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Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini - Review

A few months back in October 2015, I asked my friend, Wei Xian, to help me order two items from the Square-Enix store in Japan. But I didn't get them until in February/March when Wei Xian came back from Japan.

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Arrangement Album and Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini!

The album was a gift to Raz, which was mailed to me by post in February as it was urgent. I just collected the FF figurines on Saturday from my friend, which is what I'm going to be writing about today.

I bought my figurines from the Japan Square-Enix e-store when it was first released in October.
(which had a limited edition FF:AC Cloud rubber strap as a complimentary gift for early birds, but I missed it ;__;)
Here's the link to the North American Square Enix Online Store.

The store says that it's a "set of 5", but it comes in a box set with 6 individual mini boxes. Since the collection only had 5 different designs, the set includes 5 unique designs as listed, with 1 duplicate. Mine was Squall. I'm not sure if the duplicate is always Squall, or if it's random.

The mini boxes. I've already unboxed them upon collecting the box set and before taking photos because I was too excited.

The packaging in each individual box, with instructions for assembly

The figurines each come in 3 parts, and once the head is fixed to the body, it is very hard to remove (at least for me. I wouldn't want to risk destroying my figurines trying to dissemble it.) The head part has a joint so you could tilt the head slight around, much like other similar mini figurines. (the Hakuoki ones, in particular, that I've also bought before)

Assembling the parts

I wish the parts were interchangeable so I could do this ;w;

The line up!
(please excuse me for lack of stable flat surfaces)

I really love this style of chibi when I first bought one of the Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Straps. The same art style is also used in the upcoming World of Final Fantasy game.

Considering that the figures are really small (shorter than the thumb), it is really detailed. At first, I thought their eye colour were the same. But then I realized Cloud and Sephiroth had mako-infused blue-green eyes while Squall, Lightning and Ace had blue eyes. I really love the detail on the swords, especially the gunblade and Buster Sword.

I was really excited and happy when I first opened unboxed these. But the more I looked at my figurines, the more I realized that they were slightly flawed and defected. It wasn't just on one figurine, which is why I was rather disappointed, and decided to write this review in the first place.

Here are the list of defects on my set.

Squall had the worst hit. At first I thought it was some rust effect, but this gunblade has blotches of black ink. It looks completely normal on the other side, and on my other Squall

His hair here had patches of uneven colour

This is minor, but Lightning has some bumps on her hair, some of which I've already scratched off. This small dot, I couldn't scratch off.

The Buster Sword has a gash on it, and a little grey hole on the brown handle

Sephiroth's hair has these rough bumps that I can't remove by scratching. Even his bangs have a weird hole and irregularity on it.

Sephiroth's belt buckle has a crack line

Ace was fine, so no up-close shot.

I've compared my figurines to other images and videos I've found online from other owners, as well as the promotional images. The defects I've listed out are not seen in other figurines. Maybe you could argue that the figurines are mass produced and made in China, so defects are normal. But how could my set have so many defect? And these aren't knock-offs or bootlegs, too. They were purchased from the Square-Enix store, so I expected quality for the price I am paying

I dunno if I'm the only one experiencing this, so I wrote this post to see if there are others. I'm disappointed in the quality of figurines I have purchased, despite the initial excitement. But I will still treasure these although they are less than ideal.

Quote of the Day: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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