Tuesday, January 09, 2018

2017 in a Nutshell

If I had to sum up 2017 in one word, it would be "adulting". 2017 for me was full of experiences of growing up and making grown up decisions. It is about slowly stepping out of my comfort zone and truly becoming independent. I am not completely there yet, but it is many big small steps to get there.

As for how my 2017 Resolutions held up, I think it was pretty sad, haha.

2017 Resolutions:
  1. Graduate safely in April 2017- done, thankfully!
  2. Improve myself- subjective, but I think more could be done
  3. Explore more- also subjective, I wish I had followed through
  4. Challenge myself more in cosplay projects- oddly, I did not really attempt a lot of cosplays in 2017. ^^" This will need more attention.
  5. Earn money and have proper savings- I did start earning money, I did invest slightly more into a trust fund, however, I definitely need to focus more on a proper savings
  6. Blog more- failed miserably :')

Now, on to some 2018 Resolutions! They will probably be similar to my 2017 one, but it is the act of commitment after listing them down that counts. I put them into several big categories.
  1. Personal
    - To be a better version of myself

    - Lose weight / get fitter
    - Proper savings
  2. Career
    - To constantly improve my dental skills and knowledge
  3. Enrichment
    - To make the best out of my year, my life, with meaningful activities

    - Cosplay more
    - Appreciate the people and things around me
    - Be more committed and motivated
Cosplay and savings are still the same. But more importantly, I want to become a better dentist. Honestly, there is so much to dentistry that I do not know or understand. It is some times quite embarrassing, thinking about it. From here on out, this is my career, and I hope to be better at it.

In terms of my weight, I lost 3-4kg this year, but unfortunately steadily gained the weight back after my Japan trip in September. TT I'm not sure if it's my eating that caused it (since my eating habits/quantity had not changed at all since then), or if it is because I started walking more on a daily basis (muscle gain?) Nevertheless, it has been pleasant and encouraging when people tell me that I look thinner and better. There are still those who say that I am fat, and I will not deny that those comments bring me down. So, I hope I can do something about it, so that I will look better for my cosplays and in general.

12 Months
365 Days

And now, to look back at 2017!

(click here for 2016)


6: My first ever claw machine win! (start of an addiction)

7: Started bullet journaling! (didn't last the entire year :'] )
13: "Last day" of class!
21: Raz clawed a Charmander plush in one try and gave it to me! ^^

Building my plushie army! Charmander from Raz, Magikarp and Gengar from Jon Kok, Pikachu from Teo, Mimikyu from Kenneth!

26: Home for Chinese New Year. Not before encountering my 2nd ETS failed ride.
28: Happy Chinese New Year! Also, finished Ace Attorney: The Spirit of Justice.
30: Back to Penang, celebrated CNY with Carrie's family.


2: CNY gathering and celebrating LC's birthday with the Angels and Demons!

4: Popin' Cookin' for the first time with Raz!
9: Finally finished the main story of Pokemon Sun/Moon.

11: Had a beautiful Chap Goh Mei date with Raz in Penang Hill. ^^

14: Raz came from Penang island to surprise me with a Valentine's rose. ^^

23: Happy 2nd Anniversary! (Raz sent me a bouquet of white roses!)

26: Anniversary celebration with Raz at Straits Quay and Ferringhi Garden. ^^ (in coupley shirts!)


1: Final year finals begins!
9: Girls' night out! Karaoke and Korean BBQ!

11: Mini couple shoot with Raz

12: Cycling around Georgetown (for the 3rd time) with my Angels and Demons!
16: First time to the circus!

18: Korra Photoshoot with Raz and VJ! Raz bought me my big teddy! (still unnamed until today)
23: Came across a scam attempt from mudah.my.
- Dude was interested in my table. Asked for info and asked about my other furniture.
- Hit up a deal with me to buy all my furniture.
- Asked for my email/other details to bank in money to me
- Sends a suspicious email from "Scotia Bank" asking me to bank in RM300 to him first to pay for the moving company, which he will return later.
- lol bruh you drunk, I'm not stoopid. Goodbye.
24: Anthea sleepover! (for the last time) Happy birthday!
27: Mum and dad came to Penang.

28: Moving back to KL for good.

30: Korea graduation trip with the Angels and Demons! (Day 1 theme: Khaki) (we have daily theme cuz we extra)

31: Everland! We got our finals results. WE ALL PASSED! (Day 2 theme: Denim)


1: Second claw machine win (in 5 tries!) Dokkebi plushie! (Day 3 theme: Red)

2: Visited Gyeongbokgung. (Day 4 theme: Black and White)

3: SM Town and jimjilbang! (Day 5 theme: Pink)

4: Happy 24th Birthday to me! Went to Petite France and Nami Island. And had a birthday surprise. (Day 6 theme: Blue)
5: Last day in Korea. TT
6: Travelled back to Penang to run errands
7: Back to KL
8-9: Anime X Over! Had a last minute doujin booth invite (for free!) Saw Tempura Kids, Anna Yano, Angela and Ram Rider!
11: Got a new phone from Dennis: Samsung Galaxy A7!

15: April Aries birthday celebration!
16: Attended "ONE" layer dental workshop.
20: Penang again! (almost missed the train)
22: Bought and made my own bouquet for graduation. PIDC alumni dinner!

23: Graduated with Bachelor in Dental Surgery, First Class
Anthea and the girls gave me Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns! ^^
25-29: Angel and Demon's KL trip! But MDC registration was postponed because my uni screwed up.

27-29: Stayed at The Faces Suite! Went shopping, had a good duck dinner, and went to Zouk.


1: Zend and Hani's House Warming Party!

6-7: AMG-Chan!

9: My first Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) session.
10-13: Angels and Demons in KL again!
11: Registered with the Malaysian Dental Council. (my number is lucky 9888!)

13: Attended the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. No ragrats. :')

14: Went to Melaka with my parent's for a cousin's wedding.
20: Anime Carnival at Setia Walk!
21: Attended a Princess recital where Carrie performed.

24: Bleached my hair for the first time and dyed my hair violet red.


3: First time playing with VR!

5: Accompanied my cousin sister and her sons to a birthday party.
6: First time at Jump Street.

7: Day out with Melissa (I don't see her often so this is worth noting ;w;)
9: First session for my first short D&D campaign with Vyrox the Bard.

15: Sunway Lagoon with the unimates!
21: Went for the premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight in IMAX 3D with my family. It was meh.
26: Fate/Grand Order releases in NA! The start of my FGO grinding journey.
30: Road trip to Penang for PAM!


1-2: Penang Anime Matsuri!
3: Learned and started knitting!

4: First visit to the sports doctor regarding my knees.
7: Xing Yu helped me roll Altera and Jeanne on FGO! My only SSR's till now... :')
Did something really terrible on this day.

8: Final Fantasy Atelier!

21: Celebrated Debbie's birthday!

22-23: Visual Arts Expo! I made my entire Maya Fey costume by myself. In 5 days. :') First 100% handmade costume.


2: Sent job application to Starbucks
5: Louie's 30th Birthday Celebration!

8: First day at work in Starbucks!
14: Completed my first scarf!

19-20: Animangaki 2017! I won a lucky draw for a t-shirt. And also met Drefan. OMG.

21: Farewell to Debbie!


7-18: Japan Trip 2017!

9: Went to Yokohama and saw the Cosmo Clock 21. *internal sobbing* I tried to be Yamada. -Tried-

11: Disneysea!!

14: Off to Hokkaido!! Went to Noboribetsu, then off to Hakodate. It was a really beautiful and chill place. ^^

16: Sapporo!! Went to Furano to see the flowers, cheese factory and blue lake.
18: Went to Sapporo Beer Museum for a crab and meat buffet. 8D

19: Back to Tokyo. And back home. :'(


7: Ballare 2017. I made Altera's outfit within... 1.5 days? :') It was really poorly made tho. But I won my second (?!) lucky draw of the year! (no wonder my FGO gacha luck is so bad nowadays)
24: My brother's gym opening! House of Champions!


5: Happy birthday Raz! ^^

Crazy chain of events leading to my government service as a Dental Officer.
2: Receive e-mail regarding my employment. Immediately handed in resignation letter for Starbucks.
6: Online placement for our states. Gotten Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya. ^^
13-18: Program Transfomasi Minda in Melaka
20: First day of work

...And alot more other things that happened in between, haha

9: Last day at Starbucks.

12: Melaka trip with Angels and Demons before/during PTM!
18: Ah Wei korkor's wedding! (coincidentally, in Melaka)
19: Helped out with SJBA SDS' year end amazing race!

20: Started work at Klinik Pergigian Sentul!
27: Surprised Dennis for his birthday at HOC.


16-17: Comic Fiesta 2017! Prepared Ishtar Rider's costume within a week too. Although there's still much to be worked on.

25: Annual Christmas Dinner and gift exchange with my Royals!

27-31: Youth Dhamma Camp 25! It's been 5 years since my last camp, and slightly longer since the last time I organized one. I'm proud to be part of this very talented and strong team. ^^

31: Ushered the new year by playing Jackbox 4 with some friends.

That's my 2017! Finally done with my little reflection. I still have yet to finish uploading photos from both my Korea and Japan trip (and my vlogs as well :') ) But hey, that's something to work on in the future. I'll try to update everything as soon as I can, starting now -- is what I would say all the time. But I'll try!!

Happy 2018! May this year be better than the last!

Quote of the Day: "New year, new shit." - Anthea and I.


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    1. Wishing you a happy and eventful year this year too :3

    2. Ahhhh I never thought that anybody would read/comment on my posts. Thanks Han Bing! TT May 2018 be amazing for you too!


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