Wednesday, November 05, 2014

PIDC Cup 2014!

See? I lied as usual. Haven't been updating my blog. 8D

November has rolled by! I've been quite fond of November since 2012, because it's Sports Cup month in PIDC! It's a hectic time which reminds me of my proactive-ness in the past, and this makes me feel alive. But this time, unlike in India, I didn't have to sit for my exams in the middle of PIDC Cup, whoop whoop! Also, instead of it being an interbatch competition, we all drew lots and were divided into 4 different teams, with the theme "Superheroes"!

Red Team: Spiderman
Yellow Team: Batman
Green Team: The Hulk
Blue Team: Captain America

I'm in Spiderman! We're in the second week of PIDC Cup now and every thing is finally entering full swing. In India, we would've started sports practice months in advance, but here everything seems more slacked, haha. Probably since we're not in a hostel any more and everyone's timing is harder to match.

I haven't played in any sports yet, so far. But I'll be in basketball this Saturday! Then futsal, and volleyball (my fave!). Meanwhile, I'm here to share about something else I did - cheer performance.

Originally, we wanted a Cheerleading competition, but as it was hard to execute, we decided to do a performance. I was supposed to rally up 30-40 people for this. Ended up, we have 15. It was before Deepavali and we only had 2 weeks left for practice. Not sure how I did it, but I managed to choreograph a 3 minute cheer/dance.

With only 7 sessions of practice, we performed at the Jogathon! And I have to say, I'm pretty proud of the results and our achievement! ;w;


Right after all that stunts and dancing, we were off to our 3km jog. WHAT. I'M NOT PREPARED. D: (says the person who hasn't ran since PIDC Cup 2013, of course)

At the starting line

I have amazing camera senses

Love Batch 9's jersey names. So science. Very dentist. :'D

Group picture! So colour!

After the Jogathon, we had a mini game where we get to destroy eliminate opposing teams using a water bottle gun and shooting the target pinned onto people's backs. Lots of strategy and alliance and backstabbing.


3 of our teams ganged up on Batman because they were taking the lead in the Cup by points. In the end, my team got 3rd. It was a really fun day though! Really love events like these.

Another reason for my hectic November is cosplay. Somehow, this month's littered with events, even in Penang! Being back in Malaysia means more freedom to participate in cosplay. But since cosplay conventions are all on weekends, they clash with some of my sports activities. I've just been to an event last Sunday, and another one is coming up this weekend, and Anthea will be here again, yay! I'll be writing about my cosplay stuff really soon!

I've also noticed people are still reading my blog about PIDC India and stuff like that. So when I'm free, I'll try to do some update on India and post up my opinions about Penang.

Quote of the Day: "The hammer that strikes too fast has no time to aim." - Godot, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations

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