Monday, June 16, 2014

Good Luck, Baby Good Luck to You

It's been 11 months since BEAST's last comeback, and about 13 months since I became a B2UTY. I can't hold it in, I just have to let out all my thoughts about their latest album and title track, Good Luck.

This time around, CUBE has been actively promoting their comeback with constant teasers. Unfortunately, the album was leaked 2 days before the released date too. I downloaded it, but didn't listen to it till the release, because it felt like a sin if I heard it before then. ;w;

Anyway, my thoughts about Good Luck's MV!
  1. The first 40 seconds-ish was like a summary of all their teasers. I liked the sound of the strings, but the real song was WAY BETTER.
  2. I kinda preferred Shadow's artsy MV. It was aesthetically more pleasing. Then again, the pace of the song was slower, so we were able to appreciate the "art" of the video better.
  3. I know Good Luck's MV was about betrayal/break up/trust issues and stuff, but I felt that putting in references from 2 different sources (2046 and the Last Supper) was too much? It didn’t mesh together much. (just my opinion) But the sets were beautiful. And the boys were gorgeous.
  4. Other things to point out about the MV:


    Hyunseung body tease okcan

    And of course, the butter knife murder weapon (whut). The girl even took it from the sharp edge lol.
  5. But Good Luck is a really great upbeat dance track. Love love the beats! (got me bobbing my head throughout) The piano parts are beautiful, the backing track, the howling sounds… It really has a Junhyung feel to it that reminds me of Shadow and I am a Man.
  6. THE CHOREOGRAPHY. IS BLOODY AWESOME. And that reverse V sign, which in certain places in the world, is actually an insult. I like to think that the choreographer intended for the gesture to mean that. So for me, it kinda adds to the attitude. Me likey. :D I’m definitely going to learn this dance, once the stage ver. or practice ver. or dance mv (I hope there is one!) releases.


    Sleek dance moves that we haven't see from BEAST for quite awhile!
  7. Back to the music, I LOVE EVERYONE’S VOCALS. Yoseob’s powerful opening, the syncopated falsetto parts, and the way Doojoon’s line led into the chorus, the impactful chorus, Dongseob’s bridge part, and Hyunseob’s background ad-libs really did it for me. Junhyung’s rap was as usual, and left me wanting something more. Everyone had quite an equal line distribution! Except Junhyung I feel… I think the whole song really blended and flowed well! It left no time for resting, other than the short dance break. They took my breath away. ;w;
And some general comments about the whole album:
  1. THE ENGLISH IMPROVED. I couldn’t find much grammar mistakes or cringe-worthy pronunciation (other than some of Junhyung’s rap, especially in We Up, and “Hands up Thumbs up” whut?) but it wasn’t too bad! This is significant, because we've had really cringe-worthy Engrish from BEAST before this ("Make a love baby"). They even have a song completely free of English (No More), I was really surprised. Maybe they hired a proofreader for their English lyrics. Good job, CUBE.
  2. The music style is really diverse for this album. We have an 80s dance vibe (We Up, Dance With U), modern dance beats (Good Luck, Sad Movie), ballads (No More, Tonight I’ll Be By Your Side), and R&B (History). And this is only a mini album, people.
  3. Resident composer Junhyung and the birth of composer Kikwang. So proud! Junhyung is really setting a distinct style that can be identified among his current and previous compositions. (I find I’m Sorry and No More; Just Do as You Always Did and Tomorrow I’ll Be By Your Side, to be pretty similar) And Kikwang clearly gotten his influence from his American idols like Chris Brown. The lines “Take it Slow” and “Relax Your Mind” are like shout-outs, haha. I’m loving History wayyyy more than Let it Snow.
  4. And I need to mention that No More is a beautiful song, with a creative concept for its MV, that carried a touching message. Really, you have to read the lyrics, and interpret the MV. I think it told a pretty deep story. So much feels. ;___;
So far I don’t think it’s exceptionally great, but Good Luck has its charms and it’s still good album! I’m really loving it. And you can clearly tell that BEAST is improving so much, in terms of creativity, style, vocals… It’s a nice evolution.


Good Luck is a unique album which shows BEAST's growth as an artiste. Enjoy the MV, enjoy their new album! :D BEAST fighting!

Hoping to buy their album sometime later, heehee. (apparently they come with photo cards... of the members' lips!)


Quote of the Day: "Why do people take notice of first snowfalls but not the last days of snow? Remember the last too." - Yang Yoseob, BEAST

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