's welcome Kokone with open arms, kay? :D (see what I did thar)

Come on, she's pretty cool, ya? :D

(if you saw what I did that, GOOD FOR YOU 8D)


Of course, the biggest question on everyone's lips remains the same: Where's all the old characters that we love so much? D:

To me, it didn't matter a much as the other questions I had in mind:

1. What happened to Hobophoenix in a year? Phoenix had his dark times of being barred, which he handled it waaaay better than I expected. And in those 7 years he became a laid-back and calm man, who was a mastermind that was one step ahead of Apollo, and when crappy situations come his way, he just smiles it off, and stares off into the distance. It's because he has matured, and knows that he can't always fool around on the surface that he's so cool and composed.
Sure, I'm glad Feenie is back in the courtroom, but from what I see in the trailers, I'm not sure if I wanna see him being overly goofy. Goofy, sarcastic monologue is okay though.
I loved seeing the blue suit too, but I thought they'd do something magnificent like how they succeeded in the Hobophoenix makeover. Maybe they should've kept his beanie and maybe facial hair and something abit more casual for the courtroom.
I think TvTropes worded it the best: Badass Decay. .w.

2. What happened to Apollo? My concern about the Apollo Justice arc was how little spotlight Apollo received. It's supposed to be the start of the new era, but the whole of Apollo Justice's storyline was essentially a continuation of Phoenix's story. If we removed Phoenix from Apollo Justice, there wouldn't be a plot!
Although I love Phoenix the most, I feel kinda bad for Apollo, that they created him as the new rookie lawyer, and yet, he's being tossed aside and forgotten now. What about Trucy, too? And Klavier? All the new characters that I've only gotten to know for 4 cases or less, and now the chance to get to know them better might not exist anymore! I'm kinda sad... =( I thought they would prove everyone wrong by showing that Apollo can find a space in our hearts.

Okay. So the concerns I wrote are actually kinda deep, haha. But akjdgskadfghsfdh my love for Phoenix and Ace Attorney never dies! I still love it whatever direction it goes. I can't be too bad, can it? I really do hope Capcom delivers a good game!

I hope all goes well with the new games, and that there will be new movies, and that Ace Attorney will get more attention from non-fans! That was a long Ace Attorney post, teehee.


Quote of the Day: "This time I will believe you until the end. I will prove your innocence. Even if you doubt yourself." - Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney (movie)

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