Thursday, May 09, 2013

Second Year in Uni! (fangirling inside)

I’m in Year 2 Dentistry!

This is old news though. It’s been 2 months since my finals, over a month since I’ve gotten my results, and 3 weeks since I’ve gotten back to India. I’ve sailed through Year 1 without much obstacles, and achieved slightly above average results, as usual. I’m completely honest about being a just a “Jill of all Trades, Master of None”. xD I managed to get a distinction for Anatomy (my more favoured, strong subject), but that’s nothing next to the others in my class who were hard working and achieved better than me, especially in the Theory papers, because I suck in those. To make matters worst, when I called my mum to deliver the good news, she said “hah? 1 distinction only? Why not more?” Haha… family expectations. |D (my eldest brother had the same reaction)

On a brighter note, we were the first batch in not just PIDC history, but Vinayaka Missions University history with a record breaking 100% pass rate for all subjects! No one failed anything. No one had to retake any subjects. No one had to drop batch. It was great. ^^ Except for the fact that we’re getting two new classmates from the previous batch, and one of them is uhh… not someone you want to be too friendly with…

It's been 3 weeks since I started class. Due to VMU vacations, we had to join our seniors for Microbiology and Pathology theory classes. Imagine our lost faces for the first few classes. I'm fortunate and grateful I have a good command of English, and hence a better understanding of the classes and words used by the lecturer. Most of my friends don't even know what a "chisel" or "stylus" is! o_o

Despite the new year resolutions I've set at the start of this year, my new goal is just to sail through year 2 with minimal effort and stress. I don't really want to bother about overachieving in my academics anymore. I just want to pass, that's all. :P

On a side note, it's Malaysia General Elections 13 today! (I wrote this on Sunday hurhur) More and more youths are getting politically aware, and everyone's getting frustrated with the current government. I can't tell if changing the government would make matters better, but it's hope. And it's definitely better than allowing those in power now to think that they can get away with their dirty tricks. I've just turned 20 last month! So according to Malaysian laws, I can't vote yet (voting age in Malaysia is 21). Personally, I'm not interested in politics, but I do agree that it is time to change. I'm not too sure what's the latest news, but apparently Ubah is going to fail, thanks to our beloved government's amazing tricks. I wonder where they find the guts to do such things when the generation now is much more knowledgeable and informed and they find the need to publicize and take action on social media regarding such behavior. Oh well, life sucks...

Anyhow, it's been a very relaxing 3 weeks for me. There's no class tests to study for, just some homework here and there. Attend class, come home an hour earlier, internet, anime, drama, gaming, kpop, dance, basketball... that's pretty much my life now.

While I’m at it, I’ll be updating on what I’ve been up to since I came back to India. Mostly on my interests and fandoms, hehe. A fangirl needs her platform to spazz. :P I’ll write on how my holidays in Malaysia went, some other time.


Since I had lots of free time, I finished four anime/drama series within two weeks. This includes Kimi ni Todoke season 2 and Live Action Movie, Hakuouki, K, Fate/Zero, Bloody Monday Live Action, some Saiyuki and Hakuouki Reimeiroku.

Kimi ni Todoke

Kuronuma Sawako and Kazehaya Shouta: Reaching You

This is one of the sweetest love stories I’ve watched/read. It’s kinda hard finding a person in real life who’s like Sawako, but her honesty and effort she puts into making friends is admirable. Kazehaya on the other hand… omg KAZEHAYA. Cool, sweet, cheerful… he’s actually a really believable character! He gets shy in front of the girl he likes, he gets jealous, selfish, hopeful… They are both such different personalities, yet they always faced the same problems, had the same feelings, even if it was unknown to each other.

I’ve actually watched the first season and downloaded the manga some time before my holidays. It gave me lots of tears, laughter, fairy tale thoughts... (where do I find my Kazehaya...?) The pace is kinda slow but if you’re a sucker for sweet, clean romance (they only kissed after 80+ chapters?), like me, here you go!

あの時感じた あの気持ちが そのまま大きくなった今のこの気持ちが いつか君に届くだろうか
That feeling I had back then, the way it has grown until now, will it ever reach you?

(a moment that never fails to make me cry ;__; )


I was expecting a thicker plot, but I think it moved kinda too slow. But there were quite some eye candies (it was an otome game after all) so I won’t complain too much, I guess. :P I really wanna play the game now! It’ll probably be more rewarding than watching the anime. I’ve already chosen my man…

Okita Souji! And an excuse to show off Miguel's cosplay :3 

Second choice is probably Heisuke, since he’s the brighter guy, and he has Hibiki Tokai’s (Vandread) voice! :P Hijikata has Roy Mustang’s voice, and that makes him extra sexier, in my books. But Okita Souji still wins me over. Heehee. Unfortunately, I don’t have a PSP, nor Japanese knowledge to play most otome games. And with India’s sucky internet, I can’t download English otome games either. Sigh… =(


The anime with an all-star cast of seiyuus. Seriously! My dear Takahiro Sakurai-san, Fukuyama Jun-san and Miyano Mamoru-san! Then there's Miyuki Sawashiro, Namikawa Daisuke, Ono Daisuke, and many more! I liked the graphics and plot. Although it would've been nicer if all the character's background were explored even further. I know there are novels for this series though, so probably those will give more detail about the characters.


Compared to Fate/Stay Night, this was the BOMB. Greatly improved graphics, dramatic background music, intense plot with lots of character development... I loved that all the Master and Servant's personality, goals, principles and skills were deeply explored. The Servant skills, ranking and class system were mentioned more often too. Although Kiritsugu didn't have as much screen time as Shirou did in F/SN, I believed his story more, and I felt for him.

Namikawa Daisuke is back again! (who also voiced Kazehaya and Shirou from K) There's Akira Ishida voicing a psychopathic murderer too. Quite different from the usual roles I've watched him in. I definitely recommend this to people looking for a series with fighting, magic and character development.

Bloody Monday

(I can't find the perfect image to describe this show)

A J-drama about terrorist armed with a deadly virus, and a high-school hacker. Lots of psychological warfare, secret identities, hidden agendas and shocking conclusions. And...

When he finally appeared in the show (this exact scene), I had to pause to see him smile again ^^

Must. Try. Melon Soda.

The main reason I was interested in this was because Hiroki was in it. :P In fact, I choose most of the J-dramas I watch because he's in it. I'm glad I came across this, because it was a series with a really good plot! So good that I finished the drama within a day. And Hiroki playing the antagonist, first time watching him do a role like this. On top of that, there's Miura Haruma, who acted as Kazehaya in the Kimi ni Todoke Live Action Movie, and Sato Takeru, who acted as Himura Kenshin in the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie. Really different looks from them! I thought Miura looked way better in this drama as compared to Kimi ni Todoke, and Takeru wasn't bad either.

Another squee moment when Takeru and Hiroki crossed paths on the street

The Bloody Monday cast!

Haruma and Takeru *w*

This was a really intense drama for me. At certain points, I was slamming my table, biting my fingernails, tapping my feet, squealing with excitement... Please watch this for its intensity!

Season 1!

My dear Hiroki in Bloody Monday 2! I really need to download it soon. @@


So, that's the "Japanese" side of it. For about a week now, I've fallen into an even more deadly fandom. One that I have successfully threaded carefully on, even though I had fanatic girl friends around me for 6 years.


Did I just say that? o_o

As one of the better dancers in PIDC my batch, I took up the responsibility of planning the dances for our cheerleading. Naturally, I enjoy dancing too, and Kpop choreography are really fun and great to dance, and it's so easy to find such resources online. Last year we did 2NE1's I Am The Best. So last week, while digging through dance videos for this year's cheerleading (we're doing SNSD's I Got a Boy!), I ignited the little interest I had in this one Korean boy group.

That group is Beast.

So yeah, I spent most of my last week lurking on YouTube, watching MVs, live shows, variety shows, interviews... you name it, with Beast in it. Since internet is unstable here, I download the variety shows, and whatever I find interesting, I hoard too. I've downloaded all their albums and songs too, and of course, Wiki them up. Suddenly I became a Beast fan, haha.

I probably had an affinity for them because they were the first and only superstar and Kpop Idol that I've ever seen in real life. In 2010, I joined my "Cina Gang" and their craziness to see Beast at their fansigning in 1 Utama (as seen in the photo above!). On the way there, I studied the album contents (Shock of the New Era), the group member's names and what not, so that I wouldn't end up like an idiot. I had already learned Shock's chorus dance moves (because we wanted to perform a Kpop medley for teacher's day, but failed) so I wasn't too lost. The four of us (me, Anthea, Debbie, Zoe) were supposed to be dressed in matching T-shirts that read "B2ST". But Zoe and I ended up arriving late, so we gave up our spots and shirts to Jia Qian and Rika.

My girl friends! And the crowd who managed to get into the line for the fansigning.

Thanks to their bright yellow shirts, the girls were interviewed by a few people. But if I managed to reproduce the videos here, I would be a pro information collector already. I remember Nicole leaving Debbie's "Gikwang" fansign back at home, so we ran to MPH and started working on a new sign for her, haha.

I saw the boys from a distance, and unfortunately, the pictures I took that day went missing with my hard disk that died. I vividly remembered their brightly coloured, eye-catching hair. (they were mostly black in white in the album booklet, haha)

EDIT: I dug through my albums again and I managed to recover this one picture! :D

That's my story from 3 years ago.

Thanks to my Cina Gang's influence since 2007, watching variety shows on KBS World with my mum at home, awesome Kpop dances and friends who wanted to dance them, peer pressure... here I am! Yes, peer pressure, it's hard trying to spazz about your interest (anime and video games) when most of your friends were into Kpop. I -had- to pick up some knowledge on it, so I wouldn't be lost in the conversation. Now, I give my friends no rest about Beast, haha.

Truth is, I had unconsciously chosen my "bias" since the fansigning event too. Guess who's he?

Doojoon! :D

Nation’s Boyfriend, haha! A charismatic leader, sentimental, noisy, ambitious, good humour, actor… I think if I were a good-looking Idol guy, I would turn out like him, hehe (or at least, it’s the kind of guy I want to be). I never knew all these when I picked him though. I kinda stayed away from Gikwang and Yoseob because they were the popular choices, haha. But there was something charming about Doojoon, when I saw him in the album booklet, which made me choose him. He’s so adorable! And hilarious. And something about his looks is just spot on! I’m not sure about how my choice of guys go… but they tend to have similarities.

Hiroki and Doojoon!
This is an image I found online stating they looked alike |D Seems like I wasn't the only one who thought so!

So. I like my man with sharp features, broad shoulders/built, good sense of humour, funny faces, loud, animated... Yupe.

More comparison shots teehee!

Other than singing, rapping and dancing, he's such a darling on variety shows and he acts, too! I just found out he's acting on IRIS 2 whoah! So happy. ;w; It's really hard to explain his charm that I've grown drastically fond of. So I'll just attach more pictures and gifs here.


Smiley Doojoon

Fierce Doojoon

Playful Doojoon

The mad amount of time I use just to dig and pick what pictures to put for this blogpost. Yeah, the extend of my fangirl power is pretty awesome. I should stop quick otherwise this post will never see the light. |D

Uhhh... So, I'll be posting more fangirl spazzms next time. (Ace Attorney stuff too yay!) And the first batch of new juniors have just arrived in India yesterday! At this moment, I'm writing up a "Guide to India" kind of blogpost to help out the newbies since I'm free and I felt like it. Hehe. Hopefully you'll see more blogposts from me.


Quote of the Day: "If you fear the taste of failure you'll never have the hope of tasting success." - J.S. Skye


  1. hello !
    finally found a blog that writes about PIDC and stuff related to dentistry and now in 2nd year! huahhh
    i got an offer to continue my degree in 2nd year in pidc. this means that i need to go to india right? and seems like im going to get into ur class right? :P so what are your advices? is it okay? because i have nooooo idea at all what to expect!
    and btw im shahirah :)

    1. Whoah! Really? o_o Haven't heard of something like that before. Nice to meet you Shahirah! (and sorry for late reply orz)
      Do you have any idea when will you be coming? I'm actually almost finishing my 2nd year now, haha... Unless you're joining 3rd year in April in Penang, I don't think we'll be classmates... =(
      India's ok. Because I'm from a happening place in Selangor, the lack of activities here in Salem gets me really bored. ^^" You'll definitely miss Malaysian food, because the variety of food around here is low. Expect lots of studying! And personally, I really hate the inefficiency of the PIDC staff...


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