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YOLO + Chrono Cross Photoshoot!

(This was sitting in my drafts for almost 2 years now. Since it's already half-written, might as well finish it up... |D And yes, this is from 2013, lol)

In December 2010, I first cosplayed Chrono Cross with Ikki as my Serge, and just two other Chrono Cross characters. We were supposed to do a photoshoot in April 2011, but Serge fell sick so it got cancelled. ;__; Then 2013, Serge came across a voucher for a place in Langkawi and so we decided, let's go there for the holidays and shoot at the same time! With some cosplay friends too!

Because... YOLO right?

Disclaimer: This blogpost will be a combo of both my Langkawi vacation and my Chrono Cross photoshoot. C: Photos are either mine or Raz's.

(Raz, me, May, Narukids and Ikki!)

"The sea never changes, does it...?
It's been rolling in and out, like this, since long before we were born.
It's been here for eternity, it seems...
It's probably seen many things... Heard many things...
It'll probably keep rolling in and out, in and out, long after our lifetime...
Without a single change..."

Chrono Cross
Serge by Ikki
Leena by SugarGaL
Photographer: Raz Hoe
Album here

(yes, this is a very old post, but late rather than never, right? :D)
(Post is image heavy)

15/16 September 2013

After just a few days arriving home from India for the holidays, I was packed and off to the KTM! From KL Central, we took the sleeper train up to Arau! It was my first time spending the night on a train. Luckily, I had no troubles falling asleep.

Poor Ikki sitting above some chatty Hokkien aunties

The cutie sleeping opposite me

Arrived in the morning!

We sat a taxi to the pier and took the ferry to Pulau Langkawi! We met up with Raz, who came from Penang. After getting a rental car (Narukids drove us!) we headed off to our "hotel"!

Tubotel! It's just a tube shaped room with a king-sized bed. I was staying in the second tube from the right!

The rooms by the cliff that are facing the sea.

The beautiful patio near the reception/diner

Patio with comfy seats overlooking the sea

We had 3 rooms. I was staying with May; Narukids with Ikki; and Raz... forever alone. 8D Day 1 was more of a chill and explore day. We ate, checked out a nearby mall, and scouted out a beach for our photoshoot location.

Lunch time!

Doesn't that sun thing look like Sun of a Gun? o__o *shivers*

In another another dimension, Leena opened a bakery

The beach!

Feels good going in bare footed :3

Always leave your name on the beach sands

We spend much time collecting seashells!

After that, we returned to the hotel and continued to chill around. We also went to the outdoor jacuzzi together! After shower, we had some complimentary pizza, homemade by the hotel owners, before deciding we were still hungry and needed more dinner.

Beautiful sunset while at the outdoor jacuzzi

Our chill spot overlooking the sea


Sorry, don't really have much interesting schedule or pictures because we enjoy cheap thrills and random chats and those can't be recorded. :P

17 September 2013 [Photoshoot!]


Woke up early and got our make up done. We were doing our Chrono Cross photoshoot along with May's solo concept shoot, with Raz and Narukids as the photographer! But before that, we had a wonderful breakfast prepared by the hotel owner and his wife! It came with our voucher. C: We even had complimentary pizzas, but I didn't take pictures of those, haha.

Breakfast comes with toast, orange juice, and tea/coffee!

PANCAKE (we get to choose a main meal from a menu of delicious choices!)

Selca of the day!

We went out to the beach and laid out a mat to seat our items. Being an outdoor shoot on the open beach, of course it's bound to be hot and sweaty. ;w; Luckily there was a nice breeze throughout the shoot. Bad for me, sun + wind made it hard for me to open my eyes well for photos. I kept tearing up and I felt sorry for the photographer. ;w; I guess my eyes are just really sensitive... On top of that, my smiles always feels to forced and strained during photoshoots. Luckily Raz was really nice and helped me get some nice shots by asking me to smile/open my eyes after the count of 3. I better fix this soon... ;w;



Of course, a shoot isn't complete without omakes

Move over Rapunzel, the original Lady with the Frying Pan is here!

May was having her concept shoot as well

After we were done at the beach, we went back to the hotel. We walked out to the cliff area to take more pictures.

The cliff like area extending on both ends of the hotel

Serge and Leena

Visiting Serge's grace

Around past 3pm, we finished out shoot! We took off our make up and costumes, then went back to the beach to have some fun!

Before and after shoot :'D

Judging you lowly humans

"Uh... do we know them?"
"They're looking our way. Better look elsewhere."

Group Picture!

After heading back and bathing, we chilled a little before hitting the town area for dinner and some light shopping for souvenirs and snacks.

You only had one job...

18 September 2013

It's the last day at Langkawi! It has been a fun stay. Tubotel is actually quite an ideal budget hotel for young people visiting Langkawi. It's a small room for 2, but it has everything basic that you need. Shared toilets and bath (in separate cubicles, of course), with a nice view and awesome breakfast. I have friends visiting Tubotel in 2014 with the same offer, so I believe it's on-going. Do check it out! :D

After breakfast, we left for the airport (which was just a short distance away) because we had to return our rental car. ;___; On the way out, Ikki dumped her weapon because we can't take it back by plane. Raz dumped us four girls at the airport while we wait for a few more hours for our flight.

My breakfast is judging you

Goodbye Mastermune! You have served us well! ;A;

On the flight back to KL! Bye Langkawi!

It's my first time going on a vacation + cosplay photoshoot. Would be nice to have that opportunity again. :'D

*sparkles out*

Quote of the Day: "There are two sides to every coin. Love and hate. Life and death. They are all the same." - Lynx, Chrono Cross

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