Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cosplay Plans 2014

I want to keep up my blogging, but I'm currently stuck of ideas. (actually I have a few things to write about Penang already but I'm currently lazy |D) So here's the annual update of my cosplay plans!

I've completed 2 of my "confirmed plans" from 2013. It's been awhile since I have group cosplay at events, kinda missing that feel... ;___; So far all my plans are also not for groups, welp. If anyone wants to recruit/join me, please feel free to let me know. 8D

Confirmed Plans

1. Korra [Avatar: Legend of Korra]

Two years delay in this cosplan, ughhh. From book 1, to book 2, now the book 2 is finished and I haven't cosplayed Korra once! I'm still going to do Korra's book 2 outfit, but another I really wanna do is her final episode/Harmonic Convergence version. Because hot damn, her with her hair down. ;w;

Look at how pretty she is ;w;

Cosplaying this version would mean on top of having to finish my procrastinated costume, I'd have to make her outerwear too. But it'd be really awesome if I manage to finish this costume, and bring it to Japan for a shoot, and hopefully it snows! ;w;

2. Jack/Hero [Harvest Moon]

Finally decided to cosplay the guy farmer from Harvest Moon, while Melissa will be doing the female farmer. :D

Highly Possible Plans

3. Morinozuka Takashi [Ouran High School Host Club]

I was chatting to Anthea one day and I was complaining about my lack of cosplans (which is nonsense, because I have so many plans I'm keeping in view ^^") and somehow, Ouran came up! Since she wanna cosplay Honey-senpai, I'd have to tag along as Mori, haha. Personally, I don't think I'd be able to pull off Mori-senpai's manliness and height. ;w; But oh well! If I ever get myself an Ouran uniform, I'd definitely cosplay Kyouya and/or one of the twins, hehe. Suddenly I'm so daring to take up all these crossplay plans, ohoho.

4. Ayuzawa Misaki [Kaichou wa Maid-sama!]

I've always wanted to cosplay Misaki, but I didn't have the confidence... because she's such an awesome female, and she's so pretty (and I'm so not ;w;). She's strong-willed and perfect, just the kind of girl I wanna be! :3 I've wanted to do either her Maid outfit or her Juliet/school festival dress. Right now I'm hunting for a second-hand Maid Latte costume, and it's proving to be hard since I'm fat plus-sized not small-sized. But I think the hardest part of the cosplay would be to find a perfect Usui. ;_____; I need my perfect Usui, ughh.

5. Franziska von Karma/Karuma Mei [Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban]

I've already bought Franziska's wig, and I have the boots, so it's only a matter of time. I'm really looking forward to posing as Franziska for the camera. And trying to act as her, and throwing foolish phrases of foolishful words. It'd be fun. C:

Keep in View (KIV)

6. Athena Cykes/Kizuki Kokone [Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban]

Oh gosh I love this girl so much. I love her characterization, I love her enthusiasm, she's full of cute and power! ;w; The only thing that's stopping me from cosplaying her is the amount of unique stuff I have to make/buy. That long ponytail wig, those boots... Actually my main concern is the yellow suit. If I was size 4, fair-skinned, I'd do this in a heart beat, haha. But I'm not. Yellow is not the most flattering colour, you know... ;w;

Other KIV's are listed in previous post. Just to name a few:
7. Hibiki Tokai [Vandread]
8. Olivier Mira Armstrong [Fullmetal Alchemist]
9. Creator [Ragnarok Online]
10. Kururugi Suzaku [Code Geass]

Haven't announced it here, but I'll be visiting Japan with TAS in December, woohoo! We'll be there for both Christmas AND New Year! :D Which also means, this is the first time since 2007 that I'll be missing Comic Fiesta. But oh well, Japan yo. Plus now that I'm in Penang, it's more convenient for me to go home whenever I like to attend conventions in KL, huhuhu.

Hopefully, I'll at least be able to finish up my top 2 cosplans for this year. Ganba! *w*

Quote of the Day: "Suddenly, I had been freed by being told I could do whatever I wanted. I had to confront my inner self — the one that couldn’t really become much." - Takemoto Yuuta, Honey and Clover.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Labour Day Weekend!

It's Labour Day weekend! My parents came up to Penang to visit me. They brought up my new wardrobe, bookshelf and other goodies for my room. :D

Oh, while I'm at it, lemme show you my room's current state! (my parents just left this morning, so the room is finally clear of luggage)

Welcome to my room! (welcome sign was a gift from Irfan and Suzie from Lovely Lace!)

Ikea bookshelf and wardrobe!

Bed and Ikea table and study lamp, and Menma, and my BEAST all over the wall sajfngsdfh

I have a "white/grey" colour theme going on for my furniture, hehe. Love, love my room! While everyone else's furniture look similar, my room is the odd one out. So much Ikea. I'm such a pampered, lucky girl. ;w; Mummy and daddy even cleaned up my whole house while I was out for class on Friday! And went grocery shopping for me too. Huehuehuehue.

Of course, no trip to Penang is complete without good food. I originally wanted to include my food blogging into this post, but decided that it would be too cluttered, so please look forward to food reviews in a separate blog post. :P

Brought mum and dad to several places to eat. First was this restaurant that serves all sorts of meat (chicken, roasted pork, char siu, duck meat...). They came back here the next day for lunch, after I just left the place for my lunch break too, haha.

Dinner was at Wai Sek Kai near Chai Leng Park. We had Fried Kuew Tiaw, Hokkien (Prawn) Mee, Fried Oyster and Leng Chee Gang. But my parents were still missing the food we had at another hawker center on Jalan Raja Uda. After dinner, we went there to get their expensive, but really delicious yao char guai and stuff. xD Sadly, muar chee is only open on Sunday. I've been craving it too... =(

On Saturday, we decided to visit Penang Island. We went to the Ferry Terminal around 6.40am (it's only a few minutes drive from my place). It was RM7.70 for a normal car. First time riding the ferry with a car! It took about 20 minutes to reach the other side.

Early morning ferry ride!

When we arrived, we met up with my batchmate, Shaw Wooi, and his sister. They were going to bring us around the Herritage Site in Georgetown... on bicycle! Apparently these bicycle renting shops have been growing in popularity these few years. We rented 5 bicycles from a store on Armenian Street and got pedaling.

Bicycle Rental! Loads of antiques on display too

And also this bloody creepy doll that reminds me of an episode of "The Master's Sun", asking you to bring it home.
No. D:

Shaw Wooi's sister was a really awesome tour guide! She led the way and was even telling us historical facts about certain landmarks. We cruised the quiet streets and arrived at Chew Jetty to meet the morning sun.
Fun fact: All the households living on Chew Jetty are Chews. (duh)

Morning sun!

The group sans my dad

The jetty with houses along its path

We had breakfast at a restaurant which name I forgot. Since my friend was a local, he brought us to non-touristy places, which of course, are more authentic and better.

Loh Mee!

We continued to cycle through the area, stopping at several parts to take pictures of Penang's famous street arts. There were too many to actually capture all of them, as we weren't exclusively searching for them. We passed by a few landmarks too. We also visited a wet market to eat chee cheong fan and apom.

Cool art. The bicycle had its right handle and pedal removed too.

In front of Karpal Singh's natural habitat

The Town Hall

Fort Cornwallis

Some cool clock tower in the middle of the road

Candid shot!

After that, we returned the bicycles and went back to our cars because we had to put on the parking coupons between 9am-1pm. It was 9.40am, and the cars some distance away from us had parking tickets, but we didn't get it, thank goodness!

On the car, we made our way to the Pinang Peranakan Museum. There's the Blue Mansion too, but according to my local friends, the former allows you to take pictures more freely, and they have more antiques on display too. Entrance fees are RM10 for Child, RM20 for Adults.

Entrance to the museum, home to the Singapore filming of Little Nyonya!

My parents

The interior

Retro TV!

Nyonya bridal gowns from a certain time

Mum sitting like a baws

Mum and I

Daddy on the staircase

The Western guest room

The Eastern guest room (take note of the decorations)

The kitchen

The ancestral temple

The group!

After that, we had lunch at a local restaurant. And then dessert before we said goodbye to Shaw Wooi and his sister! My parents and I went shopping in Gurney Paragon Mall. It's still new, but it has a lot of the main fashion stores like H&M, Cotton On, Padini, Kitschen... kinda like Sunway Pyramid!


Starbucks in Gurney Paragon Mall before leaving

The ride back on the ferry took longer as there were more cars, so we had to wait for our turn. We didn't have to pay though. And that's our Georgetown trip!

The rest will go into my food post, huhu.

Quote of the Day: "Music is like air, food and water. You can’t live without it." - Lee Gikwang
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