Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year peeps! I had a good new year's celebration in KL yesterday, in a suite room in Mandarin Oriental overlooking KLCC, with the best view of the fireworks from 20 stories high, with my family and my brother's friends!

2013 was pretty normal to me, in comparison to its predecessors, hehe. 2011 was new college year, 2012 was new uni + India year, but 2013, I had already adapted myself to mostly everything (and the uneventful life in India :X).

It has its highlights though!

I started dancing a lot, just normal copy-choreography-from-Youtube/Kpop dancing. I choreographed a cheer, flash mob and class dance that I was really proud of. Thanks to that, dancing has become my exercise and I think I've been able to shape up a little, haha.

I passed BDS I and I'm in my second year now! Loving operative dentistry, but not prosthodontics please, ughhh. The theory subjects are no doubt tough and dry, but the biggest motivation to complete second year successfully is so that I can move on to Penang in April! :D

This is the first year I didn't participate in Comic Fiesta's Group Cosplay (since 2008), and first time I won't be appearing on a magazine article. |D I did my first crossplay though! And I had to bind my chest twice for 2 days. Oh, and I had a trip to Langkawi just for a Chrono Cross photoshoot, that was a blast. (YOLO) It was somewhat of a small break from cosplay, these 2 years, but hopefully 2014 will be different.

I got a Nintendo 3DS from my dear TAS. Thank you guys so much! Thanks to that, I've also bought my first game, Pokemon X. Huhu...

I've also started picking up Kpop (EHMERGAWD?), thanks to dancing. I was a half-closeted BEAST fan, and I've just bought my first music record ever. Hard to Love, How to Love! Lots of time and obsession was poured into this fandom, haha. B2UTY foreverest!

Hoping that 2014 will be a more exciting and productive year! I hope to build my character more, to learn more about life, and to find more goals and objectives in life. Really hoping to be able to make more difference when I get back from India.

Wishing you all the best for 2014 everybody!

Quote of the Day: "People who challenge themselves are beautiful. You can make it." - Yang Yoseob

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