Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lens Review 2016!

The title is 2016 because the lenses I'll be "reviewing" are ones I've worn in 2016. I'm preordering a new bunch of lenses so those will be my 2017 ones. ^^

First of all, please don't mind my non-make up face and my very tired eyes. I was having my mock exams/finals when these photos were taken so don't judge. ;w; (I'm just really lazy to Photoshop the pictures and don't really care/mind my non-make up face going online lol)

Lenses reviewed in this post are:
  1. i.Fairy Moonlite - Brown
  2. i.Fairy Moonlite - Blue
  3. Kimchi Bambi (Princess Mimi) - Grey
  4. The Dolly Eye Blytheye - Green
i.Fairy Moonlite - Brown

I used these for my Tsunemori Akane cosplay, and for casual use. I must say, Moonlite is my new favourite lens series. :D

i.Fairy Moonlite Brown
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 16.2mm

Moonlite is i.Fairy's new series (not so new at this posting |D) and has a very simple design, and a one tone colour. (Personally, I'm a big fan of flat colours/design. :D) The pupils are much larger, sacrificing some coloured surface area. But this gives a more dolly effect and less of a villain with narrow pupils. It's very enlarging, giving very dilated pupils. (or as my friend puts it: atropine poisoning) It's leaning on the bigger side, but I haven't had much issues wearing these (maybe because I'm used to 16mm lenses...) and they are comfortable.

The lens upclose!

The "brown" leans more towards an orangey tone, and is definitely not a "natural" lens for everyday use. The colour you see on my picture is what you'll get (even with flash it looks the same).

Pros: Very enlarging! Dolly! Simple design.
Cons: Not a true "brown colour". Narrow iris. Too "girly".

i.Fairy Moonlite - Blue

I got these for my Korra, Kunizuka Yayoi and Alex Benedetto cosplays.

i.Fairy Moonlite Blue
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 16.2mm

First of all, sorry for having my hair covering one side of my eye, as my left lens wasn't cooperating with me when I was doing this. |D Whatever I wanted to say about Moonlite has been said before these. All in all, 10/10 would buy again. (for girl characters at least)

I'm always looking for blue lenses that are on the lighter spectrum, yet still vibrant and opaque enough to see. These fit the bill, especially for my Korra and Alex cosplay. I love that the blue isn't the standard blue on your RGB graph, like the ones most of the older lenses carry. I needed this light blue in my life!!! Out of the three blue lenses I have tried for Korra, these are my favourite. :D

Do I need to keep telling you how much I love these? I LOVE THESE.

Pros: Very enlarging! Dolly! Bright light blue colour! Simple design.
Cons: there are none Too "girly".
Kimchi Bambi (Princess Mimi) - Grey

This pattern goes by many names in different brands. Bambi, Princess Mimi, A3... I bought these to replace my casual grey lenses, and also for Franziska Von Karma.

Kimchi Bambi Grey
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 16.2mm

I don't know why, but I'm not so fond of these. Maybe it's because I've worn EOS A3 lenses before and I prefer them over these. The design for these lenses are a little more complicating. The limbal ring are thick-ish and has a spiky effect going inwards. There's a tinge of light brown in the middle, mixing with the grey outside. Maybe because my eyes are darker, and because I wanted these to be a little more "grey" for cosplay. I also noticed that these have wider pupils, a bigger brown area, and thicker ring than the A3 lens. Generally, it has a greater dolly effect than A3, but I really liked how the A3 sparkled with a slightly blue tinted grey....;w;

My friend has mentioned that Kimchi Bambi blue is not bad. So take my opinion with a pinch of salt, because this is coming from a person who's salty that EOS lenses are so hard to find now. ;w; (I really miss EOS A3 sob)

Top: EOS A3 Lens
Bottom: Kimchi Bambi Lens

Pros: Dolly. Interesting pattern (?). Good for casual wear.
Cons: Not obvious/grey enough. Complicating pattern.
The Dolly Eye Blytheye - Green

I bought this quite awhile ago... Finally used them for my Kinomoto Sakura and Pyrrha cosplay.

The Dolly Eye Blytheye Green
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm

Ahhh... The staple of circle lenses... Blytheye! If you've been following me, you know that I find these to be the most basic (in a good way) lens you can get. It has a simple pattern, and blends well with the eyes. They are the standard size, 14.5mm, so those who are scared of poking their eyes with large-r foreign objects can go for these. Very natural and suitable for casual use.

(both were taken in natural light)

The green is noticeable, but not very obvious. So you might want to consider a different lens if you need something obvious for your character (I bought new ones for Pyrrha as her eyes were toxic green and these aren't enough).

Pros: Basic and flattering design. Natural and suitable for casual use. Suitable for male characters.
Cons: Colour is not obvious enough for certain cosplay characters.

That's it! If you're curious, I'm wearing Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in these photos. 8D (I'm not sponsored lol but you can sponsor me kthxbai) It was a gift from my bby Anthea. ^^

Kono bangumi wa gurando sponsa de okurishimasu

I've been mostly wearing lip tints for the past few years, so these are a change for me. I like the blend of colour, I think they fit me nicely. ^^

Quote of the Day: "Anyone’s capable of great good and great evil. Everyone, even the Firelord and the Fire Nation, have to be treated like their worth giving a chance." - Aang, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Regular Ordinary Blog Layout

Hey! My blog is all pink and non-Ace Attorney related now! What happened?

I didn't notice it earlier when I posted my last blogpost, but apparently, my background was screwed up, and some images were broken. (and I totally forgot to screenshot how it looked like)

So, what happen was, that my image that was hosted by Photobucket is no longer working as I'm not allowed to do 3rd party hosting. Because on 4th July (Independence, yay!) Photobucket decided to impose a $400 annual fee to use their services. This includes 3rd party hosting, and retrieving images that are already uploaded onto Photobucket. Yupe, even though you've been using the site since 2005 (I have.... :'( ) and your photos are uploaded to the website, it's still there, but you can't access or retrieve them unless you pay the fees.

But if you're curious, here's where you can read a little more about what happened.

I've always wanted to update my theme, or at least change my header for a little white now. I guess this works.... ^^"

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Healing My Wounded Knee

A wounded knee doesn't sound half as tragic as a wounded heart

Almost 2 years ago in November 2015, I started feeling pain in my right knee after a week of sports and dance practices in preparation of PIDC Cup. It didn't subside, and was especially painful when I was climbing the stairs and participating in sports. I ended up having to wear a knee brace to help me with the pain. Eventually, the pain subsided, but never really went away.

A year later, the same thing happened, but with my left knee instead (the sacrifices I make for PIDC Cup ;w;). It was a mild pain (my right knee suffered more) and so I didn't pay much attention to it.

Last month, while with a friend at Jump Street, the pain in my knee prevented me from properly enjoying my time there. I was careful with what I was doing, and kept my legs straight so that my knee wouldn't hurt. It made me realize that I should do something about my knees, otherwise it would affect my other activities in the future. I'm still young! I'm an active young lady!

Eventually, my mum took me to the Sports Specialist, and it seems that I'm suffering from some sort of patellofemoral pain or tendonitis, the kind of things I learn from my medical studies, but none that I've seen before. After the shocking medical bill (just for X-rays and ultrasound TT), we decided to start treatment, which includes oral medication (celecoxib and glucosamine), topical medication, home therapy, and physiotherapy (ultrasound and TENS). Thank goodness for insurance! It takes a lot of effort, me having to do ice pack and knee exercises at 2-4 times, daily! @@

Lesson: Early treatment can help a lot.

I've just started my treatment yesterday, so pray for good results! ;w;

Quote of the Day: "Everyone has their own little internal world - a secret garden only they can enter. Each world follows its own internal logic - individuality. And the logic of one world means nothing in another. Understanding other people isn't hard.....It's Impossible." - Joshua, The World Ends With You
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