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Ace Attorney Photoshoot!

I couldn't find time to record down most of the stuff I did these past 2 years due to my inactivity on my blog, mostly contributed by the lack of excitement studying in India, and generally having less free time to myself. (even with free time, all I wanted to do was slack around and sleep)

I was trying to type out my "2013 in a Nutshell" post. And while coming across my Ace Attorney photoshoot from back in March, I realized there were a lot of feels and photos and I guess I'll just have to make a separate blogpost to mark that event down. xD

This was a photoshoot that was planned for 2012, and was supposed to be shot in December after Comic Fiesta. Since my group members weren't ready, we had to postpone it till March when I was back from India again. Unfortunately, we had to miss Anthea/Trucy, because she had to go back to Kedah. ;w;

Prior to the photoshoot, I got my hands dirty again to make the accessories for our members.

Apollo's bracelet (which looks pretty good but I had no idea how to put it on. so we ended up UHU gluing them together on Rayhan's wrist for the photoshoot, lol)
and the attorney badges! (not to scale)

Magatamas and the beaded necklace!

March 30, 10:00 AM
Taylor's Lakeside
Photoshoot Site
(image heavy post ahead)

Ok, so we were supposed to meet up at 10am. I think me and my gang arrived there way later than Snow and Loli. Even the photogs, Haziq and Tony were there already. Ughh I'm so sorry! ;__; Not to mention, I was supposed to help the boys with their make up, plus they weren't even in their wigs or dressed in their costumes yet. None of my people were. D:

*frantic scream*

Thanks to Snow and her army of saikangs - Hapi, Celestia, Shu, Shino, Rei, Kazu - they helped the guys with their wigs and makeup which if it was just me omg I wouldn't be able to manage. They made my boys look so good... ;w;


It's a prosecutor's job to doubt people.
Our job is to find truth, no matter how painful it may be.

Why did I become a lawyer in the first place...?
Because someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side

YEZ. MY BOYS. Weeright and Irdgeworth! The make up really does make a difference, haha.

"I'm fine!"
Damn right, you're fine :D

(Ok, so Gavin's got experience. Fine. But does he have "Chords of Steel"..?)

Not forgetting Raypollo too, heehee. Polly had some pretty epic horns! :D (thanks to Celestia!) Owhhh look at the bracelet I made him heee. ^^

"Achtung baby! Today we play it my way!"

Owhhh my lovely Snowvier. That hawtness. MY FEELS. ;__;

"I should have learnt to play the guitar. "Chords of Steel" aren't very romantic."

The Feys

"Lies always beget more lies! See through one, and their whole story falls apart!"


And my pretty girls Jasmaya, Lolipearls! I decided to use a brown wig for accuracy purposes, Mia has an obvious shade of brown hair, which I don't have. Yet, although I'm going for the mature Mia, I didn't have her inner corset. I'm sorry. ;__;

UNGHHH EPIC GROUP PIC. Based on the Orchestral CD Cover!
(wai Mia not in it D: Actually I should've just went in anyway... since Pearls replaced Trucy too. UNGHH Y I NO THOUGHT ABOUT IT EARLIER)


This was totally adorbs. We told Loli to actually slap Wee so we can get an accurate reproduction of a slapping scene. xD 

Based on the "10th Anniversary" artwork! (squeezing Mia into Franziska's spot, s'cuze me)

More group pictures


The cosplayers and saikangs! Love you guys and thanks so much ;w;


Phoenix Wright - Wee
Miles Edgeworth - Irfan
Apollo Justice - Rayhan
Klavier Gavin - Snow
Mia Fey - SugarGal (me)
Maya Fey - Jasmine
Pearl Fey - Loli

Saikangs (Helpers)

Haziq Photography [click for album]
Tony (Alien Photography) [click for album]

I'm really really happy with how the shoot turned out! My only regret is that I forgot to take a stepladder omake ;__; I think I can finally retire Mia... but I definitely won't say no to another Ace Attorney cosplay/photoshoot! MWAHAHAHA. C:
In fact, after finishing Dual Destinies, I have a huge urge to cosplay Athena, seobs. ;w;

Junior Attorney! Full of enthusiasm, badassery, cuteness... ;w;

The only problem is, her costume is going to be hard to put together. The hair, the unconventional yellow outfit that is unkind to the flabby body, the boots... @@ We'll see how it goes...

Anyways, nothing can stop me from my Ace Attorney love. Fandom of 8 years and counting! :D

  • Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney (English Release) - March 28
  • Gyakuten Saiban 123: Phoenix Selection (3DS) + Drama CD (feat. Godot!) - April 17


Quote of the Day: "Measurements are for wimps. Full on YOLO is what art's all about!" - Robin Newman, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

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