Saturday, May 09, 2015

My Japanese TV Debut!

Last December/January, I had a 17 days trip to Japan with my Anime Society friends. While I was at it, I decided to film something called a Donut Selfie, an interesting way to record the sights around me!

A lot of people asked me what is a Donut Selfie, how do I do it, why am I doing it... It's fun, that's why! I found out about it through Raz, and here's the original Donut Selfie!

Last month, I received an e-mail from a Japanese lady that goes like this.

I was incredibly surprised that someone from Japan had found my video that only had 400+ views, then found me on Facebook, and wanted to feature it on their network! I've never even had the chance to appear on Malaysian TV, but here I am on Japanese TV!

I made a quick Google search to verify the authenticity of all these. You know... it's always good not to put your hopes up too high, and to be sure of the situation. I found Tomomi's name on Japanese Wikipedia, listed as a director of this program called "Sukkiri!"


Of course, I was cooperative. I posted about it on Facebook as well, and many of my friends were excited for me, congratulating me, and saying that I'm now famous. It's not that easy becoming famous... |D" And no, I wasn't paid for this. It was just a really short feature anyway. ^^" A few days later on Tuesday, the program aired in Japan, and I had a friend help me record a snippet.

Literally, my 10 seconds of fame. :'D It's still kinda surreal thinking that my amateur video was worthy enough to appear on TV. Thanks to this and me posting about it on Facebook, my video had a boost in views to about 700!

Recently, I was looking through my Youtube, thinking about making a blogpost about this. Then I realized that my Donut Selfie video now has 2,100+ views.


A quick check told me that my video was featured in this Japanese Lifestyle blog article on Donut Selfie. At its peak, my video had 700 views in a day. Whoah. /w\

The whole situation kinda amazes me a bit, which is why I'm blogging about it now, haha. The Donut Selfie is pretty fun and you should definitely try it! I'll be doing more Donut Selfies in the future, hopefully one that involves cosplay. But that would definitely take quite some time to complete, as I don't cosplay on a frequent basis. ^^"

Speaking about cosplay, Penang Anime Matsuri is coming in 2 weeks! For the first time, I've designed my own badges, printed them, and will be selling them at the convention!

If you're coming, please support my sales! All proceeds will go to making more cosplays. 8D As for cosplaying at PAM, my plans are unconfirmed yet... ^^" Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the event!

Quote of the Day: "Come on, work with us. A problem shared is a problem halved!" - Rhyme, The World Ends With You

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