Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lens Update Again

Yupe. I'm on a roll now, so I'll start by updating my lenses from 2012/2013. I've been cosplaying less since I entered uni, so naturally, I'd have less lenses to review.

I forgot to take pictures of the lenses in their bottles, hehe. ^^" The following pictures are either raws or minimally edited for lighting, or just to cover up flaws of my skin, hehe.

EOS Sugar Candy - Pink

My first pink lenses! I bought this from nurin lens. If it's not because EOS dealers were hard to find, I wouldn't have ordered from her. Her prices aren't that good, and her batches are pre-order wayyyy slow, and always delayed. These were meant for my Ayase (Guilty Crown) cosplay, but they arrived 1 day late, so I wore my EOS A3 Grey lenses to Comic Fiesta instead. .__.

Comparison shot! Sorry if my falsies freak you out abit |D

I love Sugar Candy for its enlargement. But of course, for casual wear, the outer rim is too thick, and the colour is is a solid ring without any blending patterns. But it's a good thing for cosplay, since a lot of characters are drawn with eyes that resembles Sugar Candy lenses. The colours are quite noticable, but it's main selling point is its enlarging/moefying feature. It give an illusion of really huge pupils! Which is also why I insist on getting EOS Sugar Candy lenses instead of others.

EOS Sugar Candy (Outdoor natural lighting)

If you look closely, EOS Sugar Candy lenses are different because the colour just fades into your natural eye colour without too much patterns. I like how it blends in too, kinda like jelly! Other brands of Sugar Candy  has a sunray pattern, which sacrifices some colour, and doesn't look as natural and doesn't blend well, I feel.

Luxury Babe 03 - Blue

Bought from Mochi Mochi, who's pretty fast! I chose these for my Korra cosplay, mainly. I needed a blue that was of a lighter tone. Most blue lenses were dark blue like the ones above.

Indoor natural lighting

These lenses were definitely of a light tone, but unfortunately this blue wasn't saturated/obvious enough. They looked really grey in most lighting, or just slightly blue. Despite having blending patterns, it's almost unnoticeable. You only can see some thin lines if you zoom in. So, the lens looks really solid without much blending, which fits some characters (like Korra!) but it can look a bit freaky if you stare straight on at the camera. Kinda like how Dolly eye lenses do.

Indoor natural lighting

(Right eye) EOS Dolly Eye Brown

In fact, now that I think about it, these lenses are exactly like Dolly eye lenses, except that the pupil hole is larger, appear to have a larger diameter, and the black patterns are almost non-existent. Yeah... my only disappointment would be the low saturation of blue.

The Dolly Eye Dreamy.i  - Brown

Bought as my casual/neutral lenses, which I used for Mia Fey! I forgot to take more pictures of these, so the ones here are a little blurry, sorry!

In the bottle, upper right vial!

Outdoor Natural lighting

Close up, room lights

Most brown lenses always has too much of a yellow/golden hue. These lean more towards a chocolate tone, which is more natural! The enlargement isn't that big, and the pattern is quite simple. Just a blending radial pattern for both the outer rim and colour ring. Blends well with Asian eyes! Definitely fit for casual wear. My only problem with this is... I can't differentiate which is the right or wrong side, haha. |D

That's all. Thanks for reading! :D

Quote of the Day: "You really should come with a supply of cheese to match your vintage whine." - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney

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