Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cosplay Plans 2015

It's that time again where I consolidate my cosplay plans for the year. :P And also, look back on my old plans and see how much I've actually achieved, and how much I've scrapped!

In regards to my 2014 cosplans, I finally got Korra off the list after 2 years! I've also cosplayed Seo Yuzuki from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. But that's pretty much it... Most of the list, I'll be scrapping...

Being back in Malaysia gives me more resource and opportunities to cosplay and work on new projects. Hence, I'd like to make 2015 a year of:

1. Challenge!
I wanna do most of my costumes, be it clothing or prop related, by myself if possible. And also to improve my make up skills. I've been at this for 7 years, it'd be a disgrace to the art if I don't improve my skills! I'd also like to take up projects that are more challenging, too. The best part about D.I.Y is the satisfaction from constructing your costume from scratch, and also, money factors. :P

2. Money Management!
Yes... we have to admit that cosplay is an expensive hobby, and I shouldn't be wasting away my parent's money for stuff like these. But it's still my hobby! I love it, and I doubt I'll be stopping soon (or ever)! So, I'm hoping to make some side money by doing some crafty accessories and/or plushies. And with Skylar, be more active in the doujin circle.

With those resolutions penned down in this eternal space called the internet, now here's my current cosplay plans!

Confirmed Plans

1. Korra [Avatar: The Legend of Korra]

W-What? Korra again? OAO Well... looking at the reception my Korra has received (thanks so much, everyone ;__;), and my absolute love for her, I would love to cosplay another version of Korra, as well as fix my current costume. Which version, I have not decided. Right now I'm thinking snow jacket, default costume or berserk avatar mode?

2. Creator [Ragnarok Online]

This has been around since 2013. I love the details on this costume and I hope I can bring them out! I'm hoping to cosplay this, with Skylar as my Lif homunculus!

3. Kunikuza Yayoi [Psycho Pass]

Hoping to cosplay this amazing series with TAS! I wanna pick between Yayoi and Shion. But since I'd like to have a Dominator, Yayoi it is. ^^ I guess the most challenging part about this costume is the weapon...

4. Katara [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

The original fandom still lives! This plan has always been somewhere there, since my tan skin automatically equates me to Katara. |D But WATER TRIBE FO LAIF. Hoping to get a TLA group for this!

Highly Possible Plans

5. Franziska von Karma [Ace Attorney]

This plan has been around for awhile, too. With the wig lying around for over 2 years now. Just need the right motivation to go through with this. |D

Keep in View (KIV)

6.Susato Mikotoba [Dai Gyakuten Saiban]

MORE ACE ATTORNEY! I'll only go through with this plan if my friends are serious about making a group (not sure they even remember this plan, haha). Because. Ace Attorney. :'D

7. Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei) [Darkstalkers]

I actually had this in the back of mind for the longest time (along with Morrigan). I really like both of their character designs! (and my introduction to Street Fighter/Darkstalkers was through Puzzle Fighter, hahaha) Suddenly feeling really tempted to actually cosplay Hsien-Ko because Quist is cosplaying Morrigan. ;___; I think this will be a really challenging and fun project, mostly because of the claws, hehe.

That's it for now! I'm pretty sure this list will see some changes as the year goes. I've still got 11 months to go, after all!

Quote of the Day: "It’s good if you look ahead, but not too far ahead. If you look down, you become scared. What you could do, you can’t anymore. I couldn’t stand that I was afraid of things, so I faced this. And when I could walk through it forward, I tried it backwards. And then, I closed my eyes." - Honey and Clover

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy 2015!

Once again, another year has flown by! Happy new year!

I know I'm two weeks too late, but hey, better late than never right? Besides, I have an excuse! I've been away to Japan for a vacation with TAS! :D We spent both Christmas and New Year there!
(Won't elaborate too much as a series of vlog and blog on my Japan trip is coming up soon.)

A quick review on 2014!

I finally completed BDS year 2 and left India for good! India wasn't all that terrible, but I really miss life in Malaysia, as I had so many opportunities to meet new people and to attend events.

August: Distant Worlds! One off the bucket list! :D

So far, Penang has been good to me! I have a new place to call home, in a place that I've never been to until this April! There's so much more variety in here that is accessible to us. More variety in food, in shopping... Now we don't have to take an auto to Park Plaza every time we wanted to celebrate something!

My Penang Home!

I'm enjoying dentistry even more now, with clinical sessions, real contact with patients... every thing seems so real now! That I'm going to be a doctor in 2 more years! So many new subjects, new interesting things to learn about, that are actually relevant to my work! I appreciate the lecturers here much more than in India. And the seniors here have been more than welcoming and helpful. But some of these new people that I've gotten to know in a year are going to be graduating soon... :'(

November: PIDC Cup 2014. Gold for female basketball! Go Spider-man!

In terms of Cosplay, thankfully, as what I've hoped for at the start of the year, I managed to be more active! I've only debut 2 new characters, but I think I've gotten so much more. I did (another) Final Fantasy XIII shoot, attended a few events, tried to assimilate into the Penang cosplay scene... Despite having to skip out on Comic Fiesta 2014 for the first time in 8 years, there are 3 main things I'm glad about this year.

One, meeting new and old cosplayers, some which I've already been acquainted with, but haven't really gotten to know well! I feel much more involved in the community now. C:

July: Bon Odori Penang! With other ACG enthusiasts. :D

Two, finally cosplaying Korra. Finally. It's been over 2 years since I first seen Korra and wanted to cosplay her. When Legend of Korra was released, I was even more convinced that this character was just made for me. Damn right I was; it was such a pleasure cosplaying Korra. ;w; I've also joined a solo competition with Korra (and won some cash!), and that was great experience as well.

September: Korra, my favourite cosplay yet (photo by EyeofRaz)

Three, being more active with Skylar! As I'm not really involved in group cosplays any more, I had the chance to sit at her doujin booth and actually sell stuff! We managed to come up with more doujin ideas and execute them, and it's fun! We're always partner cosplaying too, haha. This year, I'm looking forward to cosplaying more with Skylar, and selling more doujin stuff! Some of my own, too. =)

November: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! Skylar x Sugar! :3

Of course, as mentioned in the start of this post, I've finally visited Japan. The trip that I had to miss in 2012, I get to save it for 2014! Japan was a beautiful country! With an amazing culture and ethics that never fails to impress me. If given the chance, I would love to go back there again. :')

Lastly, I turned 21! (which is kinda silly to mention, since I'm turning 22 in 4 months now... |D) I guess I'm considered a young adult now? :P I can sign my own consent forms now, I can drink legally... Heavier responsibilities, and a need to be more independent and think more maturely!

This year, I resolve to be more decisive. To take the initiative. To be more active and enthusiastic in doing things. To lose some weight (I said it :O) and be more conscious of my image. (not because I wanna impress anyone, this is more for myself C: ) Of course, I'm still searching for my goals and objectives in life.

Cheers to a great year ahead! :D

Quote of the Day: "To wish for your own happiness is sometimes coupled with another’s unhappiness. Since I couldn’t pray for my own happiness, I prayed to the moon in the night sky for the happiness of the one whose warm hand I held." - Yamada Ayumi, Honey and Clover

2013 in a Nutshell (incomplete)

(I know it's already 2015, and this has been long overdued. I was working on this over half a year ago, and although still incomplete, it would be a waste to let this rot in my drafts. So I'm publishing this despite the inappropriate timing. ^^")

12 Months
365 Days
8 Blogposts (BLASHPHEMYYY?)

Here's the brief, unrecorded story of my year.

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