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2016 in a Nutshell

With one more year passing us by, it is time for another one of this post where I look back and review the year!

(2015 in a Nutshell here)

I didn't set any resolutions for 2016, unlike the year before. At least, I've continued the trend of gradually losing weight ever since coming to Penang. I think I've lost about 2-3kg in 2016? Honestly, it's nothing much, I'm still overweight by BMI standards. I've just rechecked my calculator and I'm actually borderline normal now?!?? Oh gosh, I'm shocked and amazed. ;___;

I'm finally graduating from dental school next year, so my first goal is of course to graduate safely in April 2017. After graduation, I would be jobless for about a year before my government hospital placement, so I'll have a "gap year" where I can do whatever. I hope I can utilize the time well, though. So I guess this deserves a sorta-general-2017 resolutions list!

2017 Resolutions:
  1. Graduate safely in April 2017
  2. Improve myself
  3. Explore more
  4. Challenge myself more in cosplay projects
  5. Earn money and have proper savings
  6. Blog more (I said it :O)

It's nothing much but... it helps putting things in a list, hehe.

12 Months
366 Days

Without further ado, let's jump straight into it!


1: Zherrie in Melaka!

16-17: TAS 2011 Penang Trip! We went exploring like a tourist, ate good food, and celebrated Irfan's birthday.

29: Models examinations over! And happy birthday LC!

30: Pottermore is reopened so I got sorted again! I'm a... Hufflepuff? :O


5: "Reunion Dinner" with the Angel and Demons.

6: Early Reunion Dinner with my family in Shangri-La! Seafood buffet mmmmmmm.
7: The "real" Reunion Dinner with my family at AMPM cafe.

8: Chinese New Year in Melaka! (video by Zhen Yao)

11: Chinese New Year Lou Sang with the ACG peeps!

12: Very eventful day of meeting up friends. First, went to a cafe with Sandra. Second, drove Celine and Anthea out today and had a tiny fright. (driving is seriously a traumatic experience for me TT) Third, said hi to TAS for abit and lastly, had some drinks with my Royals.

13: Chinese New Year carolling with SJBA YS! Saw some rare and old faces. :D

14: Midnight Just Dance session with Irfan, Suzie and Kenneth. Met up with Nana at noon. And CNY Open House at Sonia's place!

15: Watched the final episode of Volume 3 of RWBY and my kokoro is brokoro. RWBWHYYYY???
20: Early Anniversary Celebration with bae.

23: Happy 1 year anniversary!

27: Missed Video Games Live, where they were debuting the Phoenix Wright score, and where I won 2 tickets. Thanks, exams. TT

29: Omg leap day omg 1 day before final exams.


1: 4th year final exams start!


13: Open house at May and Aunty Lian's place!

14-18: Elective posting in Sandakan, Sabah!

18-22: Extended our Sabah holiday to Kota Kinabalu! Lots of nomnom and fun!

photo by JRice

26-27: Animax Carnival 2016! Cosplayed as Franziska von Karma and Korra.

I received my 4th year results some time in March. I failed my Periodontics paper. I was really afraid to tell my mum. When she finally asked me about my results and I told her, she seemed more chill than I expected. ;w;


1: Karaoke night out with my bae Anthea to celebrate our birthdays!

2-3: The National Dental Intervarsity Sports Carnival (NDISC), hosted by PIDC! I joined the volleyball team this year!

3: Karaoke again with my Angel and Demons for an early birthday celebration.

4: Happy 23rd Birthday to me! It was an off-day for me and I was in Penang. But I didn't do anything, except roll around in my room playing the Sims 4, go out with friends in the evening to meet Yin Yun's dad and drink abit, haha.... |D I didn't even get a birthday cake this year...?

10: Became a photographer (for the first time!) for Raz's Prince of Stride photoshoot.

17: Celebrated Shaw Wooi's birthday!

24: Graduation Day for my seniors! I was the MC for the event.

30: Day trip to Ipoh!


6: I was robbed by someone in my college.

15: Skylar and I met our long-time Ragnarok Online friend, Ding!

16: The PIVA Volleyball competition among the batches!

21-22: Penang Anime Matsuri! And my debut of Alex Benedetto.


4: Pokemon session with the PIDC mates!

10: Jing and Rebecca's birthday lunch with my group/uni-mates!

11: Fasted for 2-3 days. .w.
12: June babies celebration with my Angels and Demons.

18: Went back to KL to attend Pei Hao's wedding. First time giving out ang pao! It was great meeting back all my Kalyana Mitras. :') I also managed to meet up with Celine to watch Finding Dory and Debbie to play the Sims 4, haha.


1: Head back to KL for Raya holidays and SUBANG JAYA FINALLY HAS LRT STATIONS. SUBANG MAJU! I had a very eventful Raya week. Met a lot of people, had good food, played lots of Civilization V, and lost 1 kg. 8D
I met TAS (Wee's back from Aussie!) and my Royals.

3: Went to Moe Matsuri with Celine!
5: Short meet with Silvy, Nick and Rize!

6: Owl Cafe with a bunch of ACG people and POKEMON GO RELEASES (unofficially, by means of APK) but either way I still can't play it on my iOS 7 lol.

7: Quick karaoke session with Rayhan while he's back from Singapore.
8: Met with my really old Ragnarok Online friend from 2003, Ryan!
10: My laptop screen started having issues, which took over a month of communicating with Dell before they finally replaced my monitor to fix the issue.
15: Followed Raz to a photoshoot with Quist and Matrika.
16: Bon Odori Penang! Funnily, I didnt wear my yukata, nor did we spend much time at Esplanade, because it was raining. We hid at a random spot and had our own Bon Odori picnic.
17: Met Raz's parents. D:
18: Narukids left us. Rest in peace.

22: We made a cheesecake together for Huey Shin's birthday!

23: Met cute doggos. :') And hung out with my group mates. And watched the Purge.


7: Paintball for the first time!

9: Hatched my first shiny Pokemon! Huhu. C:

14: Second Pokemon gathering with the PIDC mates!

24: Issued my first denture!

27-28: Animangaki 2016! I had a Chrono Trigger group for the first day! Marle's costume was completely self-sewed and made within a month, and I'm quite proud of it! At night, we visited Narukids' house. Day 2, I didn't cosplay, but had a small dance performance with Sandra and Sophia. (you can watch it here! Maybe.)

29: Managed to meet up with Melissa to celebrate her birthday before heading back to Penang.


3-4: Comic Fiesta Mini! I didn't cosplay but I dressed up abit and Skylar and I opened a doujin booth as usual.

6: Retake of my Periodontology exam. (spoiler alert: I passed)

8: Fell into Mystic Messenger hell YESSSS.

9: Bought Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice!

Photo by Eyeofraz

16: Photoshoot of Alex Benedetto from Gangsta.

24: We tried to go to the beach.

30: Registered to vote.


9: PIDC Cup Opening! With another dance performance and jogathon!

22: We went to the beach.

25: Went home for Deepavali holidays, but my parents weren't around. TT

26: Met up with Alex again after 1 year. With Suzie!

28: Sleepover at my house with my Royals!

29: Managed to drop by Cosmart!

30: Head back to Penang with a delay due to an accident on the train tracks in Kampar/Ipoh. TT


As with the past 4 years, November is PIDC Cup month. Although my team weren't the champions (I'm not even sure if we were 2nd or 3rd lol), but I never had so much success in my PIDC Cup "career" until now. I've gotten a trophy/medal for each event I participated in, most of which were gold:
6: Dodgeball - Gold (again!)
9: Charades - Gold (FINALLY)
13: Volleyball - Gold (I was mostly sub tho ;w;)
25: Face Painting - Gold (again!)
3: Swimming - Silver (Freestyle 4x50m Relay) and overall champion
4: Basketball - Silver

To seal the deal, I also bagged the Indoor MVP trophy. ^^

Also, just like the year before, my left knee is now having problems as well, along with my right knee. TT

5: Happy birthday, love.

6: Got hit by a friendly fired volleyball during my dodgeball competition. At least we won?

18: Pokemon Sun and Moon released! Hello Generation VII!

19: Esther's birthday celebration!


3: Snagged two pairs of Aldo's with my ex-roomie from Design Village for - wait for it - RM32 each. SUCH A STEAL. 8D

8: PIDC Night! Also, my last dance performance.

I almost forgot to mention, I was featured on the university magazine! And my blog and Youtube. And cosplay. |D

Photo by Thomas/Hexlord (Black Rabbit Photography)

17-18: Comic Fiesta 2016! I debut Kinomoto Sakura again (but maid version), as well as a cosplay that has been a dream since early 2015, Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY. The process of creating the costume was a great journey and memory on its own, of which I will most probably blog about soon. But here, I would like to thank Raz so so much for helping me with my first armour cosplay. And also for being with me for the entire weekend, and for meeting my parents. And not forgetting, thanks Skylar, for being my partner in crime. :3 Also, I met Jin again, with Miguel! That's worth mentioning, haha.

21: Winter Solstice Festival! Potluck with Tang Yuen!

24: Christmas meet up and Secret Santa exchange with my Royals!

25: Christmas Day movie and lunch with the fam! Also had Christmas Dinner with TAS. Chicken and cake, of course. =)

26: Meet up with Celine before heading back to Penang. To spend my 1 week Christmas break in the clinics. TT

31: New Year's countdown at Gurney Plaza with my Angels and Demons! (this was actually my first time spending the new year in Penang, haha)

And that's a wrap!

All in all, 2016 was an okay year for me. It definitely has been hard and challenging as it was my final year in dental college, with more exposure to the clinic and handling of patients. It was exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time.

Apparently, 2016 was a tough year for many people out there; many people I know. There were many big deaths in 2016, along with one that was personal to me, my loved one, and many of my friends. But despite all that, time waits for no one, and we need to learn how to keep moving forward.

I wish everyone a Happy 2017!

Quote of the Day: "Don't say goodbye, say we'll meet on the other side." - On The Other Side, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Arrange Album

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