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2015 in a Nutshell

It's been a long time since I last did a nutshell/recap post. 2015 has been a year of new experiences, so I think it deserves this treatment again.

First, I actually did a short review of 2014, which followed with a few of my 2015 Resolutions.

  1. To be more decisive
  2. To take the initiative
  3. To be more active and enthusiastic in doing things
  4. To lose some weight
  5. To be more conscious of my image

I don't remember setting so many resolutions! I think they were a lot of hits and misses. I wouldn't say I met all goals, as there are still so much room left for improvement. But at least, I did try, right? Not at losing weight, maybe... |D" But the good news is, for the second year in a row, I'm less heavier than I was the year before. I think that's a step in a good direction... right? For number 3, I was actually planning to be more participative in activities at my university, namely the Toastmasters. Then... I kinda got lazy and decided not to. ^^" Also, I've been more adventurous in my style of dressing in 2015, and even the clothes I buy. At least, that's what I'd like to think of myself... |D

12 Months
365 Days

Time to look back at the year.


Was still spending my 17 day long holiday in Japan.

1: We ushered the New Year by visiting a nearby shrine in Bishouen, Osaka and had new year soba courtesy of the Odori Guest House.

Visited Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto for Hatsumode. It was the first time I experienced snow! Bought a pair of "Happiness" charms that definitely worked its magic this year.

2: Visited a genuine Japanese Maid Cafe for the first time with two Japanese friends from the guest house. We left Osaka for Nagoya after that.

3: Visited Shirakawa-go and stayed at a Ryokan. I had a room and bath all to myself.

4: Watched Ao Haru Ride Live Action in Japanese theatre, without subtitles. :')
5: Left Japan and headed home to reality.

13: I joined the Mola Mola bandwagon. (It only lasted for about a month, haha)
22: You confessed first :')


4: Valentine's came early. Received two dozen roses. Everyday I SHOCK!
6: Celebrated Suriya's birthday at Bora Bora, Batu Ferringhi!
12: Went to Boyce Avenue concert with my brothers!

Received a call from my university during my study break, telling me that I am barred from taking my General Medicine final exams in March. As my internal assessment marks didn't make the cut due to a missed exam while I was in Japan. It sent me to a state of panic, and I was so disappointed at myself and how the events played out. (spoiler: I made it through half a year later anyway!)

15: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! photoshoot!

16: Chinese New Year + Yee Sang celebration with the Royals

19: Chinese New Year! Finally getting to celebrate it again with my family after 2 years of being in India.

22: Last day of my Chinese New Year holidays. Play mahjong with my high school juniors! I sapu-ed everyone's munneh. |D
23: We got together ^^


1: 3rd year final exams!

4: Post theory exams celebration at BBQ Plaza with the Ocean View gang! Also watched a movie about gigolos. Eh.
9: END OF THIRD YEAR EXAMS. HOLIDAYYY. Not before a 7 hour karaoke session. Hurhur.
14: Rayhan's belated birthday celebration at Neway karaoke!

17: Met up with ACG friends for dinner at Haikara Style and Cinderella!
21: Potluck and boardgames with my brother and his friends!

22: Joined the Dental Intervarsity Games with PIDC. I won gold for girl's futsal and PIDC won overall 2nd place! That's pretty awesome considering that my tiny university was up against all the big ones!

Photo by Micho Teh

28-29: Animax Carnival 2015 in Sunway Pyramid!
Went to Sam and Quist's place and played Just Dance at night. xD
29: Visited my ancestral grave for the first time for Cheng Beng.


Photos by Reiki/Rimier

2: Pokemon Black/White photoshoot! Later went for a free boardgame session at Meeples with Anthea and Wai Hong. I was the driver of the day, hurhur. |D

4: HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO ME! Celebrated with my Royals and my family!

6: April Babies celebration with friends from the ACG community! C:

14: Back to school. Hello BDS Year 4! With a change of one of our group E members.
15: Did my first extraction on a pediatric patient.

17: April Babies celebration with the Angels and Demons! Ferringhi Garden and Starbucks.

21: My Japan Donut Selfie was featured on Japanese TV. :')


1: Longest bus ride ever. Wanted to write a blogpost about this, but long story short:
- Labour Day and Wesak Day long weekend
- Alenxia and I bought 12.30am bus tickets
- waited for over 5 hours but bus is MIA
- was refunded and given tickets for 8am bus
- decided to walk home at 5am to rest
- harassed by two motorcyclist
- back to the bus station, but bus only arrives at 9am
- FINALLY reach home at 4pm

3: Visited SJBA for Wesak Day.

Belated birthday surprise for Zoe!
9: Tried out Parkour for the first time! (Haven't been able to attend another practice so far ;__; )

23-22: The first ever Penang Anime Matsuri! I took two weeks to chiong my Franziska costume. Which I could proudly say was mostly handmade, from the clothes to the bows and the buttons. :') Also, first time designing and selling my own badges!

28: Attended the PIDC Toastmasters' workshop: How to Deal with Difficult People? It was actually about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and was really insightful. Pssst, I'm an ENFP!


3: Random day trip around Penang with my posting mates!

10: Celebrating Rebecca, Jing and Chui's birthday at Tao!
30: My laptop, AhDell died. :'(

--- uneventful month because we had darned exams. 5 weeks worth of it! D: (for me, 6 weeks because I had General Medicine which was leftover from my 3rd year. ---


4: Meet up with TAS 2011! Because Bum was back from the UK for awhile. We had Jules on Skype too!

17: Hiking at the Penang National Park with the posting mates!
18: First time riding the ETS train back home for the Raya holidays. It was surprisingly on time. :P
20: Royal Debbie's birthday! We made tiramisu for her. :D

21: Day out with my bby Melissa. :3 Nomnom all day and bumped into some friends!

22: Met up with this boy before he left for Singapore to further his studies. Take care, Rayhan! ;w;

24: Catherine's birthday! Met up with these SMK USJ13 ladies. And also my silly G9-ers. :P

25: Bon Odori Penang!


2: Random swimming session + underwater shoot. It's not easy at all. My face just cannot. ._.

4: After over a month, finally gotten my new laptop! :D
7-9: Anthea stayed over at my place in Penang for a destressing weekend. :D

Photo by Zoe Gan

29-30: Animangaki 2015! Haven't been to Animangaki since they moved to Sunway Pyramid. Debut Kunizuka Yayoi with my TAS Psycho-Pass group. ^^ Also, slept over at Melissa's place with Jane, Marie and Elaine for the weekend.


The next two months were stressful for me due to ongoing exams, tiring postings, and just a lot happening at once, with other factors as well. And haze. It felt like I didn't have time for a break.

2: General Medicine Theory Finals.

Photo by Raz

Photo by Blur

5-6: Comic Fiesta Mini! I was a little under the weather for Day 1 so I ended up not cosplaying (plus costume malfunction), but I still looked pretty good. :P Day 2, I debut Tsunemori Akane with Raz for our first cosplay together!

Did I also forgot to mention that I had my General Medicine Practicals Finals in the morning on 6th? 8D Yes, I'm kinda YOLO that way. I ended up having 1 mark short of Distinction for General Medicine. |D

14: Celebrating mummy's birthday!

Photo by Raz

19: Spontaneous photoshoot for Tsunemori Akane, PSYCHO-PASS.

26: Celebrated Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival with the Angels and Demons with Korean BBQ and Starbucks by the beach!


11: MC-ed at my university's formal event.
21: We forgot to pay our electrical bills and didn't have electricity for a day. Ahh, back to India times. :'D

22: Finished another 5-week long exam.


PIDC Cup is here! And for the entire PIDC Cup, I had a bad knee problem. ;(

1: PIDC Cup 2015 opening and Jogathon!

5: Happy birthday Raz ^^
8: Hangout with the Goukon gang. Carl's Junior and karaoke!

11: Stalked Celine at her cafe, then had dinner with my family to celebrate my brother's new job!
12: Foodie day with Anthea and Kenneth!

13: Sampat l'Cie hangout. :D
14: Cousin sister's wedding dinner in Melaka!

Fell sick for a week or two. TT Had too much fun with my one week Deepavali holidays, hanging out all day e'ry day.

16-17: PIDC Cup Futsal. I can't seem to do well in this game. ;__;
20: Celebrated Esther Chew's birthday at K.O.BQ!

21: PIDC Cup Swimming! Managed to bag silver for Girls Freestyle relay. :'D
22: PIDC Cup Volleyball. My favourite sport, but got 3rd place. ;w;

27: Celebrated Chee Wan's birthday at QE II!

28: Movie outing with these hot stuff!
PIDC Cup Dodgeball. Somehow we bagged gold for Girls! *^*
Sewing machine suddenly died. ;__;

29: Sunday date.


4: The crazy competitive PIDC Cup Face Painting and Costume Designing competition. Taking over a week of hard work, sweat and tears. Seriously, the level of competition is so high, it's just as intense as competitive cosplay! And the best part? My team, Hades won! :D

11: Celebrating Alenxia's birthday with the posting mates!
12: PIDC Cup Basketball. Didn't do well. ;w;

11-13: Royals' Penang/Kedah trip! Minus Debs. ;w;

14: Dropped into the Neko Atsume hell. I'm now a crazy virtual cat lady. :')

17: Celebrating Brad's birthday! The rare occasion when all 15 members of Angels and Demons are present! :O

18-21: Comic Fiesta 2015 weekend! How do I even begin to describe the weekend? I skipped PIDC Night 2015 just for this, and travelled down to Mines on Friday with Raz. So much fun! I was with my love, met many friends, had a huge Avatar group, joined the Solo Cosplay competition but failed, debut my Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay, met Jin (behindinfinity) again, made lots of money... it was an amazing weekend. ^^

24: Finally gotten my own room at home after over half a year. My "new" room. And a hand-me-down iPhone 4s!
25: Christmas lunch with TAS! Celebrated just like we did last year, with chicken and Christmas cake.
26: Christmas gift exchange with the Royals!

27: My eldest brother, Louie's wedding with Carrie. The most beautiful wedding I've been to. :')

31: Entering the new year while sipping on Milo with marshmallows and blogging in my room.

Happy New Year everyone and have an amazing 2016! :D

Quote of the Day: "The ones that love us never truly leaves us." - Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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