Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WIP: Pyrrha Nikos (Comic Fiesta 2016)

Comic Fiesta was over 3 months ago, but my motto is "Better blog late than never". :P So here is my very simple and quick work-in-progress of my Pyrrha Nikos cosplay that I debut at Comic Fiesta 2016. It's less of a tutorial, and more of a record of my construction notes. Hopefully, it'll be able to help other cosplayers, or at least provide some ideas and inspiration. =) Take note that I'm a total noob at this so please don't expect too much, haha.

Photo by Thomas Kuan/Black Rabbit Photography

Pyrrha Nikos - RWBY

No cosplay construction can begin without reference pictures, so here they are! I was really drawn into Pyrrha's character and design because of the red/gold theme, and the warrior/gladiator vibes, while still being really feminine. This has been in my plans since early 2015, but I just didn't have to guts to challenge an armour cosplay.

I started work less than a month before Comic Fiesta, with much help from Raz. But cumulatively, we probably only used 10 days. xD"

Disclaimer: This post is image heavy!

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