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COSPAR 2014 + Sick

Please forgive me for spamming the blog with mostly just cosplay-related stuff. Probably because it's the sole most interesting thing that's happening in my life, haha!

Here are the cosplay stuff I did in November!

  1. S.O.X. Fantasy Fest - Penang Region
  3. S.O.X. Fantasy Fest - Finale (KL)

There's also Cosplay League + that happened yesterday at Sunway Carnival Mall. But obviously I didn't make it that's why it didn't make the list. 8D (anyway, Skylar is here at my place this weekend!)

I'll be talking about both S.O.X. events in the same post, so this will be the COSPAR post!


Skylar came to stay at my place for the convention again! She opened her doujin booth, selling badges! Also, we were debuting a new cosplay! As you can see from the above, it's from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. xD We watched the series some time around Comic Fiesta Mini, and decided to cosplay it. We have a full group too! But that's for next year, and the tale about how our group formed is for another time. xD

Preparing to make money!

Day 1: 8 November 2014

Unfortunately, I had a uni basketball tournament going on, so I left Skylar to fend for herself alone. But I won gold! :D Quite apt, too, since I'm cosplaying Seo and it's basketball, hehe...

One of you won't make it out of this alive

After my tourney, I had my shower and headed straight for Times Square on the island! I was in casual wear; just went to the event to accompany Skylar. It was free entry after all! I got there at about 3-4pm. There wasn't much going on so I just sat at the booth and entertained myself with my friends. By then, Skylar got out of her Chiyo cosplay too!

But I managed to find a Touma from Ao Haru Ride! Totally kyaa-ed. ;A;

After the event, Skylar, Raz and I joined Xsaye, Elaina and KC for dinner. We shared a whole bunch of hawker food. From char kuey teow, oh jian to chee cheong fun! (we're in Penang, after all) We managed to catch up on old times and gossiped around. |D After that, Raz kindly drove us back to my place on the mainland. ;w;

Yes. That's all for Day 1, haha!

Aunty in the background totally judging Raz

Day 2: 9 November 2014

This day, I skipped my uni's Frisbee tourney to spend the day with Skylar at Cospar. I left home in my wig and make up while Skylar had a hat over her wig cap, haha. I honestly have no shame. Thank goodness my friend, Chui sent us to the jetty! Otherwise our make up would melt.

Seo Yuzuki!

I made the school logo from felt the night before. In the end, you can't see it 99% of the time because of my ponytail. :'D Also, wearing new lenses here! i.Fairy Cara Red/Vassen Lollipop Red! I picked these because Seo had the most confusing shade of eyes ever. Even her hair colour is a mystery. @@ I'll be reviewing the lens soon... when I find time...

We took a taxi to Times Square from the jetty, and started setting up the booth. Then, we finished up our make up and wigs. We just stayed at the booth for most of the day.

Skylar as Sakura Chiyo and me as Seo Yuzuki! :D
(hooo look at that red lens here!)

Day 1 had two other Chiyos, a Mikoshiba and a Kashima! Unfortunately, Day 2 only had the both of us from Gekkan Shoujo, plus another Mikoshiba!


Korn made a really good Mikoshiba, I feel. *w* She's from Thailand! It was nice to meet her!

With our Dreaming Dreams boothmates - Elaina, KC and Xsaye!


We had the usual suspects visiting our booth and chatting around. Raz, Sizer, Jin, Shereen, Quist, Jimmy, Jason, William... I'm don't seem to be writing much about the event, but we had our fun!

Around 4pm, Skylar and I ran off from the booth. We were going to meet the cosplay guests, Hana and Baozi!

Hana and Baozi!

They're a cosplay couple from China. And they're both guys. Really good-looking pair! ;w; Earlier, they walked right pass our booth and we were in disbelief because they didn't even stop to look at our wares! ;A; (because if they did, we could at least strike a conversation and get some autographs/pictures!) In the end, I chased them in hopes to give them my coscard and get a photo. I asked their escorts (whom I knew) if I could "attack them now and ask for a photo". They said no, obviously. Being courteous and understanding, I just respected them and walked off dejectedly. Should've just ignored them and attacked them anyways because I'm sure Hana and Baozi wouldn't reject me... =3=

Skylar and I have preordered and paid to get a polaroid photo together with them. I'm not necessarily a fan of them, I just admire some of their cosplays and their chemistry together. So I thought, "Might as well get a polaroid photo since they're here now. Who knows, I might become a fan in the future and then I'll thank myself for getting this." (*coughcoughBEASTcough*)

So we got in line, which was for getting the guest's autograph and polaroid and all that jazz. And GOSH was the line long!

You can't really see the line here, but just assume half the people in this crowd is in the line :P

Halfway through, they closed the autograph session, and so only those who have paid for the polaroids can meet the guests. (yay!) I was actually rushing back from the toilet when Skylar had already reached the start of the line.

Flash makes my active melanocyte prominent

Although I only came into contact with them for less than a minute, they seem friendly! And their costumes were really nicely done. (when I approached them, only did I realize they were cosplaying Amnesia) I accidentally stepped on Hana's feet though, sorry. |D Ngahhh Baozi is so cute though!

Okita Souji! I tend to only take pictures of my bishie biases now, haha

Kanbara-senpaiiiiiii! *w*

After the event, we went for dinner at Tao Japanese buffet! Because I was trying to be not so Asian, so I didn't take any pictures of the food, haha. You can see it in the video later though! The COSPAR committee came in the restaurant with the guest a little later. But no Baozi and Hana so I don't care. *w*

Lesson: Do not trust your friends. Do not leave your handphone unattended

After dinner, we went to Gurney Plaza to catch Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, the second part of the trilogy!

Feels. Feels everywhere.

I've watched the first movie a few years back and it was amazing! The characters! The plot! The action! All the nostalgia! And Takeru Sato as Kenshin ehmergah. I'm not gonna review the movie here (but I might in the future!) so I'll just stop here.

It was so fun watching it with a bunch of people who loves the series too! We were squealing so much when certain characters appeared (especially the end. HIKO SEIJUROOO). And the post-movie discussion too, haha.

The movie gang!

We just watched Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends yesterday too. Woooh it was amazing! Most of our discussion was about how Sanosuke's movie adaptation didn't live up to his anime counterpart. And Ahoshi who has lack of attention issues and whose obsession with Kenshin will definitely become fodder for BL fan fictions. (who am I kidding. without these sort of fodder, slash would still happen #powerofthefujoshi)

And that's for COSPAR! Watch the Vlog that was recorded and edited by Skylar! :D

The COSPAR Sequel (you thought the blogpost was over?)

After the movie, Raz sent us back home to the mainland again. By then, I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. I got home and lay on the bed and could feel the air in my tummy. I popped a charcoal pill. And almost immediately, I vomited all my food out. Such relieve! Skylar and I think it was the food I ate, probably the octopus, since I was the only one eating that at Tao. I brushed up and drank some water and managed to get some sleep.

It didn't end there.

I woke up quickly after because I still wasn't feeling well. I purged, then drank water, then vomited, then drank water, then rinse and repeat. In total, I vomited 3 times, purged 2 times. After the last one, I just skipped drinking water and went back to sleep.

Next morning, I told Skylar what happened, and decided not to go to class. I didn't send her off, either. I tried to drink some honey water because I was feeling really weak, but again, I barfed it all out. After having another long nap, I woke up feeling better, but now I had a fever.

Me looking like shit

All day, I only had a large bottle of Isotonic drink, and nothing else. By the next day, my fever was gone but I was coughing like mad. And I lost my appetite and was afraid to eat anything else/much. I was feeling really weak too, but I had a futsal competition the next day, so I went for practice anyway! Started sweating and breathing deeply within a few minutes.

I spent the whole week eating really little, and drinking honey with preserved lime. The good thing about the experience is that I lost some weight, hehe! Yeah, when you're overweight like me, things like that are a blessing.

I've fully recovered now, so all's good! Hopefully, I'll find time in my busy schedule to write about S.O.X, the Rurouni Kenshin live action, and some lens review. Till next time!

Quote of the Day: "I wish I'd been born a slender bishounen! How I loathe these muscles!" - Nozaki Umetarou, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun!

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