Saturday, January 05, 2013

Hope for the New Year

First blogpost of 2013!

Happy New Year!

First of all, I didn't manage to finish the 2012 report in time, haha. Probably will... take awhile. |D On the other hand, it's already 2013! And it's already the weekend. And today will be my last night in Malaysia for my Christmas holidays. Damn.

Going to have a quick review of 2012 and my thoughts on the new year. I had a great Christmas holidays! A really packed week of cosplay and Christmas parties, and I had the chance to meet up with my friends, and that is always great to have.

Honestly, I felt 2012 was a great year of change and maturation for me. Especially since I've spent more than 8 months away from home, in a foreign land. The transition to university was a big leap. India is definitely not a star choice for overseas studies. But the whole experience was really humbling, and taught me so many living skills. I learn how to be more independent, more bold (when it comes to bargaining for stuff or fighting for your rights), more tough, more hardworking, more opinionated... Best of all, I think I've gain a whole load of confidence. Mostly from having a more active lifestyle, and being fitter. I really learn to love myself more, and I'm starting to love shopping too! All those clothes and shoes and cosmetics and accessories OMNOMNOM. :3

I had gained so many friends from PIDC too, and I really value these friendship! At the same time I'm able to maintain the bonds I have with my friends back in Malaysia.

Since I had a great year of change in 2012, my hope for 2013 is a year of achievement. Age beautifully into my early adulthood, counting down the last four months of my teen years. I want to become that person I've always admired. Whatever character it may be, as long as I believe and work hard, I can achieve it. I want to set my mind to certain goals, and see through them.

The best way to set goals is to list them down! So, for the first time of my life, I thought thoroughly through my New Years Resolutions for 2013. And I am determined to realize these goals.

1. Health and Image
- Maintain my active lifestyle, eat healthy, become fitter, dress better and feel more confident!

2. Studies
- Most importantly, pass my first year. Hopefully get a distinction in, maybe Anatomy and Oral Biology.
- Less last minute studying! Prepare more notes ahead in time! Revise the classes on the day itself!

3. Sports
- Improve myself physically, and up my skills so that I can be an asset in PIDC Cup 2013! Especially in volleyball, frisbee, basketball. I want to make the main team!
- Learn how to smash in volleyball!
- Up my stamina for field events: 800m, 400m...
- Batch 13 for PIDC Cup 2013 champion :D

4. Cosplay
- More costumes, more photoshoots
- Sell and let go of my old costumes (finally)
- Win the Comic Fiesta Group Cosplay Competition again

5. Others
- Blog more, type more. Do things that I enjoy, more (does not involve web surfing and anime)

Those are the main things on my mind. By tomorrow, I'll be back in India, with my main focus back on studies. As much as I hate to get out of holiday mode, I have to move on. ;__;

To everyone, I wish you the best of 2013! :D

Quote of the Day: "Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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