Monday, August 19, 2013

Where has Suzanne been?

Suzanne, why you no update?

As usual, I apologize for the lack of updates. Reason being, with so many social networks, I find less and less time and reasons to update my blog. =( I'm not even updating my Facebook much any more! (but I'm still always on it) I'm usually just posting pictures and updates on FB via Instagram. Or personal fangirling and ranting on Twitter. And I mostly lurk on Tumblr these days, which I've just started an account on it in late May! (visit my Tumblr if you want to see my spazz about Beast)

Just thought of giving some updates about what I'm doing. I'm actually really slacked off for year 2. Even for my recent exams, I've put in so little effort into studying (bless my last-minute-studying skills). I'm probably the chillest student in PIDC. Who turns on her laptop the minute she wakes up, the minute she's back for lunch, and the minute she's off from class. It's like I don't feel safe if the laptop's not on. :P Then I'd stuff my face on the internet, lurking on Tumblr for Beast goodies, watching YouTube videos, watching anime/drama, and generally wasting time. Like what I'm doing now. |D

What brought me back to my blog is because a classmate of mine mentioned to me that his mum found a blog describing PIDC really well (hi aunty!). Turns out it was gula-melaka. :P When I checked my blog again I found that I had two comments, a month and 2 months old from prospective students. I've had a few people who approached me on Facebook after finding my blog because they wanted to know more about the uni. Being the nice person I am friendly, I would always try my best to help others out, and by blogging about PIDC. I'm glad people found my blog useful. I hope people would be educated before making their uni choice, because there's too little information about us out there. With a busy schedule, 15 batches to date, and approx. 40 students per batch, who's so free to write these stuff? Heck, who even blogs these days? (oh wait...)

Yeah, I'm just going to leave a note to prospective students: I will do my best to write more on PIDC here. If you need more information, don't hesitate to look for me on Facebook. (I should be really easy to find, my information is all public on the internet, haha) But please add a note and send me message when you add me! I won't approve unless I know you personally or we're affiliated somehow and I need benefits from you. I'll do my best to answer your doubts.

Thanks for reading! :D

Quote of the Day: "It's okay to protect what you love. It's okay to cry and express your feelings" - Yong Junhyung

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