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Penang Anime Matsuri 2015

This was like 4 months ago, so I'm gonna try to be brief about it, hahaha.

It's the first installment of this event, a day and night event in Penang, organized by Anime Festival Asia (AFA)! Naturally, being in Penang, it's silly not to attend a Penang event, haha.

I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve this year, in terms of cosplay. I wanted to challenge and improve myself in costume-making, which I did for my Franziska cosplay. Secondly, I wanted to make some side income by making my own doujin products at conventions, so that this hobby could a little more self-sustaining. ^^"

I can't really draw, so all I could do with my designs are by manipulating vectors, texts, shapes, tracing pictures with my mouse, and some wit.

My badge line-up for PAM!

As usual, Skylar was staying at my place and was joining for PAM! This time, she brought her car, so things were fun, hurhur. The night before the event, we had dinner at Winter Warmers with Celine, Kiku, Rachel, Gin Min and Roland!

As Skylar was sharing booth space with the girls from Dreaming Dreams, there's no more space for me. :'( I ended up sharing the booth with Raz and Matrika! We reached Dewan Sri Penang early and found a parking next to Esplanade, which was nearby. But we didn't have parking coupons, so we somehow bought 1 hour worth of coupons from a friendly passerby, before heading to the hall to set up our booth. We need our wares displayed before the crowd comes!

Mari Maro booth!

An hour later, Skylar and I had to repark the car with a new 1-day parking coupon. ^^"

It was quite a slow day, and since it was hot and stuffy outside, I spent most of my time indoors at the doujin booths with air-conditioning. The event was dubbed "the hottest event in town", because of the crazy heat. It wasn't a convention hall, so it was lacking in many ways. Sales weren't so good, but I managed to sell about 30+ badges for both days. And surprisingly, my TWEWY badges were the best seller, hehe.

I managed to get nice pictures of my Soul Linker cosplay though! C:

Photo Credits: Blurmage

Got to catch up with a bunch of my KL friends too. Even met some Singaporean friends that I haven't seen in years! Even the TAS bunch came up to Penang! I didn't take any pictures, so none to show you guys. |D

Day 2 at the booth!

Day 2 was exciting because I got to debut my Franziska cosplay! It's always a surreal feeling when you finally debut a cosplan 2 years in the making, from a series that you absolutely adore, and you've been working at for awhile. Oh, and thanks Quist for the whip! Had a mini shoot with Raz. Love the pictures!

Hoping to be able to cosplay Franziska in a group in the future. It's kinda lonely cosplaying solo, you know. ;w;

In the evening, we joined the Matsuri part of the event for a short while. I even changed into my new yukata that I bought from Taobao. The concert was pretty awesome! It was even attended by Datuk Lim! Other than that... it was kinda normal, haha.

Next day on Monday, I got off from uni early and joined Celine, Kiku, Rachel, GM, Roland, Junnie and Xenon at a cafe for lunch before they left back for KL.

Because I damn lazy to write the details, here's the post that I posted up on FB, hurhur.

Penang Anime Matsuri was over last weekend! 2 weeks ago, I decided to work on my Franziska costume from scratch. It was my first time sewing a top, and I ended up completing 80% of the costume by hand! Achievement unlocked! *^*
Despite the rush and challenges faced, it was a very rewarding experience and I'm glad I started on this project. ^^ I look forward to taking up more challenging projects and making costumes on my own! Thanks Raz Hoe for helping me with my vest! And Quist Chan for the whip, huhuhu... Wish I could spend more time with you Quist! But thanks for making the event possible. heart emoticon Jason Sim too! (ENG AHHH)heart emoticon Jason Sim too! (ENG AHHH)Also, I opened a booth at the Creator's Market and sold my own badge designs for the first time! It was just 8 designs, but it was a good start. Thanks to my boothmates Sasha Nehru (and for your aglio olio!) and Raz for letting me join you guys! And June Wong for the snacks and help at the booth on Day 1. And thanks to all who supported my badges! Han Bing,Zheng YawKenneth Chang (FOREVER 18 GOUKON TEAM!) Glenn Yoongand others that may slip my mind. orz
Skylar Eun came over to stay at my place as usual. Thanks for driving us around, huhu. colonthree emoticon We didn't spend as much time together for this event than we do usually. Special shout out to KUMO Badge Printing for printing my badges! heart emoticonMet all my dear ACG friends over the weekend! Had Friday dinner and Monday lunch with Miiko ThngTea Kyandy, GM, Kikuza KuraRoland MosesJunnie Tsukimiya and Xenon! It's always amazing to see you guys and chat with you all again! Fangirling over Miiko's Yuna, HNGHHH. Paiseh didn't manage to use the black PVC cloth you passed to me. Thanks though! ;w;
Other people I met - Thomas Kuan William Chong Jingkoes Ghain thanks for the pictures and chat! And Valkyrie Holic May Alex Strife. FF couples for both days. ;w;b Cute until~ heart emoticon And, no thanks to Micho Teh for taking my hoe. D|
Surprisingly bumped into people from my Chrono Cross shoot at CF 2010,Claude Leow and Shane! Claude wins a cookie for identifying my Soul Linker costume. My RO fangirl is happy. ;w;
Events like these give us an opportunity to meet up with each other and ber-kisiao. I can't wait for the next chance to meet you guys and cosplay again! heart emoticon
(will probably write a blogpost on PAM later, haha!)

Yay, done. :P

Quote of the Day: "I finally know why I started pedalling that day, wondering how far I could go without turning back. I just probably wanted to know how important all the things that I would leave behind would be." - Takemoto Yuuta, Honey and Clover

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