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Comic Fiesta 2013!

Comic Fiesta was half a year ago. But I don't give a crap, and shall be blogging briefly about my CF 2013 experience. Hah. C:

Like the previous year, I was on my Christmas holiday and left India for home a day earlier. But this time, I was pushing the limits. I arrived home less than 10 hours till the event. 8D What can I say, I love living life on the edge.

Just as I got home, immediately I was preparing my luggage and stuff for Comic Fiesta. Less than 10 hours till event, I should be sleeping, right? Nope, I was making a new prop. 8D

Soul Staff from Ragnarok Online!

I tried my best, huhu. Luckily mum helped me gather up all these materials before I got home (because I know I won't be able to, since I'll be reaching home at midnight). Considering that it was a rush job, and that I made it within 2 hours, it's quite an achievement, hehe...

For those who are curious on the construction of my Soul Staff (unfortunately I didn't take any WIP photos), the stick was salvaged from a mop (it was really obvious by the pattern if you looked at it in real life lol). The orb was a Christmas ball - couldn't find a blue one in time. The wings were designed and cut out from foam sheets, which I got in A4 size from Popular! They come in many different colours.

RO Signages!

I also made new signages while I was in India, as my previous one went missing at Taylor's Lakeside. I didn't carry them around though, since I left them at the booth for advertising purposes, haha.

Day 1 - 21 December 2014

So, done with my weapon, got some snooze, packed my stuff, did my make up, wore my costume, and was off to Anthea's house! Together, we headed to KLCC for the event. Since I wasn't joining the group competition this year (first time since 2008), I bought Artist tags along with Anthea's doujin booth. The pros of the Artist tag? I get to enter and exit from any entrance I like, and go against all traffic, mwahahaha. :B This is vital, because as the years pass, CF has grown so large it now occupied every single hall in the Convention Centre, and the lines are just legendary. And previous years, in certain locations, there were one-way traffic, and this made it really hard when you needed to meet someone in the earlier halls. You'd have to walk out from the exit on the east end, and run all the way back to the west entrance. Thank goodness I never had to face all the traffic, thanks to the implementation of Guest passes since 2011. (despite getting all these free passes, I still bought the tickets lol) Which was why I hardly enter from the entrance, and also why I never knew of the existence of Hall 6 on Day 2, where most of the cosplayers/photographers were camping at. .___.

Since I didn't have to waste spend the first half of my Day 1 busy-ing on my cosplay skit, nor did I have a cosplay group unlike the years before, I spent quite a lot of time at Anthea's booth, which was shared with Chia Mei and Chia Yuen. Both my cosplayers for CF was a pair cosplay with Anthea, huhu. Unfortunately she was busy with the booth to be hanging out with me much. Sadz.
(whoah what's this I just realized I didn't take any photo of Anthea's booth)

Day 1: Ragnarok Online!

Unglam shots are totally necessary

As per tradition, I'd carry my little bag and shop around the doujin booths. I carried along my Nintendo 3DS too! For it's front camera for selfies, and to StreetPass! Whoah, I had like 300+ StreetPasses! Meanwhile, I said hi to many of my ACG friends, and handed out coscards.

Don't really have much pictures to show because they were mostly just selfie shots lol.

Isabella and I! :D (in the highest-def pic my Soul Linker was captured in, lol)

Frames on! I love how we compliment each other, somehow. Heehee.

With Wei Qi and his first cosplay attempt. Met and chatted with his uni friends too


Me and Wee! I did his make up but gosh, so embarrassing though ;w;

Irfan and Suzie!

Hani! One of my earliest cosplay friends ;w;

Zend! Now Hani's husband :3

This happened really quickly. I was like "AARON! Eh selfie. *snap* kbye" |D
but I like our expressions huhuhu

The Ling brothers!

Felicia and Pa-no! My D.Gray-man groupies! C:

There was a room for handheld and console games, where I spent quite some time at, too. There was a Pokemon tournament there, which Irfan and Xing Yu joined! I also met Tze Han!

Besides that, nothing exceptionally interesting happen. Not that I could remember, at least. .w. Recently, I've been less enthusiastic at taking pictures, and cosplayers are getting so numerous, and the quality is just so amazing nothing really stands out any more, plus there are way too many awesome cosplay photographers. So I can't entertain you much without reference media, haha.

I managed to take a picture of Professor Sycamore though. Professorrrrr! ;w;

Day 2 - 22 December 2014

I managed to get more sleep this time around! Hehe. We went slightly earlier this time around to set up the booths. Meanwhile, I helped Wee with his make up again. Day 2, I debut a new cosplay, N from Pokemon! Also, it was my first time crossplaying! The costume itself was really simple, and was put together from existing clothing, but it was still a new and refreshing experience.

Photo by Raz!

The hat and wig was from Taobao. The shirt was mine, and pants were my brother's. The black turtleneck took me so much effort to find! I finally bought it from an online shop in India. The shoes were Bata, which I found in the Shoe Warehouse at Subang Parade, which I've eyed on for half a year before finally buying them, hoping the price would reduce (but it didn't). The design was just perfect! Except that I'd prefer the green to be brighter.

The black bracelet was put together by my mum, who taped up her adjustable bangle with black tape, and I stuck on the white parts with paper and marker pen. Ghetto's the way to go! The Pokeballs were bought from Korea by my friend! It was an official merchandise which contained Pokemon erasers in it. The Snivy was from Taobao.

The other accessories were all made while I was in India! With cardboard, stone powder clay (from Daiso), and leftover paint from my sports cup. Made them within 2 days-ish.

Work in Progress!

I peeled out all the sticker from a Rubik's Cube and replaced them with gold-painted paper

Final product!

Since it was my first time crossplaying, I wasn't too sure what to do with my make up. The chest binder wasn't as bad as some people described. While crossplaying, I tried my best not to smile with my teeth as somehow, it made me look more feminine, haha.

Day 2: Pokemon

Halfway through the day, I managed to drag Anthea out of her booth, and we went doujin shopping together. And visited the other halls too. I found out that there was quite a good amount of people who identified me as N, and it made me happy. C: The one thing I didn't like about our cosplay was our caps... Like they're cool and all, but they always cast a shadow on our faces and that's totally not picture friendly. D: Oh well...

Some of my favourite faces :3

BRENDEN AND MAY (or Ruby and Sapphire) Bloody cute couple omg

Of course, a group selfie was a must

With Xsaye as Mi!

A really cute Armin cosplayer who ran up to us and was like "OMG I SHIP YOU TWO"
The perks of cosplaying is meeting fans of the same series like this xD

Found a really good Green/Gary cosplayer too! ;w;

Mega Blaziken gijinka! I didn't really notice it until the guy mentioned it actually...

Close up with my 3DS

Thanks to Raz for the mini shoot! Otherwise I'd have no nice pictures of my N cosplay to show ;w;

All in all, it was a rather uneventful CF for me, if you were to compare it to my previous years. Hardly any pictures taken by others, or a group that I walked around with. But that's no measure of whatever fun I had otherwise.

My loot!

As usual, the first item I'd pick up from the doujin booths was zeiva's newest game, Area-X! Gosh the graphics and storyline, and how much they've improved since their earlier games... it's just admirable, and beautiful. ;w; I left her with a word of encouragement and support, since I know it isn't easy as an artist to keep up your hobby while making it a sufficient source of income.

I controlled myself from buying too many badges, because those are my weakness, and I end up not having enough place to pin them, or I'd buy designs that I don't really fancy that much. ;w; The "B2UTY" badge was a limited item that Anthea made, hehe. And the Avatar badges, wooooh! I didn't buy any lol, the whole set belongs to Jen Sion. xD

So that's my CF! Sounds kinda boring eh... Since I don't really follow much of the events/schedule that was happening in the hall. |D And it happened so long ago that I'm probably not recalling all the little interesting bits, haha.

Anyways, hope you somehow enjoyed this entry. :X Doing my best to update the blog as much a possible!

Quote of the Day: "It doesn't seem right to let a girl choose me. I would rather choose the girl I devote myself to." - Mashima Taichi, Chihayafuru

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