Friday, February 12, 2016

Notice Me Senpai!

I've been playing Neko Atsume for about 2 months now, and recently there has been a new game with a similar concept. But instead of virtual cats, you get to collect virtual boys.

Kind of going to make a game review here, because I actually want to share more of the game contents later, because there's not much of it on the internet yet. :'( Apparently, the game was only first released last December, so that's understandable.

Notice Me Senpai! The human Neko Atsume, now on Android and Apple.

It's a mobile game where, according to the plot, you're the first female student in a boy's school and you've taken over a cafe where you can lure in senpais (what's the plural for senpai anyway?) with coffee and other cafe decorations and goodies. When they leave, they will leave you money (or gems) which you can use to buy different coffee and goodies with. Kinda like Neko Atsume eh? Even the tutorial makes you buy a pre-selected item from the shop, exit, and re-enter the app where a senpai would be waiting for you.

All the red hearts should tell you how much I've been playing this game xD

Each senpai are attracted by different goodies, and you could take snapshots of them interacting with the goodies, just like in Neko Atsume. However, they usually have a default animation where they just stand beside the goodie and wave their hands, but not really interact with it (which is kinda disappointing). But I've noticed that every senpai has a "special animation" with certain goodies where they would -actually- interact with the item! (e.g. drinking tea from the cup or actually playing with the chessboard)

But what makes "Notice Me Senpai!" special is that all the boys have different personalities and traits (they even have an introductory excerpt!) and distinct visuals (other than their beady eyes and chibi forms).

The first senpai that you will meet

On top of that, each senpai has an "Interest Level", with a maximum level of 5 that increases after a certain amount of visits (I think). When you reach different levels, a different event will trigger!

At level 2, you get to change their nickname from a list of 4! (the -senpai is default though)

At level 3, they will leave you a note! All the senpai has different notes and a message that goes with it that reflects their personality

At level 5, you get a confession scene with a CG

Thanks to these elements, this casual game is a borderline otome game. :'D It's actually interesting and exciting to see their notes and confessions! Most of them are really cheesy, but oh well. xD

Also, I noticed the senpais at the end of the list have 3 collectibles instead of 2. I'm still trying to rack up the visits to see what happens...

It's also possible to change your cafe theme (which is your backdrop)! There's 5 available (including the default) and I've already bought 2 of them.

I'm kinda lazy to splice the images together, so here you go :P

Besides snapshots of the senpai, you could take images of the cafe. But it automatically brings you to the option of sharing it onto your social media without actually saving it into your phone gallery, which I thought was pretty lame. Also, they have banner ads on the top of your screen which messes with the screenshots. I get away with them by temporarily putting my phone on Flight mode, so that it wouldn't access the internet and load the ads.

Evil banner ads spoiling the mood of the confession! ;w;

Also, I find that my phone crashes a lot when playing this game, especially when I'm scrolling through the shop. But that might just be my phone's issue...

Currently, there's only 20 collectable guys (some not actually senpais, eheh) but they'll be adding 3 more guys for the Valentine's update! I would really love to see more added content for this game, and more fixes here and there.

I'm kinda hesitant about posting too many photos of the rarer guys, because I realized that some people might find that as spoilers, since it might be spoiling the joy of collecting the guys and seeing their notes/confessions and stuff on your own. (in fact, I might've already spoiled some of it here...) I'll probably include them in a later post with a spoiler tag, haha. I definitely wanna share more about this game because I'm quite a sucker for these sort of games, haha! Besides, you can find a lot of information about Neko Atsume online, but not this. :'D

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes all people need is a good listener." - Shiki Misaki, The World Ends With You.

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