Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Exam Season is Back

I forsee a lot of being stressed out, breaking down, unable to finish studying everything before the exams, spending lots of time spacing out from denial and refusal to continue studying.

It's 4am and I should be studying. Yet, I've been staring at my laptop and phone for longer than I have at my book.

BDS 4th Year was a crazy year. With 5 heavy subjects and so much work and records to complete in between.

I was just musing on how I was able to blog so much in high school and college. I had so much interesting stuff going on every week, and took loads of pictures with my semi-professional point and click camera, and find time to upload all pictures on Facebook and later blog about it. Right now, I don't have the time or motivation to do any of that.

So I'm typing this down right now in this boring blogpost because, hey, my blog is a space for me to write whatever I want and put down my thoughts in words, right? I'm also typing this in hopes that I'll get back into the habit of blogging more and fulfilling the purpose of this space being my "journal" of sorts.

Hopefully after my models exam, I'll be able to spend some time to at least blog about Comic Fiesta 2015. And perhaps work on my long delayed Japan Trip vlog. ...after I figure out how to install Sony Vegas Pro on my (new) laptop.

See you guys around! Please do let me know in the chatbox or the comments section that you're reading this and still following my blog. It feels kinda lonely here with no feedback from you guys... :'(

Quote of the Day: "When people appear in your dreams, it’s because of their feelings of wanting to see you that they escape their bodies and enter your dreams." - Miwako, Honey and Clover.

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