Friday, March 01, 2013

P12120 - 59562

It's that time again. I've never studied so hard, so consistently in my life before Dentistry came into the picture. I take pride in my last-minute-studying skills. Yet this time, for once, I couldn't summon that power. Instead I've been studying at a slow, carefree speed, yet in my mind I'm yelling at myself, wondering why my Limit Break was not activated. I can only hope that this is a sign that my consistent studies are outweighing my need for no-sleep-cramming-all-day. But whatever it is, I don't feel comfortable not entering what I call my "study zone". And honestly, it's breaking me, because I know that this is not my usual standards.

About 11 hours till my Anatomy exams, my first paper. All I can do now is to give it my all.

Let's go, Batch 13! Let's go, Vikings!

Quote of the Day: "Who cares about answers? There aren’t any to begin with. All that matters is whether you tried until you were content." - Honey and Clover

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