Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PIDC-ians Guide to India

PIDC Batch 13!

This isn't really a full guide, more like a few notes. I've planned to write about India in more detail so newcomers would be more prepared. But I kinda have a feeling I won't be completing this post, so I'll just post up whatever I had scribbled about for now, heehee.

I hope you'll find some use of it! (if you even found my blog at all)

(this will mostly make sense to those who are currently in the Salem campus)

- Rain is sparse. If it rains once in a month, that's a lot for Salem. Unless it's the rainy season, around September - October

- India, especially Tamil Nadu, gets blackouts frequently.
- During the blackout, the hostel, hospital and even shops in town will use generators to supply electricity. It usually takes about 1-5 minutes to turn on the generator, which is noted by a loud machine noise.
- If blackout occcurs in the afternoon, high chance is they won't be wasting diesel for you. Unless many people yells for the generator to be turned on ("AKA! GENERATOR!") or it's lunch time
- Public wifi, especially the ones in Penang Block, will be down. (personal wifi is still usable)
- Aircond is usually off in Penang Block, and is requested to be turned off at the Senior Hostel
- If electricity is cut for a few seconds before coming back on, this means they have turned off the generator and returned to normal current.
- Current fluctuates a lot here, so if you care for your electronic gadgets, please unplug them during the blackout, or buy a voltage regulator.

- Paper rupees often have scribbles on them. Don't be alarmed, they are usable. (Rs1000, Rs500, Rs100, Rs50, Rs20, Rs10, Rs5)
- Coin rupees are confusing with different sizes for each value. I can't help you with that. (Rs10, Rs5, Rs2, Rs1)
- Rates range from RM1 for Rs15-17.
- My personal estimation formula: Rupees x 6 / 100 = Ringgit (Rs100 = RM6)

- New students will set up a Punjab National Bank account upon arrival, which 90% of the students don't use, and leave empty - We usually use Western Union. Parents set up an account in Malaysia, deposit Ringgit into it under your name and passport number. You will be given a code, which is given to the Western Union guy here in India, who will come to the hostel to deliver you the money - Please ask seniors for the agent's name (Prabu), who is also our money exchanger

- New students will each get an Airtel SIMcard.
- There are many other telco out there, which I can't help you with because I only use Airtel
- You can SMS Pandian (ask for number) for any sort of top up, and he will come to the hostel around 9pm to collect the money
- Data plan is Rs98, 1gb, 21 days.
- For talktime reload, I suggest asking for "full talktime". The amount is different everyday, but what it does is you pay Rs100, you get Rs100 worth of talktime. Usually this is taxable. Credit expires 20-40 years later, by then none of us would be in India any more.

Hostel General
- Two hostels: Senior Hostel for the boys, Penang Block for the girls
- Two to a room
- Room cleaning everyday (provided the aka doesn't slack off)
- Electric and water bill is collected every month, about RS600 per person
- If you have room complaints, make a constant effort in reminding the warden, she delays work, a lot. As your last resort, get your parents to call her. They are scared of parents.
- Public fridges available. However, beware of thieves. You may want to purchase your own fridge, share it with your friends, and chain it securely.

Penang Block
- a.k.a New Malaysian Hostel a.k.a Ladies' Hostel
- Boys, NO ENTRY
- Two wifi ports: PENANGBLOCK downstairs, and PIDC LINK upstairs.
- Depending on the location of your room (like room 106!), you can tap into this wifi comfortably from your study table. Otherwise, best spots are the lobby.
- Gym with treadmills, elliptical machines, weight machine, almost-full-lenth-mirrors. Not well-maintained though. Bring your own extension cords and magnet for the treadmills!
- Pantry with public fridges, microwave oven, oven, hot plates.
- Curfew is 9.30pm. After which the aka will make rounds to take attendence. Answer with "TWO!" (even if your roommate is not in) if you and your roommate are present
 - File your room complaints, be it your tap, burnt out light, aircond etc. in the respective complaint logs found in the reception desk.

Senior Hostel (can't give much pointers since I'm not familiar there)
- a.k.a Old Malaysian Hostel a.k.a Boys' Hostel
- 9 blocks. Each block has slightly different room layouts and furniture
- Volleyball court, ping pong table and badminton net

Wow, that's really little. xD

Quote of the Day: "It takes a ton of pressure to make a diamond." - Godot, Ace Attorney


  1. Konichiwa! My name is Natalie n I'm joining PIDC's September's intake 2013. I chanced upon your blog a couple of days ago, n it really helped in giving me an idea of what to expect over in Salem( the good , the bad & the UGLEHH ;)) . Could u post up some photos of the Penang(girl's) hostel ? I Have yet to see photos of the rooms (in use n personalized ) :) thank you very much 0:)

    1. Hihi! I'm so sorry I haven't noticed this post earlier! =( Sureeeee. I haven't been able to find a good use of my time lately. I'll try to update my blog again. ^^

      You can add me on Facebook if you like. =) See you soon (maybe)!

  2. suzanne! i've added you on fb but you're not seemed to be approving it? :(
    My name is denise stewart and i'm joining pidc's 2013 sept intake. please approve as i look forward to chatting with you on fb. :) your posts, HELP ALOT. thankyouuuu

    1. Hihi! I'm so sorry for the delay, I haven't checked my blog in a long while. I don't usually approve request from people I don't know or whom I'm not affiliated with. I'll be accepting your fb request soon. Feel free to ask me any questions! =)

  3. Hi, your blog is very interesting!! I just want to ask a question about pidc.. Are there students who do their foundation in other colleges but managed to enroll into pidc dentistry program?

    1. Hello Anon! Thanks! :D
      Yes, other foundation students are accepted. There's a list of entry requirements given for Pre-U programs such as A-Levels, Australian Matriculation (myself), Canadian Pre-U, STPM...
      There are many AIMST foundation students here, as well as those from other colleges.


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