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Animax Carnival 2013

Foreword: So, I had this completed post sitting in my drafts for about 9 months now! It's super late and random and unrelated but... since I've already typed it out, it's a waste not to post it, so here ya go!

Was supposed to go to sleep when the current/internet died, but after I got ready to sleep, internet/current returned. And so now I'm downloading stuff, watching Bloody Monday 2 and typing this blogpost to kill time!

Here's a post on what I've been up to during my 1 month holidays back in Malaysia! From 14 March - 15 April.

Animax Carnival (15 - 16 March 2013)

Day 1

If you know me, I'd never give up a chance to cosplay. C: I didn't have any new costume (or didn't have the time to complete any), so I just took whatever that looks good and could stand on its own. (since most of my characters are quite obscure...)

The second Animax Carnival, in Sunway Pyramid! Wee picked me up to the event early in the morning.

Hannah Anafeloz from Kuroshitsuji II (photo by Forat!)

I met Elaine as Mio!
And also Nick in a Storm Trooper mask, got shocked for a moment there when he unmasked himself

The event area before the large crowd

 It was a small event in the Blue Atrium, but the area was PACKED! The queue was so long, I didn't even bother going into the main event area. Just wandered around the outer circle to take pictures and say hi to people. Nothing much interesting about the event, other than LISA who came and sang 2 songs, but the speakers and open air area killed the performance. Kinda expected this from a commercial event.

We met up with the other TAS people! (I can't recall who exactly, hurhur)

Suzie and Siaw Xie as Himeji and Hideyoshi from Baka Test!
I was supposed to join the group, but had delays for my costume... =(

The rest of TAS went shopping around the mall since the event was kinda boring. I continued to roam around and say hi to the other cosplayers. As usual, I'm still too shy. ^^" Even cosplayers I know already, I can't approach because they always seem busy and I'm afraid they wouldn't recognize me.

I met Grell! Who was excited to see me (although he sliced me with a chainsaw before...)

And I finally found my danna-sama, Alois and the demon butler Claude!

Surprisingly, Claude turned out to be Elle, who I met on the CF forum, who I was supposed to cosplay  Fruits Basket with, who was also a friend of my dad's colleague's daughter! Tiny world.

Wani! :3

Ash! A really friendly guy and committed cosplayer. I managed to chat with him prior to the event, although we had first met years ago in C2AGE 2010. Can't believe he remembers me!

I ended up not taking too much pictures, since it was a hassle taking my camera out.

A funny story from Day 1, though. I kept bumping into this guy in a Scream mask. He wouldn't say anything to me, but he'd sign with his hands to "communicate" with me and I'd respond back in words. At the end he came to me to tell me that he was leaving. After saying bye, he took of his mask, bowed and left, without a word. I didn't get a name, or hear him talk, I only had a glimpse of his face and he was kinda cute. :P

Day 2


This, folks, is how a cosplayer looks like, prepping up for the day. Concealed eyebrows, hair in wig cap, pyjamas, and my forehead in all its glory! Here, you can see my new lenses clearly! Luxury Babe 3 Blue. I opened them on day 1 for Hannah, too.

Sice from Final Fantasy Type-0

Whipped out my scythe to grab attention, wahaha. And I finally got to wear my new heeled boots from Taobao! They look really good, although it hurts really bad, haha. I've spent some time to style my wig too. But since I'm not good at it, it's only made a bit of difference, haha. At least I've got some spikes poking out of my head instead of just my clip-on ponytail.

I think this picture captures my styled hair best

More pretty pictures!

Met up with TAS again!

And Sunny was there too!

Rebecca and Jing came to visit too! :3

With Xan! We've only found out 1-2 years ago that we were both from the same primary school, ahah. |D

My legs were hurting really badly since it's been two long days wearing closed-toed high heels. My toes were numb even after 2 days. And until know, my big toes are still blue-black. Ahhh, the things we do for cosplay.

Unfortunately, this was the only cosplay event I could attend since there was nothing else lined up. I cosplayed and helped out at Taylor's Lakeside's recruitment drive though! But that's a tale for another day...

Quote of the Day: "I really hate two faced people, it’s hard to decide which face to slap first." - Yong Junhyung

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