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This is something that seems really stuck up to write. Who goes around saying "Hey, my birthday is coming soon, just FYI but you can get me this"? (actually, I'm sure we know a handful of these thick-skinned people :P)

But all too many times, when a friend's birthday is around the corner and you've already exhausted all your awesome gift ideas for the years before (or not), you'll start cracking your head on what to get them this time. Then, you might end up not getting anything useful or meaningful enough.

So! I'm writing a list of gifts that I would like for those of you who need some ideas. Whether it's for a birthday, or Christmas, or whatever occasion. Thanks a lot for thinking of me and wanting to get me a gift, ehehe. ^///^

(this list is in no particular order of preference)

1. Cute Accessories
Earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings, you name it. I love accessorizing, especially earrings. And I'm a fan of cute and unique designs.
Oh, an accessory manager would definitely be awesome too. My tree has broken apart and luckily, Zoe has bought me a new accessory manager for Christmas! I definitely could use more space, though.

2. Make Up
As a cosplayer and a girl, make up is a great idea. I'm recently into lip tints. But my skin colour makes it hard to pick out pigmented stuff like bronzer, foundation or eye shadow. With that in mind, eyeliners, fake eyelashes and eyelash glue would be safe choices.

3. Plushies
I appreciate cute things, so plushies of stuff I like is always a yessss.

4. Pokemon Plushies/Stuff
Here's the detailed list of Pokemon shiz I would like to own:
- Rowlet (bought my own |D)
- Rotom (preferably, Rotom-Wash!)
- Pokemon-related accessories, keychains...
But really tho, Pokemon anything is good. 8D

5. Notebooks
I like writing things down and have a habit of keeping a journal, so cute and classy-looking notebooks with a simple layout on the inside is very much welcome. *hintmosseryhint*

6. Games
I don't expect anyone buying me a game console again (but if you do, Nintendo Switch or New Nintendo 2DS plz :P) Would appreciate any Pokemon-related carts, RPG, or anything you would like to intro me. ^^

7. Perfume
I received a bottle of perfume as a birthday gift in 2013, but I only started using it more frequently starting late 2014. I'm finally more than half bottle down and I think it's not too bad of an idea to get some new fragrance. :D

8. Selfie Stick/Tripod
I'm perfectly able to selfie, even without a front camera or while using a DSLR (I just wanted to brag, hehe). But I think a selfie stick does help a lot in capturing a wider view. Plus, with some of the more canggih ones having bluetooth and tripod functions, I think it would help a lot for solo travelling. ^^
EDIT: I recently just bought a wired selfie stick! So the next think I need is one with tripod and bluetooth, thanks. :3

9. Car FM Transmitter
I've been driving a lot more lately, so something that can transmit my music will be nice. :D

10. Earphone/Headphone/Bluetooth Speaker
I'm not a big audiophile so I don't know what's the good brands out there, but I definitely can use some good audio devices for long travels and dancing. ^^

11. Foam Head
For my cosplay needs, hehe.

12. New Digital Camera?
Bluetooth/wifi functionality seems pretty cool, haha. I'm just jealous of the newer ones because mine is out dated. But honestly, I don't really need a new one, since my current one works fine, haha. :P

Lower Priority

13. Hoodie
I only have one hoodie that I bought from a roadside stall in India. This stuff is kinda comfy and I kinda want one but I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to wear this often enough. :')

14. Laptop Sleeve
Something nice to touch, soft, protective, and cute, of course. (or cool)

15. Pillowpet
I've been wanting this for awhile. It's a cute plushie that can be opened up to become a pillow! I have a China knock-off one long ago, but the fluff became clumpy so I left it behind in India. Honestly, I'm ok with knock-off stuff. As as it's cute, nice to touch and hug.

And that's all for now. I'll update this list if I think of anything else. |D

Updated 21 November 2017

Quote of the Day: "Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." - Jaune Arc, RWBY

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